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					       Welcome To Windsor Castle

Introducing you to the Learning
Centre and the Castle Precincts

                             Royal Collection Learning
When you arrive on the morning of your visit

    The coach will drop you on the cobble stoned area at the

   This is the reception, where we will be waiting to greet you.
You will be met by one of our Warden team


    Cathy                      Pat
       more of the Warden team

Rita                          Geoff

                    We have one Warden on duty at
                    the Learning Centre each day,
                    so it could be any one from our
                    team of six.
                    If you would like to know who
                    will be here on the day of your
                    visit please call us the week
                    before and we will tell you.

You will be allocated a room for the day where you
          can leave bags and coats safely
 This room is called the Stalls:

 and this room is the Tack:
This larger room is the Main Hall, the floor in here is very uneven,
because it used to be a cobbled courtyard. Please be very careful.
On the day of your visit there may be more than one school that
                will share this room for lunch.
Then you will meet the person who will give you your
              talk. It will be one of us:

        Penny                       Catherine

          Jo                          Lesley
There are toilet facilities at the Learning Centre:

                            Toilets can be found through
                            the main hall, via the steps at
                            the far end.

                            However, if one of the children
                            has difficulty with steps, or is a
                            wheelchair user then toilets
                            can be accessed via the
                            outside ramp.

                            Our team will be happy to
                            show you the way.
 When you have been allocated your room for the day, and you
may have had a snack and used the toilets, you then make your
way to the Castle’s Admission Centre, going out of the entrance
         where you came in, and heading up the road.

The Warden at the gate will direct you into the group hall, and
                        from there,
 You pass through the security area, where you will be asked to
put your bags through a machine, and walk through an archway,
                 just like you do at the airport.
            Don’t forget to pick up your bags again!
 When you leave the security area you enter the Courtyard.
 Toilet facilities are available down the steps, on the left. An
accessible toilet is also available, opposite the security area.

                                      Accessible toilet on right

In the Courtyard you will find the
first of four shops located within
the Castle: the other three can be
found in Engine Court, Middle
Ward and Lower Ward.
When you are ready, make your way through the archway to the
        right of the shop, and up towards the Castle.

 This is a very steep hill, so
 take your time.
As you walk up the hill, take time to look at the view of the Castle
                         and the gardens.

                                 Look at the walls and medieval
                                 features of the Castle.
                                 Then at the Round Tower, and look at
                                 the flag flying there, this will tell you if
                                 The Queen is here or not on the day
                                 of your visit, if it is the Union flag then
                                 sadly The Queen is not at Windsor.
As you go up the hill you pass the bandstand on your right, and
 then go through St George’s Gate. Can you spot the dragon?
     Look above the gateway with the wrought iron gates.
  If you are having a talk, it may take place in the Moat Room.
You’ll see it on the right, as you follow the path around a corner.
       A member of our team be there waiting to greet you.
     Before or after your talk you may want to visit the State
 Apartments and Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. These are found on
                          the North Terrace.
  Toilets can be found close by the entrance to the State Apartments .

Go through this archway onto the
        North Terrace
                                                         This is the
                                                         way into the
Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House:

            If you have any pupils using a
            wheelchair in your group, they will
            have been directed to enter the
            State Apartments through this
            entrance in Engine court.
            However you will all meet up at
            the entrance to the Dolls’ House,
            inside the Castle.

             It is very dark in the room where the
             Dolls’ House is situated, but the
             children’s eyes will soon adjust to the
             light levels. Take your time and enjoy
             looking at the various rooms.
 When you leave the State Apartments, only accessible toilet
facilities are available in Engine Court. Other toilets are on the
             North Terrace, so ask the warden here to
                   direct you, if you need them.

 The accessible toilet is just to the
 right of the shop. Ask the warden
 on duty to unlock the door.

 Before you leave Engine Court,
 look over at the grass quadrangle.
 The Castle buildings opposite you
 are The Queen’s private
  Now you can visit St George’s Chapel, if you have not done so
already, make your way through this archway and down the Hill to
                       the Chapel entrance.
         Back to the Learning Centre

As you leave the Chapel, don’t
forget to look at the Guard
Room and the soldier who is on
guard outside.

The only way out from the
Castle is through Henry VIII

The Changing of the Guard takes
place outside the Guard Room on
certain days, at 11 am.
Please ask at the Learning Centre if
it will be taking place on the day of
your visit.
                       Back to school

 This is Henry VIII gateway, so go
through here, be careful as cars do     Go across to St Albans street, and
use this way in and out of the Castle     return to the Learning Centre
               all day

       Your coach will pick you up at the Learning Centre,
                where it dropped you earlier,
               and take you all back to school
We hope that you enjoy your visit to the Castle, and
             will visit us again soon.

                                           Updated Jan 2012

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