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The Auto Industry Event of the Year – AADA!


									The Auto Industry Event of the Year – AADA!

Dealer Solutions and Google will be administering Digital Health
Checks at AADA!

How healthy is your dealership’s online performance?

Do you know how your dealerships Digital Health stacks up when it
comes to the Australian Automotive Industry benchmarks?

      What percentage of your marketing budget is going to digital?
      What is the average close rate of your leads?
      What is your average cost per delivery?

To help you improve your online performance we will be providing FREE Digital Health
Checks for dealers attending the 2013 AADA Convention.

Your diagnosis report will detail:

      How your dealerships online strategy compares to other Australian dealers.
      Actionable treatments to cure any areas of your online strategy which are resulting in
       poor digital health.

Make sure you visit our Online Marketing Team at booth 24 for your personalised

See you at AADA 2013!

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