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									Biophan Technologies, Inc.

                      OTC: BIPH
Cautionary Statement

Certain statements included in this presentation may constitute forward-looking statements within 
the meaning of applicable securities laws.  These statements reflect what Biophan anticipates, 
expects or believes may happen in the future.  Biophan's actual results could differ materially 
from the outcome or circumstance expressed or implied by such forward looking statements as a 
result of a variety of factors including, but not limited to: Biophan's ability to develop 
its technologies; the approval of Biophan's patent applications; the successful implementation of 
Biophan's research and development programs; the ability of Biophan to demonstrate the 
effectiveness of its technology; the acceptance by the market of Biophan's technology and 
products incorporating such technology; the ability of Biophan to effectively negotiate and enter 
into contracts with medical device manufacturers for the licensing of Biophan's technology; 
competition; the ability of Biophan to raise capital to fund its operating and research and 
development activities until it generates revenues sufficient to do so; and the timing of projects 
and trends in future operating performance, as well as other factors expressed from time to time in 
Biophan's periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC").  As a result, 
this presentation should be read in conjunction with Biophan's periodic filings with the SEC which 
are incorporated herein by reference.  The forward-looking statements contained herein are made 
only as of the date of this presentation, and Biophan undertakes no obligation to publicly update 
such forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. 
Description of Business

A medical device company with two lines of business:
• Commercialization of the MYOTECH CSS
   – A novel circulatory support system, with unique
     advantages in providing circulatory support and recovery in 
     patients with acute heart failure
• Licensing of technologies for MRI Safety and Image
  Compatibility for various medical devices
   – Significant and disruptive technology that will provide a 
     competitive advantage for stents, pacemakers, CRT 
     devices, ICDs and neurostimulators
The Myotech Opportunity

 The Problem
 Acute heart failure (following massive heart attack or
    cardiac arrest) is one of the largest underserved
    markets in healthcare.
 Existing Solutions
 Each of the following approaches has significant limitations: 
    •   CPR / defibrillation
    •   Traditional medical therapy 
    •   IABP (intra-aortic balloon pump)
    •   VAD (ventricular assist device)
The Myotech
Circulatory Support System
  Approach: Pump the heart without contacting
              circulating blood.
                     How it Works
                     • Polymer cup that slips over the heart
                     • Installed via a small chest incision
                     • Actuated by a small external driver
                     • Sustains natural pulsatile flow
                     • Avoids bleeding, clotting, infection

This technology has already saved human lives.
The Myotech Advantage

• No blood contact – minimizes the risk of clotting, stroke,
  bleeding and infection
• Immediate resuscitation and support – installs in about 3
• Can be installed by a general surgeon at most hospitals, not
  just specialized cardiac centers
• Recovery and simple removal, or bridge to definitive therapy
• Unique advantages for unserved/underserved patient
  populations, including women and children
• Cost-effective
The Expanded Marketplace

• Currently, in the US, there are
   – 67 active destination therapy centers
   – 120 transplant centers
   – 960 specialized cardiac centers
   – But 6,800 hospitals
• The Myotech CSS:
   – is technically simple to install, 
   – enables use in a much larger segment of the 6,800 
     hospitals in the US
   – reaches the patients where they present, not only at 
     the most advanced centers
Product Pipeline

 • First Generation Product – Acute Resuscitation
    – Support patients with acute heart failure from acute 
      MI / cardiogenic shock or cardiac arrest
    – Total potential patient population > 300,000 per year 
      in the US alone
    – Addressable WW market of over $4.5 billion
 • Future Potential
    – Evolutionary product generations will address 
      therapeutic recovery and destination therapy 
      market segments, additional multi-billion dollar 
Competitive Comparison

            Myotech CSS   Percutaneously     Surgically     Total Artificial
 Features                 Installed VADs   Installed VADs       Heart
Clinical and Pre-clinical Results
Using Early Prototypes

 1.  Supported 45-year old for 2 days following massive myocardial infarction.
 2.  Supported 71-year old for 2 days following otherwise successful open 
      heart surgery.
 3.  Supported 56-year old for 2-1/2 days as a bridge to successful heart 
 4.  Supported 18-year old for 7-1/2 days until heart healed from a viral 
 5.  Supported 44-year old for 84 days with normal neurologic function.

