Comparing Performances in Fourth Year Paediatrics Finals

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					    Year 4 Report
for Curriculum Day 2007

 based on Year-4 Committee
   Meeting held Jun 2007
•   4 Departments: OG, PSY, PAE, CFM
•   4 x 10 week modules
•   End of Module exam x 4
•   Integrated End of Year exam
•   5 separate exams must be passed
•   Medical Elective 4-6 weeks
 External Examiners’ comments
• Panel of Examiners’ meeting after End-of
  Year Exam 2006/7 + written report
• One external examiner from each of 4
  Depts (O&G, PYS, PAE, CFM)
  Summary of External Examiner
• Generally very positive
• EOY exam well organized, fair and
• High quality of distinction students
• Students tidy & polite
• Overall impressed by good performance of
• Surrogates thoroughly briefed
• “Checklist approach” to history taking ?
  reflects emphasis on book knowledge
• Problem for non-Cantonese speaking
• Students less mature than graduate
  students in US - might affect their
  interaction with surrogates/patients
• Scoring system by surrogates
• More directed and specific information to
  be given to students e.g. “you are a first
  year doctor …

 These changes to be incorporated into
 2007/8 exam
    Clinical Module Curriculum
      Coordinator Reports for
    2006/7 & course/exam plans
             for 2007/8

•   O&G
•   PYS
•   PAE
•   CFM
Dept Community & Family Med
• No major problem identified during 2006/7
• Proposed changes for 2007/8
  – infectious diseases and primary care would be
  – Better integration of Community Med & Family Med
  – Additional attachments to be added e.g. Qualigenics
    Clinic visits
  – More clinical teaching to be provided in light of
    student comments to increase clinical contact
 Dept Obstetrics & Gynaecology -
  changes implemented 2006/7
• Course
  –   All tutorials scheduled on Fridays
  –   Sessions on counseling skills - “SHARP” introduced
  –   Online logbook transferred from “cyber tutor” to Faculty website
  –   All SSM reports submitted online
• Assessments
  – Formative Assessment - “Pass/ Fail” system adopted for clinical
    competence assessment
  – 5 Pick-N EMQs were added to the MCQ
  – Raw MCQ and OSCE scores transformed before assigning
  – Transformed grades uploaded to Faculty website for students
 Dept Obstetrics & Gynaecology –
        plans for 2007/8
• Course
  – All introductory lectures video-taped last module & now web-
    based narrated lectures
  – Mainly clinical skill lab & clinical attachment in first week
  – Labour ward rotation – submit case report online & 18 midwife
    adjunct tutors appointed to supervise & monitor
  – O&G ward rotation - encourage active participation in ward
• Assessments
  – EMQ added to Formative Assessment
  – Global assessment (from 0 to 10) by supervisors
  – Written paper = 40 MCQs (30 type A MCQs and 10 pick-N
    EMQs) and 6 short answer questions (SAQs)
  – Oral exam = 3 interactive OSCE questions in Clinical Skill Lab
   Dept of Paediatrics – changes
       implemented 2006/7
• Student R-type MCQs used in the Formative
  MCQ - mixed response
• Summative MCQs – reduced from 100 to 50 +
  70% new questions
• Embedded viva stations (8 min) in OSCE –
  increased from 2 (2 scenarios & 2 examiners) to
  3 stations (1 scenario and 1 examiner)
• Top 10% of students from each module invited to
  distinction viva with External Examiner

No significant changes planned for 2007/8
     Department of Psychiatry
• No major modifications to be implemented
  in Psychiatry module for 2007/8 as the
  External Examiner was fully satisfied with
  the current program; earlier comments
  have already been built in the module
      Student results on web
• Only grades and quartile shown
• Detailed results (including raw and
  transformed marks) administrator view
• Differences in exam components of 4 Dept
  – web format to accommodate this
• Initial Pass/Fail to be posted before final
  transformed grades finalised & displayed
• Students only see own grades & quartiles
Student Picture and details
Student view
 Update on Learning Outcomes
• In progress
• Completed by Dept CFM & Dept O&G
               5-day Week
  “University will maintain the existing 5.5-day
  teaching week for full-time Undergraduate
  Programmes with classes scheduled as far as
  practicable only for Mondays to Fridays. Clinical
  activities at the teaching hospital and research
  activities will also continue on Saturdays (& even
  Sundays) as appropriate”. (Press release Jan 07)
• All 4 Depts schedule formal teaching on
  weekdays with some optional tutorials/sessions
  on weekends if necessary
Thank you
3+3+4 reform

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