Comparison of End Barrel Cooling Layouts - UCL HEP by yurtgc548


									     Comparison of Upgrade End Barrel Cooling Layouts

Layout using manifolds to reduce mass and arrange pipes into bunches
     Layout without manifolds with pipes evenly distributed in phi.

Pipes are paired up into small manifolds at the barrel end then the pipes from these
(exhaust) enter large (aluminium) manifolds on each layer, with pipes from these
bunched at 45degs. Version 1 charts show input capillaries also paired into small
manifolds with no further manifolds. Version 2 shows capillaries without manifolds.
ALL pipes take the most direct route out from each end-stave connector and all
manifolds are BEYOND the end-barrel region.
End-of-stave cooling connectors are the same for both options.

Layers 4 and 5 are combined as most of the manifold mass is enclosed within the
space between layer 4 and layer 5 rather than beyond layer 5 where the envelope
in R is very restricted.
No connectors at the outer radius ie in the cryostat area are included as their
location in Z is not known.
LAYER 1 comparison (version 1) tot %Xo/side

   manifold                                   no manifold
LAYER 2 comparison (version 1) tot %Xo/side

   manifold                                   no manifold
LAYER 3 comparison (version 1) tot %Xo/side

   manifold                                   no manifold
LAYERS 4, 5 comparison (version 1) tot Xo/side

    manifold                                     no manifold
LAYERS 4, 5 comparison - version 2 with no manifolds for capillaries

    manifold                                    no manifold

no manifold
for capillaries
             LAYER 4,5                                           LAYER 1
ID Barrel                        manifold      no manifold
Upgrade                          2.131           1.603
Total %Xo
per side       no manifold
comparison             2.390

of each                                                  no manifold
                               1.399              manifold
             LAYER 3      no manifold            1.817           LAYER 2

                                                                 LAYER 1

             SCHEMATIC                                           LAYER 2
             END BARREL
             LAYOUT                                              LAYER 3
                                                                 LAYER 4,5

Not much difference between cooling with manifolds and cooling without
manifolds – if no-manifold pipes can take a direct route on the barrel end.

Advantages of layout without manifolds:
A more even distribution of mass in phi
Fewer connections/welds/bends
Easier installation – less danger of damage to other services
Easier removal in order to access end of stave region

Advantages of layout with manifolds:
Fewer (but larger) pipes at high R
Fewer connectors (but larger) at cryostat region
Uneven mass distribution over barrel end
More chance of stresses on pipes/connectors and probably on end of stave
More different components to manufacture

Can try other proposed schemes eg Geneva layout – but need dimensions

                                                         TJF 22/10/08

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