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					Consumer Rights &

   Chapter 23
Today’s Schedule

n   Yesterday’s Quiz Review
n   BusinessWeek Article
n   Quiz
n   A deliberately misleading business practice is called Fraud.
n   What are your basic consumer rights?
    q   The Right to be informed
    q   The Right to choose
    q   The Right to safety
    q   The Right to be heard
    q   The Right to have problems corrected
    q   The Right to consumer education
    q   The Right to service
n   Extra Credit – List the grading scale percentage ranges required for an
    A, B, C, & D.
    q   A – 93-100%
    q   B – 85-92%
    q   C – 76-84%
    q   D – 70-75%
BusinessWeek Article

Byrnes, Nanette. “Secrets of The
Male Shopper” BusinessWeek.
September 2006. Pg. 44-50, 54
n   What type of man are you according to this article
    (Metro, Retro, somewhere in between)?
n   How do ads aimed toward men affect you guys?
n   How does this article relate to what we have been
    talking about for the past two weeks (consumer
    decisions, etc.)?
n   How do you guys feel about indulging in “girly”
    things (facials, pedicures, manicures, etc.)?
n   What do you think of a place like “Roosters?”
n   Do you agree/disagree with the picture painted of
    teenagers in this article? Why or why not?
    q   Do you fit that mold?

n   What is the difference between a metrosexual and a
    retrosexual? (4 points)
n   The article gives a name to the person who is in
    between a metro and a retro. What is that name?
    (3 points)
n   The _______ is into products by Adidas, Sony, &
    Unilever (3 points)
n   Extra Credit – By which week of the semester must
    an application for a Withdrew Passing (WP) or
    Withdrew Failing (WF) grade be submitted? (1 point)

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