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					 On the Move
              Karen                           Michael
              Eliadis,                        Racic,
              Lux Capital                     Rocket Fuel
                The Palo                      The Redwood
                Alto venture                  City provider
                capital firm                  of artificial
                named Karen                   intelligence
Eliadis chief financial offi-   advertising tools for digital
cer. Recently, she was CFO      marketers appointed
at BlueRun Ventures.            Michael Racic as vice
                                president of category
              Lee House,        development. Previously,
              Net Optics        he held executive positions
              The Santa         at Universal McCann.
              Clara pro-
              vider that de-               Vidhya Ran-
              livers network               ganathan,
              monitoring                   Accellion
and security appointed                     The Palo Alto
Lee House vice president                   provider of
of product management.                     secure mo-
He is former vice president                bile file-shar-
of strategy and product      ing tools named Vidhya
management at Belden.        Ranganathan senior vice
                             president of engineering.
              David          Previously, she held posi-
              Hughes,        tions at Oracle.
              Silver Peak
              Systems                         Bill Rielly,
               The Santa                      McAfee
               Clara                           The Santa
               provider of                     Clara
data center class network                      provider of
appliances named David                         security tools
Hughes chief executive of-                     and services
ficer. Previously, he served    for systems, networks and
as chief technology officer     mobile devices named Bill
at the company.                 Rielly senior vice president
                                for small and medium-
              Donald            sized business. Previously,
              Kintzer,          he held positions at Apple.
              Bank of                         Siva
              Commerce                        Sivaram,
               The Lafayette
               financial in-                   The Milpitas
stitution appointed Donald                     flash mem-
Kintzer to its board of                        ory storage
directors. He retired from                     tools provider
PricewaterhouseCoopers          appointed Siva Sivaram
as a partner.                   senior vice president
                                of memory technology.
              Don               Previously, he held execu-
              Listwin,          tive positions at Intel and
              Virtual Net-      Matrix Semiconductor.
              work Infra-
              structure                       Steven
              The Sunny-                      Actian
              vale network
and software provider                          The Redwood
named Don Listwin to its                       City next-
board of directors. Previ-                     generation
ously, he held executive                       data man-
positions at Sana Secu-         agement provider appoint-
rity, Openwave and Cisco        ed Steven Springsteel chief
Systems.                        financial officer. Recently,
                                he served as CFO and chief
              Ted               operating officer at Liquid
              Pennington,       Robotics.
              Net Optics
                                              Thevi Sun-
              The Santa                       daralingam,
              Clara                           Accellion
              that delivers                    The Palo
network monitoring and                         Alto provider
security appointed Ted                         of secure
Pennington vice president                      mobile
of supply chain manage-         file-sharing tools named
ment. Recently, he served       Thevi Sundaralingam vice
as director of supply base      president of product man-
management at McAfee.           agement. Previously, she
                                drove cross device security
                                and consumer platform
                                product strategy and man-
                                agement for the consumer
                                division at McAfee.