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									                   Fuel system cleaning in Santa Maria
Welcome to Main Street Shell Service in Santa Maria, your trusted provider for preventive
maintenance and fuel system cleaning in Santa Maria.

As time goes by, the fuel injectors on your vehicle can become clogged with dirt, varnish, and
carbon deposits.
Dirty fuel injectors can cause big problems including hard starts, poor engine performance, rough
idling, poor gas mileage, and high emissions.

The ASE certified mechanics at Main Street Shell Service are fully qualified to perform a
complete fuel system cleaning.

A professional fuel injection flush utilizes a high potency cleaning solution that removes harmful
contaminants and clears the way for fuel to flow freely once again.

Don't let dirty fuel injectors rob your vehicle of performance and gas mileage any longer.
Stop by or give us a call today.

We are located at 1204 East Main Street, right off the 101 freeway next to Marian Medical

                           Fuel injection flush in Santa Maria

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