INTO Special Education Conference 2012

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					INTO Special Education Conference
      Assaults on Teachers

          Michael Cullinane Regional Director

                NEPS North East Region

                 8th December 2012
Shared Responsibility

n   Schools ….Teachers
n   Families and communities
n   Educational services i.e. NEPS, SESS, NCSE
n   HSE services

To set out the NEPS response to supporting children
  presenting with Behavioural, Emotional and Social
Two aspects…Role of NEPS
•    Case-work:
     Consultative service ….. “a collaborative and problem solving
     approach incorporating assessment and intervention which
     has at its core a focus on children and their contexts”

2.   Support and development work….work of a preventative
     nature, generalise interventions.. building teacher and school
     capacity to respond to needs..
     Greater reach…

      Positive outcomes in case-work is dependent on
       good whole school approaches… well trained
n   Behavioural consultations are an increasing part of our work..
n Functional approach….collaborative…to understand and to intervene….
            Cognitive assessments
…consideration of child factors and environmental factors……
…careful recording of nature of problem….
n   Support the development & monitoring of behaviour and support plans
n   Liaison with HSE services…integrated response…
n   Transition
n   In relation to ASD: align our approach with SESS: Contemporary
    Applied Behavioural Analysis approach.
BESD – A Continuum of Support Guidelines
n   Sets out a graduated response

         Classroom support
         Teacher assessment, class rules & organisation,
         learning environment, ethos

         School Support
         Collaborative response, more detailed assessment,
         and intervention planning

         School support plus
         More intensive, data driven planning and intervention,
         outside professionals

n   Positive approaches…..
n   A functional approach….
n   Seeing behaviour as a communication….
n   Collaborative planning
BESD Guidelines

n   Service priority for last two years in NEPS

n   Presenting these to all primary schools receiving a
    NEPS service

n   North East Region:
    Presentation to staffs, SEN Teams, and/or

n   North East Region…181 presentations last year…
Support and Development Work
n   Support and advice on psycho-educational
              - social skills training,
              - anxiety prevention
              - anger management

n   BESD: Whole school approaches, functional
    approach…responding to behaviour…

n   Two particular programmes:
              - Incredible Years
              - Friends for Life programme
Incredibly Years
n   3 to 8 years:
n   5/6 day practice based programme
n   3 strands….

n   Efficient means of preventing later difficulties…..
n   Effective in developing teacher competence…..
n   Promoting social, emotional and behaviour change…

n   Each session involves 17 teachers → 480 children
n   NEPS has trained 2,500 teachers to-date
n   Plan to run 25 programmes this year
n   We have 129 psychologists trained in IY
Friends for Life
n   Anxiety prevention.. coping skills and emotional
    building programme…

n   10 session + 2 booster sessions drawing on CBT
    principles…10 to 12 weeks

n   Programme: 4 to 7 year and 8 to 11 years

n   Evaluated NBSS, NEPS, SPHE

n   Improved self esteem, less stress, less
    anxiety….behavioural change…
Friends for Life
n   50 + NEPS psychologists trained to deliver this

n   Currently, significant pilot underway

n   Some training for teachers available this
    year….Education Centres

n   If successful.. NEPS will move to training teachers
    to deliver these programmes…support through
    cluster meetings…

Children with severe and significant BESD
 benefit from:

n   Individual supports….Individual planning
n   Integrated response…multi-agency
n   Psycho-educational programmes
n   Well trained and well supported teachers
n   As part of an effective whole school

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