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B2B Change Management at Corporate Express


									B2B Change Management
  at Corporate Express

     Sonam Chauhan
    Corporate Express

•Change Process
•Monitoring and Administration
•Change Deployment
•CECM Deployment Verification Tool
•webMethods Deployer?
•Some Feature Requests
• Constant pressure for change                  J
• Change management process crucial
• webMethods weaknesses
  –   Development skills required for changes
  –   Primitive source control
  –   Lack of testing support
  –   No verification of change deployments
                 Change Process


Requirements Definition                   Development


  Change Deployment                         Review and
  (Test à UAT à Live)                       Testing
• Like development, testing is an engineering skill
  –       Allocate limited resources for max. benefit.
• Best return for your testing buck è Black-box
Integration testing for Regressions
  –       High level tests simulate live use
  –       Tests can be external to code
      •        Easy to retrofit to existing codebase
  –       Regression are the costliest bugs
      •        All changes must “first do no harm”
              More Testing Points
•   Developers can be testers!
    –       Commitment to quality
        •         Make test development part of development process
        •         Make reviews of the test code part of code review process
    –       Automate testing
•   Automated Regression Testing Harness
    –       Without automation, testing is tedious work
        •         Automation increases productivity and efficiency
    –       Permanently add hard-won insight to corporate memory
        •         And replay it on demand
    –       Essential for managing change in complex systems
    –       Active testing catches problems early
•   Load testing often very important
    –       Some bugs can only be "teased out" under load.
          Testing with JMeter

                                    Load testing
                                    part of same
                                     test script

                                           Use TN
                                         database to
                                           help test

• Multiple such test scripts are run by an
automated regression test harness
Monitoring and Administration
•Separate developers from day to day server
  –   Better staff productivity, better server stability
•Create monitor services specific to your needs
  – For eg: Can clients can access B2B resources? Is
  B2B thread count approaching dangerous levels?
•Integrate monitor services with external
monitoring tools (eg: Nagios, OpenView)
  – Quantify system availability
  – Unified system monitoring interface makes it easy
  to administer systems
      Change Deployment
•A defined process is important
  – Implementation Plan
  – Reviews and approval signoffs…
  – Post Implementation Actions
      –   Test Plan
      –   Rollback Pan

•Currently, some deployments require
webMethods development skills
 CECM Deployment Verification
• CECM = CE Configuration Management
• A B2B package used to collate and
compare package configuration information
from an arbitrary number of webMethods
B2B servers.
  –    Calculates md5 checksum of package files
  –    Shows package level differences
  –    Ability to drill down to file level differences
• Essentially, a “Server-Diff” tool
Choose servers to “Diff”
Package level                     Drill down to file
   issues                           differences

                Hatched pattern
                means package
                       Different colours
                         mean file has
                     different checksums

 Similar colours                          Hatched
mean file has same                    pattern means
   checksum                            file missing
            CECM - Usage
• Used in detecting and correcting
incorrectly setup B2B environments
  –   For e.g.: a change that failed to deploy on
  one node in a cluster
• Used to assure correct deployment of
B2B packages in a Develop/Test/Release
                      CECM - Details
•   Option to exclude package manifests file
    –       Manifest.v3 file contains package creation timestamp

•   No session data persistence – need to use Mozilla for file-level drill-down
    –       Arbitrary limitation in IE 5.5: GET URLs clipped to 4096 bytes

•   Which files are included for package comparison?
    –       Simple: All files documented as needing source control:
        •          /manifest.v3
        •          /pub/
        •          /widls/
        •          /templates/
        •          /code/jars/
        •          /code/libs/
        •          /code/source/
        •          /ns/
    –       Excludes /data/, /config/, and other directories
   wM Deployer?
• Deployer - a good idea
• Still maturing…
  –       Seems to lack rollback functionality(?)
  –       Some bugs:
      •       Package version number promotion bug
      •       Problem with ACL assignments
  –       Questions about TN promotion ability
      •      Can it link profiles and document types to
      processing rule changes? (i.e. Can it remove need
      for TN Console in change deployment?).
      Some Feature Requests
• Deployer is a good idea - improve and extend
it’s functionality
  –     Eg: Give it CECM’s ability to “diff servers”
  –     Give it functionality to version a server state and
  rollback the entire server to a known state
• Create functionality or build hooks for:
  –     Source code management systems
  –     Automated documentation generation
        (including TN rules)
  –     Automated Testing

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