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					How Efficient Smart Lighting Market is Aiming to Change the
way of Lighting

The history of lighting has always been redefined with new inventions and
practical technologies. Smart lighting is a great invention that has changed the
face and history of the whole concept of lighting and illumination. Energy
conservation and usage of green energy sources has become the need of the
hour. Smart lighting is an effective and attractive attempt towards energy
efficiency. This type of illumination includes high efficiency light fixtures that have
special controls and abilities to make adjustments based on the requirements and
availability of illumination. Smart lighting market is ablaze with anticipations of
growth and expansion in the years to come.

Smart Lighting Market Drivers, Trends and Forecasts
Many end users are keen on making swift diversions from conventional lighting to
smarter illumination. They concept of intelligent lighting controls and illumination
systems is gaining popularity amongst manufacturers and customers as well. This
innovative technology runs on automated control system that controls the
fixtures and their various functions. These functions include color, control,
intensity and adaptation. These intelligent control work based on various
parameters such as the amount of total illumination and daylight, temperature of
the room color, occupancy of the surroundings and movement in the area. These
features make smart lighting market one of the booming markets across the
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Due to their efficiency and eco-friendly nature, these light fixtures are replacing
conventional fixtures on a larger scale. Public lighting and government building
are using these sources too. In fact, their application for public projects is the
second largest in the global market. As far as growth potential is concerned,
residential applications market is likely to grow at a great rate than present. It will
grow at the CAGR of 87.5% at the end of next five years. The smart lighting
market is segmented based on their components, applications, connectivity and
geographical demands. All these segments have an impact of their own, when it
comes to observing market trends.
Sensors, controllers and chipsets are the main components of intelligent systems,
while wired and wireless are the only connectivity options. As far as applications
of smart or intelligent lights are concerned, it is observed in a variety of areas
including public, commercial, industrial, residential and governmental. Depending
on the type, popular intelligent light fixtures are available in FL, LED, HID and CFL.
As far as current scenario is concerned, US are the leading market for startups.
LED based products are on high demand. Europe has the largest commercial,
automobile and outdoor applications. The market is set to reach to USD 6747.9
million by the end of next five years.
The biggest opportunity for growth and expansion for smart lighting market is in
the integration with various systems such as energy meters, traffic sensors,
pollution sensors, parking lights and other outdoors fixtures.
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