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University pattern - 60 Marks - Q.No. 1 and 2 are compulsory - Out of remaining five questions i.e., Q No. 3 to 7 (both inclusive ) attempt any three questions - Question no 1 would carry 10 marks (5 short answers - 2 marks each ) - Question no. 2 would carry 20 marks of case study - Question 3 to 7 would carry 10 marks each long Answer. Chapter wise Question Bank

1) Define Co-operation Movement and state its features and objectives. 2) Explain all the Principles of Co-operation.(same as the principles of ICA) 3) What are the qualities of an effective leader in co-operative management? 4) Explain the problems faced by co-operative society in India. What steps can be taken to strengthen the co operative movement in India? 5) Trace out the history of co-operative movement in India.(different stages) 6) Explain the emergence of co-operative movement in England. 7) “The philosophy of co-operation attempts to outline a rationale and constructive approach to socio economic problems”. Discuss. 8) How have the five year plans contributed to the development of the co operative movement beginning fro the first five year plan?

University Questions 1) Spell out the three most important aspects of co operation. 2) Outline the principle of democratic management in co operatives 3) Name any four characteristics of co operatives 4) Concept of open membership 5) What do you mean by co operation among co operatives? 6) What are the benefits of co operative to the society 7) “ The philosophy of co operation attempts to outline a rationale and constructive approach to socio economic problems” Discuss. 8) Trace out the history of co operative movement in India

9) Discuss the main problems involved in effectively managing

co operatives in India?



I - Credit Co-operatives 1. What are the recommendation of the rural credit survey committee ? 2. Explain 3 Tier structure of Credit society . 3. Write a short note on PACs 4. State the important functions of Co operative Credit Society. 5. Explain the deficiencies in the working of co operative Credit society. 6. “Co operation has failed but it must succeed ” comment on the statement in the context of Rural credit Survey report. 7. Explain the divergence between the principles and practices of Co-operative Banking. 8. Write short notes Urban Co operative Bank , RRBs and Land development bank

University Questions
1. “Co operation has failed but it must succeed ” comment on the statement in the context of 2. What is dual statutory control of co operatives 3. Write a short notes on Primary land development banks , Urban co op. Bank 4. Recommendation of all India credit survey committee report 5. RRBs. II – Consumer co operatives 1. Define Consumer Co operatives and state its need and importance. 2. Explain the merits and demerits of consumer Co operatives . 3. What is the composition / structure of Consumer co operatives? 4. What are the causes of poor performance of consumer co operatives? Suggest remedial measures? 5. Short Notes on : a) Consumer protection Act 1986 , b) Consumer welfare fund , c) Bureau Indian Standard , d) Public Distribution System

University Questions 1. Importance of Consumer co operatives.
III- Housing and Labour Co-operatives

1. Define Housing Society. & explain different types of cooperative society. 2. What are the problems of Housing society? Suggest measures to solve it. 3. What are labour co-operatives Society? state their objectives. 4. Explain the problems of labour co operatives. Suggest measures to solve it.

University Questions
1. What is flat owners co operative Housing society 2. Write short note on Labour co operatives and problems of Hsg. Cooperatives. -2IV-Sugar Co-operatives 1. Give a brief on Co operative processing 2. Explain the objectives of sugar co operatives. 3. What are the problems of sugar cooperatives? Suggest measures to solve it. 4. Give a brief note on role of sugar co operatives in rural development.

University Questions
1. Describe the importance of agro processing co operatives & their problems. 2. Write short note on Sugar co operatives in maharashtra. V- Dairy Co-operatives 1. Give a brief historical development of dairy co operatives . 2. State the objectives of Dairy development 3. Illustrate and explain the Anand pattern of co operatives dairying followed in the milk co operatives 4. What are the problems and functions of dairy co operatives in India?.

University Questions
1. What are the problems and functions of dairy co operatives in India?. 2. Write short note on NDDB. VI- Co operative Marketing.

1. Define Co operative Marketing. and state its objectives 2. Define the structure of marketing co operatives 3. State the cause’s poor performance of co operative marketing and measures for improving it. 4. How far the co operative marketing institutions are successful in eliminating the exploitation of farmers in agricultural marketing in India. 5. Write a short on NAFED.

University Questions
1. How far the cooperatives marketing institutions are successful I eliminating the exploitation of farmers in agricultural marketing in India. 2. What are the benefits of problems of marketing co operatives in India ? VII-Industrial Marketing

1. Give a brief note on industrial co operatives ( types ,objectives) 2. Explain the structure of industrial co operatives 3. Explain the different sources of finance available to industrial co operatives. VIII-Fishery Co operative 1. How are the fishery cooperatives helping the fishermen our country? Explain the merits and demerits of fisheries co operatives in india


Organizational Structure of co operatives 1) Explain the organization structure of co operatives.(under different types (sectors) of co- operatives). 2) Define co operative society .Explain the different types of co operative societies. 3) Discuss the difference between co operatives and other forms of business organizations. 4) What are the characteristics of cooperatives? how are they different from corporate organization?

5) Discuss the commonality of approach in respect of co operatives and corporate sector. 6) What is the importance ( role) of management in co operatives? (Planning, organizing , directing , controlling staffing and communication.) Management of cooperatives societies -Law 7) Explain Bye-Laws and Model Bye-Laws of co operatives. 8) Explain the procedure of registration of co operative society. 9) Explain the benefits of co operatives from different viewpoint. 10)What are the powers and functions of Registrar of co-operative societies? 11)Describe briefly the functions of a chairman of co-operatives. 12)Explain the functions of the Board of Directors. 13)Explain the main duties and responsibilities of secretary in co operatives 14)Explain the powers and duties of managing committee? 15)Explain the different types membership in the society. What are the rights and duties of members? 16)Write a note on First general meeting , Annual general meeting and special general meeting. Professional Management of Co operatives 17)Explain the need for professionalization in co operatives 18)Explain the role of professional management in co operative organization. 19)Explain the concept of professionalization 20)What are the problems in professionalization? Role of leadership in co operatives 21)What are the important qualities of an effective leader of a co operative movement 22)Identify the role of leadership in co operatives. 23)Explain the different styles of leadership. Social responsibility in co operatives 24)What do you mean by social responsibility of co operatives ? 25)Discuss the principle of concern for community as a social responsibility

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