Contract and Project Management Are They One in the Same

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					   Contract and Project
Are They One in the Same?

                       Shelly L. Myers, PMP
            Deputy Chief Information Officer
National Archives and Records Administration
Contract Management Versus
    Project Management

            Creative Tension…
l Project Management – To ensure that
  customer requirements are met
l Contract Management – To ensure the
  contracts are legally executed
Contract Management Versus
    Project Management

When we come together:

 To ensure that programs and projects are
 executed within cost, schedule, and
 established performance parameters…
  Let’s Look at a Little History
l ProjectManagement:
    “In-House” capability
    Close knit Government teams
    “Hero” culture
l Contract Management:
    Ordered parts and pieces
    Managed service contracts
l The  Federal Government has been directed
  to outsource most of our business to the
  private sector
l Therefore large-scale “outsourcing” has
  become the norm almost overnight!
l Resulting in downsized Federal staffs and
  requiring new competencies
      Good News/Bad News
 Now we have a way to ensure
 program/project performance….

 We don’t have the skills collectively to
 ensure success in this new paradigm
        OMB to the Rescue
OFPP Policy Letter 05-01 Dated April 2005
l “The new policy broadens the definition of the
  acquisition workforce by including acquisition
  functions such as program management…”
l “This policy will allow civilian agencies to
  strengthen their whole acquisition workforce
  through training and career development, rather
  than focusing just on traditional contracting
  functions. By doing so, we will be able to create
  better partnerships between program managers
  and contracting officers to improve how we
  acquire more than $300B worth of goods and
  services each year.”
l Contract and Project Managers together will
  become the “Acquisition Workforce”
l We will work together to ensure that
  contractor performance can be documented
  and measured and that customer
  requirements can be traced
l Ensure that contract deliverables are sound
Policy Letter 05-01 Mandates
l   Chief Acquisition Officers (CAO) to develop an
    acquisition career management program (training,
    funding, etc)
l   FAI shall develop certification programs that shall
    be accepted by all civil agencies for both the
    Contracting Series and Program/ Project Managers
l   CAO’s shall identify Program/Project managers
    who will be subject to these requirements
        Policy Letter 05-01
l Defines Acquisition competencies as:
      Traditional contracting functions
      Measurement of contract performance
      Technical and management direction
l Directs FAI to develop core competencies
  for program/project managers
  FAI Core Competencies for
  Program/Project Managers
l Project Planning
l Project Execution and Management
l Risk Management
l Personnel Management
l Cost and Schedule Control
l Leadership and Communications Skills
l Technical Competence
    OMB Policy Letter 05-01

“…adhere to ethical contracting practices,
 apply sound business judgment, and
 otherwise engage in responsible stewardship
 of the taxpayers’ dollars.”
l Most of the work of the Federal
  Government today is done through
l Which requires a balanced, well-trained,
  and well-funded Acquisition workforce…
l With like goals but different skills…
Remember the need
 Creative Tension

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