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									     Transforming a
Challenged School Using

     Jean-Claude Brizard
        George Westinghouse
• No instructional rigor
• Programs/majors outdated
• Student violence/skyrocketing
• Extremely low attendance
• Low staff morale
Whole School Reform
              Instructional Reform

              CTE Reform

   George Westinghouse Demographic
          and Risk Factor Data

Number of % of Title I   % of ELL     % of       % of     % other
 students  Students      Students   African-   Hispanic
                                    American   Students

 1250         79.8         8.4       73.8       21.3       4.9
   Profile of Entering Students

• 86.4% entering not meeting standards in

• 93% entering not meeting standards in
ELA Statistical Data
Math Statistical Data
   Overall Student Suspensions
• Number of
  decreased from
  108 to 12.
                     George Westinghouse High School IT Career
                                   Cluster Model

                                                         IT DEGREE PROGRAMS AND/OR CERTIFICATIONS
                POST_SECONDARY                     CISCO (CCNA), MCSE (Prof, Server), Multimedia Internet Technologies            EMPLOYMENT
                                                  (WOW – World Organization of Webmasters), Auto CADD, CompTIA A+
                                                    Computer Repair, Oracle Internet Academy (Data Management and
                                                   Java Computer Programming), Electrical Technology and Applications

                                                     CAREER CLUSTER CONCENTRATIONS/PATHWAYS

                                                                                                                                                                  Work Based Experience
                Network Systems                                                         Programming & Software                 Interactive Media
                                            Information Support & Services
                 n CISCO (CCNA)                                                               Development                     n Multimedia Internet
                                          n Electrical Technology and Applications
                  nWindows 2000                                                        n Data Management and Java              Technologies (Web
Grades 9-12

                                             n CompTIA A+ Computer Repair
              Professional and Server                                                     Computer Programming               Design, Adobe Premier)
                                              nNational Academy Foundation

                                                                  New & Emerging Applications
                                                                    CLUSTER FOUNDATION
                                                                                                   n Systems                  n Technical Skills
                                n Academic Foundation         n IT Applications
                                                                                                     s Economic & Business        s Data Communications
                                n Employability Skills           s Computer Applications
                                                                                                      Concepts                    s Internet
                                                                                                                                  s IT Technology Basics
                                            ACADEMIC FOUNDATION/INTENSIVE IT CAREER EXPLORATION                                   s IT Technical Foundation*
                                        IT Fluency: Student Internships, Mentoring (SIAC and HSBC), Shadowing and
                                                                       Teacher Externships
                                         IT Literacy: Integrating IT in all content areas, Career Fairs, Guest Speakers
                                                                 Smaller Learning Communities

                                                                                                                                Rev 05.2003 GWHS

                                                                                                                  Model revised 2-28-01 - Version 9 ã 2002, EDC
                Why ITCCI?
• Standards
• Assessment
• Business
  Engagement and
• Networking with other
Career Technical Programs

  Information      Academic      Student Support
Support Services                     Services

“The industry-enriched technical
high school is one in which the
business community plays a vital
role in planning and supporting
standards as well as providing a
wealth of career-based
experiences to students. It
requires that the school
determine how working with the
business community will
strengthen the educational
program while intensifying the
quantity and quality of work-
based learning experiences for

            George Westinghouse Redesign Plan
Cisco Certified Network Associate
• Operation of networks

• Design and programming

• Network security
                           11th year Cisco Academy
          Microsoft Certified
       Systems Engineer (MCSE)
• Installing, configuring
  and administering
  Microsoft Windows
  2000 Professional,
  Server, Network
  Infrastructure and
  Directory Services
   CompTIA A+ Computer Repair
• Personal   computer repair

• Network implementation

                               12th year A+ students
           Multimedia Internet
           Technologies (CIW)
                                • Web design
                                • HTML, MS FrontPage,
                                  JavaScript, Flash and
                                  ASP programming
                                • Internet Information
                                  Services (IIS)
11th year Multimedia students
        Electrical Technology &
• Electrical installation
• Information technology
  systems support
• Programmable logic
• Cable and fiber optics
  wiring and telephony
                            12th year Electrical Tech students
            Vision Technology
                                 • Structure and functioning
                                   of the eye
                                 • Ophthalmic Dispensing
                                 • Corrective lens

12th year Vision Care students
        Computer Aided Design
• Design 2D and 3D objects

• Architectural and Engineering

                                  11th year CAD Students
  Oracle® Internet Academy

National Academy Foundation
  Family School Collaboration
• Personalized
  approach to
• Team building
• Omnibus
• Social Studies
        Student Support Services
•   On-going
•   Family/School
    n   Progress Reports
    n   Case-Conferencing
    n   Academic and Attendance
        Awards Ceremonies
    n   “Out of the Box” Freshmen
“Our work in the schools started as a sort of
 altruism," says McQuade. "But the payback is far
 more than we expected. We're looking at the
 schools as a potential future source of
 recruitment. We're giving kids a taste for
 technology. It's a terrifically rewarding program
 for us in both attracting and retaining people to
 work here. Even our employees who aren't
 volunteers like the idea that the company is
 involved in the community."
                       CIO Magazine, April 2001
 "This was not some PR job,"
McQuade says. "You know the
type—adopt a school, go over
there one day a year to paint,
some crap like that. This was
   the result of sustained

                   CIO Magazine April 2001
 Smaller Learning Communities
• Create two small, intimate learning
  communities in which students are well
  known and can be supported and
  encouraged by adults who care for and
  about them.
• Reduce the isolation that too often leads to
  alienation and violence
• Encourage teachers to use their
  intelligence and their experience to help
  students succeed

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