Department of
Administrative Services

State Controller’s Division
    Updated January, 2010

         DAS: State Controller's Division   1
§ Operate statewide payroll and accounting
  systems in accordance with national
  standards and regulations

§ Develop corporate internal control policies
  and systems that protect Oregon’s financial
  data integrity

§ Produce accurate and timely annual financial
  statements and other financial reports

§ Provide small agency accounting and budget
  services        DAS: State Controller's Division   2
 Programs & Services

§ Services are provided through five
 functional teams.
  § Administration & Special Programs
  § Statewide Financial Management
  § Statewide Accounting and Reporting
  § Oregon Statewide Payroll Services
  § Shared Client Services

           DAS: State Controller's Division   3
    Division Administration & Special
§   Provides leadership and support for statewide fiscal actions and
§   Provides statewide accounts receivable guidance to agencies
§   Provides statewide internal control guidance to agencies
§   Responsible for external and internal financial communications
    and customer relations
§   Provides daily management and administrative support to the
§   Short, mid-range and long term planning

                         DAS: State Controller's Division              4
    Statewide Fiscal Management
          Services (SFMS)

§ Responsible for statewide accounting
§ Provides operational control and system
§ Provides maintenance and improvements to
  system functionality and efficiencies
§ Provides training and support for systems

                  DAS: State Controller's Division   5
  Statewide Accounting & Reporting
          Services (SARS)

§ Responsible for state and federal fiscal
  compliance activities
§ Interprets “generally accepted accounting
  principles” for state agencies
§ Reviews and maintains statewide accounting
  policies and procedures
§ Prepares and publishes Oregon’s annual
  financial report

                     DAS: State Controller's Division   6
    Oregon State Payroll Services

§ Responsible for the central payroll system

§ Provides operational control and system
§ Provides maintenance and improvements to
  system functionality and efficiencies
§ Provides training and support for payroll-
  related payment and reporting services

                  DAS: State Controller's Division   7
Shared Client Services (SCS)
§ Responsible for financial services to 25 small
  agencies and the Governor’s Office
§ Provides accounting services including
  transaction processing and filing
§ Provides budget preparation and execution
  services including allotment planning
§ Prepares financial statements and other
  management reports
                  DAS: State Controller's Division   8

  To support and ensure accuracy and accountability in
                 state government financial systems
  by providing services and controls in the management
                of statewide accounting, receivables,
             financial reporting, and payroll functions.

                                      Statutory Authority
ORS 184, 291, 292, and 293 sets the duties and powers of the State Controller’s Division (SCD).
SCD policies are published in the Oregon Accounting Manual (OAM).

                                    DAS: State Controller's Division                              9
                 Why We Do It
§   To achieve economies of scale
    • Statewide Accounting System (Pay vendors)
    • Statewide Payroll System (Pay employees)
    • Small Agency Fiscal Services
    • Accounts Receivable (Coordinate collection effort)
§   Meet state and federal statutory requirements and
    national accounting standards
    • Statewide Financial Report
    • Payroll
    • Statewide Federal Compliance Reporting
    • Internal Controls

                          DAS: State Controller's Division   10

§ Leadership for statewide financial
  management initiatives
§ Financial policy and procedure guidance to
  protect state assets
§ Manage and maintain central financial
  systems balancing costs and benefits

                  DAS: State Controller's Division   11

§ Statewide financial reports meeting national
§ Professional training, advice, and customer
§ Full compliance with national standards and
§ Easy access to reliable financial data

                  DAS: State Controller's Division   12
    Customers & Stakeholders
§   State Agency
    • Employees
    • Payroll Professionals
    • State Accountants

§   Central Agencies
    • Treasury (Banking and Cash Management)
    • State Auditors Division
    • Other DAS Divisions

§   Bond Holders (Investors)
§   Federal Agencies
                          DAS: State Controller's Division   13
              Service Delivery

§ Statewide, centralized systems provided to state agencies
  for payroll, accounting, disbursements, accounts
  receivable and financial reporting
§ Statewide controls, policies and procedures provide for
  compliance with state and federal regulations and national
§ Training and support to agencies to prepare, process and
  manage transactions
§ Financial services to small client agencies and the
  Governor’s Office

                       DAS: State Controller's Division        14
                   SCD Customer Survey Results
                                     Satisfaction Percentages by Service Area

2008 (For calendar year 2007)

Service                                                     Knowledge      Information      Policy and                Average By
               Timeliness       Accuracy     Helpfulness    / Expertise    Availability     Direction      Overall    Service Area

SCD            85.0%            85.0%        83.0%          81.9%          78.3%            75.8%          81.3%      81.5% 

               65.8%            65.2%        72.9%          74.7%          63.0%            52.9%          65.9%      65.8% 

2009 (For calendar 2008) 

Service                                                     Knowledge      Information      Policy and                Average By
               Timeliness       Accuracy     Helpfulness    / Expertise    Availability     Direction      Overall    Service Area

SCD            87.9%            86.8%        90.7%          88.8%          85.6%            81.4%          88.8%      87.1% 

Combined       69.1%            69.0%        77.8%          76.4%          65.3%            57.5%          69.6%      69.2% 

SCD satisfaction ratings have gone up; the 2009 customer satisfaction average of 87.1% is up from the 2008 average of 81.5%.
     Performance Measures
§   Percentage of state agencies earning SCD Gold
    Star Certification

§   Number of years out of last five that SCD earned
    GFOA Certificate of Achievement

§   Percent of respondents to Department-wide
    Performance Satisfaction Survey who rank SCD
    very good to excellent

                    DAS: State Controller's Division   16
   Factors Affecting Services
§ New and changing technologies, rules and
§ Economies of scale achieved through central
§ Relationships with customers
§ Trickle-up effect of agency constrained
§ Aging Infrastructure

                  DAS: State Controller's Division   17

§ Provides financial management, accounting
  and budget services to 25 small agencies and
  the Governor’s Office
§ Assist agencies with systems use, provide
  training and daily customer support
§ Provide direction and internal controls for
  Purchase and Travel cards, and accounts
  receivable services
                   DAS: State Controller's Division   18
             Growth To State Budget
              Performance Measure

Source: SCD actual data @ DAS Operations Division and Statewide actual data @ 2009 Audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Reported by SCD

                                                  DAS: State Controller's Division                                                          19
              Growth To State Budget
               Performance Measure

Source: SCD actual data @ DAS Operations Division;  Statewide actual data @ 2005 Audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report;
 Estimated amounts by SCD.

                                               DAS: State Controller's Division                                                   20
     Administrative Cost Controls:

§   Control paper and distribution costs
     • Use website and electronic list services
     • Use datamart for reporting
     • Use electronic transactions, Credit and Travel
§   Save staff time and supplies
     • Automate or eliminate manual processes
     • Streamline business processes

§   Increase system operating efficiencies
                       DAS: State Controller's Division   21
  Administrative Cost Controls:

§ Statewide contracts for Accounts
  Receivable collection to enhance state
§ Implement ongoing Accounts Payable
  cost recovery methods

               DAS: State Controller's Division   22

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