Not all Cohens are guilty, but most are

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					                       Per proctrix at referendum

       On Failure to “calibrate the moral compass @ USANYS”

                                   Oyez, Oyez !

             Example of a less than fictional scenario of audited records:

i)      Pomjander Feldmeranz Esq. [a fictional court officer] fraudulently billed yet
        another dishonest service hour at $300 [wholesale] and kept the “loot” his host
        law-shoppe - Roger ELELPEE – provided to him (and others)

ii)     Roger ELELPEE, any [fictional] caliber bill-Kingpin-shoppe, recharges
        “dishonesty” to clients like BMI at “retail” inclusive of the shop-markup ($550)
        at $850/hr

iii)    BMI, the putative payor, while branded pauper, got plundered by Roger
        ELELPEE for $355´000,- second half of 1996, [compare 19, audit]

iv)     Double amount of what CEO, bookkeeper [and NY Telco, i.e.] together charged
        with phony bills in the first half of 1996

v)      Yearend ´96 BMI is left without counter-value to show or to amortize, but
        survived the assaults because it was not a pauper. (Roger ELELPEE
        reorganized and defrauded BMI for 7+ more years]

        Any moral here?

                When that federal compass was misaligned
                      It ruined federal reputation