 All with no damage to the native heart or by-pass grafts

 More than 700 animal experiments conducted to evolve and evaluate the 
    technology (over wide spectrum of applications).
Intellectual Property Estate:
The Myotech CSS

  • Patent Protection
     – Comprehensive U.S. applications
     – Foreign filings in process 
     – Additional applications being prepared

  • Technologies / Inventions Covered
     – Operational features
     – Diagnostic capabilities
     – Therapeutic capabilities
Scientific Advisory Board: MYOTECH
Mark P. Anstadt, MD, FACS. Chairman                           Anthony Perez-Tamayo MD, PhD
Wright State University of Medicine – Assoc Professor         Rush University Medical Center – Assistant Prof of 
of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  Co-founder and co-inventor.       Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery, Director of Research. 

William Holman, MD, FACC                                      Peer M. Portner, PhD, FACC, FAHA
U of Alabama at Birmingham – Professor and Chief of           Stanford Univ School of Medicine – Consulting Prof of 
CT Surgery, VA Hospital.  VAD specialist.                     Cardiothoracic Surgery.  World leader in VAD therapies

James Lowe, MD                                                Michael Sketch, MD
Duke University Medical Center – Professor of Cardiac         Duke University Medical Center – Professor  of 
Surgery and Pathology.  Pioneered MYO-VAD™.                   Cardiology (Interventional).    

Douglas Mann, MD, FACC, FACP                                  Benjamin Sun, MD
Baylor College of Medicine – Professor, Chief of              Ohio State Univ Medical Center – Assoc Professor, 
Cardiology.  Leader on molecular basis of heart failure.      Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Director of Cardiac 
                                                              Transplantation and Mechanical Support.   
Robert Michler, MD,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine , Monefiore Med           Samuel Tisherman, MD
Ctr – Professor, Chief of CT Surgery.  Min invasive expert.   U of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Professor of Surgery, 
                                                              Critical Care Specialist.
Carmelo Milano, MD
Duke University – Assoc Professor and Surgical Director 
of Cardiac Transplantation and LVAD Programs. 
The Market:
MRI Safety and Image Compatibility
• In excess of $15.8 billion in product value is shipped each year 
  that has contraindications or other limitations for use with MRI
• Biophan’s revenue opportunity represents royalties (3 to 5%) on 
  sales of products incorporating Biophan’s technology
                                          2006 Market Size
                                            US$ Billions
                     Stents                    $5.57
                     Pacemakers                $3.39
                     ICDs                      $3.16
                     CRT Devices               $3.68
                     Total                  $15.8 billion

 Sources: JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers
The Opportunity:
MRI Safety and Image Compatibility

  The Problem
  A large number of medical devices have limitations
  when used in conjunction with MRI.
  • MRI Safety
     – Some devices are contraindicated and unsafe 
       for use with MRI
     – These devices include pacemakers, ICDs, CRT devices, 
       neurostimulators and others
  • MRI Image Compatibility
     – Many devices are safe but interfere with MRI imaging
     – These devices include stents, vena cava filters and others
The Opportunity:
MRI Safety and Image Compatibility
 The Solutions
 • Technologies for MRI Safety
    – Discrete resonant circuits to block RF induced heating
    – Lead wire winding to reduce energy transfer / heating
    – Low pass filter for heat reduction
    – Wire looping to minimize induced voltages
 • Technologies for MRI Image Compatibility
    – Resonant circuit is tuned to the frequency of the MRI
    – Novel device designs to minimize image artifacts from:
       o Shielding (Faraday Cage effect), and
       o Materials (magnetic susceptibility artifacts)
MRI Safety

Effectiveness of Biophan’s Solutions   Biophan Data Related to
 for MRI Safety of Pacemaker Leads        MRI Safety Testing

