100_ of IHS staff is trained in Content Enhancement Routines

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					Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)
     Implementation Update
        Alameda Unified School District
             Board of Education

              January 13, 2009

            Kim Kelly, Allison Lee,
        Amy McGuire, and Sandy Wong
       What is SIM?
             MODEL =
a strategic way of teaching and learning!
           does on Learning at from?
 WhereResearchSIM come University
Center for
             of Kansas (KUCRL)

 • was founded in 1978
 • is internationally recognized for creating
 solutions that dramatically improve quality
 of life, learning, and performance…
 especially for those who experience
 barriers to success
 • develops research tested tools
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)
• designed to help ALL students access and
be engaged with content.
 • works for students on ALL levels:
     “HALO” students
      High achieving
      Average achieving
      Low achieving
      Other achieving
Strategic Instruction Model
  Learning Strategies     Content
     Curriculum         Enhancement
  (FUSION Reading)        Routines
 Strategic Instruction Model - AUSD
 2000-2006: Implemented at Woodstock Elementary
  contributed in a 158 API point increase, moving the
  similar school rank from a 3 to a 10.
 2006: A small group of secondary teachers identify it as
  tool for use in general education classes and attend a
 2007-2008: District administration supports professional
  development for 90+ teachers from middle and high
  schools. They attend a week long SIM training during the
  summer and receive ongoing coaching throughout the
  school year.
 Summer 2008: 30+ additional teachers receive training
  and coaching. 11 teachers begin training as Potential
  Professional Developers for SIM.
      FUSION Reading
Content Enhancement Routines
History of FUSION Reading at Alameda High
2006-2007: one trained teacher, two sections of
2007-2008: two trained teachers, four sections of
literacy, one sophomore “bridge” English class

2008-2009: 3 sections of literacy, one sophomore
“bridge” English class
Summer of 2009: plans for one teacher to train as
a potential professional developer for FUSION
  FUSION at Alameda High School

• FUSION is a 9th grade class
• All FUSION classes are blocked with a
9th grade English 1 class to provide
additional literacy support
• The learning strategies taught in FUSION
are embedded in the required 9th grade
English curriculum
One FUSION Strategy: CLUE
CLUE is a Prediction Strategy

 Check for Clues
 Link to Prior Knowledge
 Uncover Predictions
 Examine the Reading
    My reading comprehension has
improved from using the CLUE strategy.
I can apply the CLUE strategy to a
 variety of texts, for example news
   articles, textbooks, novels, etc.
Preliminary Data
FUSION Students at AHS in 9th Grade– CST Data

 Prior to FUSION - 8th grade - April 2007
  California Standards Test for English Language Arts
  FBB 7% BB 35%          B 49%         P/Adv 9%

 After1 year of FUSION – 9th grade, April 2008
  California Standards Test for English Language Arts
  FBB 4% BB 28%          B 54%        P/Adv 15%
   SIM Content Enhancement Routines at
          Alameda High School

2007-2008: 17 teachers trained in routines
2008: 3 teachers training to become SIM
Professional Developers
2009: CE training slated for February, April
and June, with the goal of increasing
implementation and number of teachers
trained by 20+
  FUSION Reading
Content Enhancement
 FUSION at Island High School

• One FUSION class for 10th – 12th graders

Additional Learning Strategies support:
• English Language Development
• Resource teacher
• Additional Content Area teachers
  SIM Content Enhancement Routines at
           Island High School
        100% of Island staff is trained
   in SIM Content Enhancement Routines

2007-2008: Trainings held with University of
Kansas SIM coaches

2008-2009: Training for new hires provided by on-
site SIM Potential Professional Developer
     Island Student Responses to
  SIM Content Enhancement Routines
“The Concept Diagram helped me get
caught up with the class.” Anne,12th grade

“It (Unit Organizer) keeps us informed and
organized.” Rista, 12th grade

“This (FRAME) helped me a lot with writing
my essay.” David, 12th grade
Looking ahead…
  The addition of site based
  Strategic Instruction Model
  (SIM) professional developers
  is aimed at ensuring ongoing
  teacher implementation and
  student success.

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