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Turn your cars into MovieStars! by Dealersolutions


									Turn your cars into MovieStars!

Have your inventory appear professional and attract serious buyers while adding power and
giving your dealership website the edge. We can transform your inventory from standard car
pictures into entertaining and informative movies with moving pictures that showcase your
vehicles best angles. Your images will be tailored with a voiceover to describe the best
features of the vehicle and background music to set the scene.
You can also share the videos online using YouTube through your own channel. Your
inventory videos will be found in the top 2 search engines - Google and YouTube -
delivering you another spot in the search results page over your competitors. With 84% of
new car buyers using YouTube to find their new vehicle, it's clear we offer the best solutions
to reach your potential customers.
To start the camera rolling or to find our more today, contact our Client Relationship Team
on 1300 66 11 33 or send us an email here.

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