                                                 Ambient = 25°C


                                             Close-up of isotherms
                                              (Active fixation lead)

       Biophan is collaborating with the FDA under a CRADA to
           develop testing guidelines related to MRI safety.
MRI Image Compatibility

                              Without Biophan     With Biophan
       Product                  Technology         Technology
                                                Resonant Stent   Blockage
Biophan technology 
allows doctors to non-
invasively image stents 
to visualize thrombus or 
in-stent restenosis

      Vena Cava
Biophan technology allows 
doctors to non-invasively
image vena cava filters to 
visualize thrombus
Boston Scientific Scimed License

•   Executed in June 2005 (now includes Guidant)
•   Up-front payment – $750,000
•   $5 million equity investment at a 10% premium 
•   Total milestone payments through commercialization – $9.7 million
•   Exclusive for vascular implants (including stents)
•   Non-exclusive for: 
     – Pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, neurostimulators
     – Catheters and guidewires
•   Royalty rates range from 3% to 5% of net sales
Intellectual Property Estate:
MRI Safety and Image Compatibility

• Patent Protection
   – 56 issued U.S. patents
   – In excess of 100 U.S. and foreign patents, licenses, or 
     applications pending
• Technologies / Inventions Covered
   – Novel device designs and geometries to improve MRI safety
   – Circuits and filters to improve safety and image compatibility
   – Nanomaterials and shielding
   – Photonics
Management Team and
Board of Directors: Biophan
Management                                         Board of Directors
•   Michael L. Weiner                              •   Dr. Guenter H. Jaensch
     President, Biophan Technologies; formerly          Chairman; former Chairman and CEO of St. 
        with Xerox Corporation                             Jude Pacesetter, Inc.
•   John Lanzafame                                 •   Michael L. Weiner
     Chief Operating Officer; formerly with             President, Biophan Technologies
                                                   •   Bonnie Labosky
•   Bob Wood                                            Healthcare executive, formerly with 
     Chief Financial Officer                               Medtronic, Welch Allyn
•   Stuart MacDonald                               •   Theodore Greenberg
     Vice-President, R&D; formerly with Johnson         Management consultant, former hedge fund 
        & Johnson                                         manager
                                                   •   Stan Yakatan
                                                        Management consultant, former healthcare 
Scientific Advisory Board: Biophan

•   Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D.                  •   Andreas Melzer, M.D.
     Chairman of Medicine, University of                CEO of Biophan Europe, physician, and
     Rochester Medical Center                           expert in MRI compatible vascular implants
•   Herbert Hauptman, Ph.D.                        •   Frank Shellock, Ph.D.
     Nobel Prize winning chemist and                    University of Southern California, leading
     mathematician, President of the                    expert in MRI safety of medical devices
     Hauptman-Woodward Institute
                                                   •   Jianhui Zhong, Ph.D.
•   Ray Kurzweil                                        University of Rochester School of 
     Inventor, world-renowned scientist                 Medicine and Dentistry
     and futurist
•   Kevin Parker, Ph.D.
     Dean and May Professor, University 
     of Rochester
•   Henry Spotnitz, M.D.
     Professor of Surgery, Columbia Presbyterian
     Medical Center
•   Dave Glocker, Ph.D.
     President of Isoflux, Inc., thin film
     Coatings company

• Strong management team from J&J, Angiotech
• Strong Scientific Advisory Boards
• Myotech addresses large underserved markets, proven
  core technology, broad intellectual property coverage
• MRI Safe and Image Enhancing Technologies
• Relationship with Boston Scientific/Guidant for stents,
  pacemaker/defibrillator and neurostimulators
• Heart valve and vena cava filter in development
• CRADA with FDA (May, 2006)
• In negotiations with pacemaker and neurostimulation
  companies for addt’l licenses for MRI safety technology
Biophan Basics

                               Stock Symbol: OTC: BIPH

                            Shares Outstanding: 95,877,536*

                           Average Volume (90-day): 317,360*

                                   15 Schoen Place
                                  Pittsford, NY  14534

*Numbers as of 7/18/2007

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