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Investment Opportunity_ Vandal Racing's Autocross Car


									Vandal Hybrid Racing
 •   The Competition
 •   Hybrid Powertrain Layout
 •   Acceleration Modeling
 •   Lap Simulation Modeling
 •   Performance & Efficiency Modeling
 •   Future Work
The Competition
 Why the move to hybrid
 What is the Formula Hybrid SAE competition
 Who competes
 What's at stake
Competition Points Breakdown
Competition Points Breakdown
Static Events
                   Marketing Presentation       100
                   Engineering Design           200
Dynamic Events
                   Electric Only Acceleration    75
                   Unrestricted Acceleration     75
                   Autocross                    150
                   Endurance                    400
Total                                           1000
Hybrid Powertrain Layout

    Pre-Transmission Parallel Hybrid
    250cc Gasoline Engine (Yamaha YZ250F)
    Permanent Magnet DC Electric Motor (Lynch D135RAGS)
    Integrated Differential w/ Planetary Geartrain Reduction
    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) w/ MoTec M800 ECU
Acceleration Modeling
Key Model Features
   Max vehicle, engine, & motor speed
   Torque & power curves
   Selectable gear ratios
   Transmission shifting optimization
   Performance & efficiency equations
   Rolling resistances
Acceleration Event Simulation
Lap Simulation Modeling
Key Model Features
   Track layout selection
   Maximum cornering velocities
   Powertrain operating range for a single lap
   Competition score and fuel consumption estimations
Lap Model Outputs
Torque at the Countershaft
Performance & Efficiency
    Simulation of best possible vehicle performance
    Estimations for fuel/energy consumption
    Prediction of competition points
    Groundwork for potential control schemes
Future Work & Testing
• Examine multiple configurations

• Improved vehicle dynamics modeling
  • Weight transfer, cornering speed, suspension dynamics

• Acquiring more accurate data on vehicle
  • Inertia measurements, cornering & braking capability

• Control scheme optimization

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