; INDICATORS OF MATURE FAITH 1990 Effective Christian Education
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INDICATORS OF MATURE FAITH 1990 Effective Christian Education


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1990 Effective Christian Education: A National
Study of Protestant Congregations ( Search

    •   Trusts and believes
    •   Experiences the fruits of faith
    •   Integrates faith and life
    •   Seeks spiritual growth
    •   Experiences and nurtures faith in
    •   Holds life-affirming values
    •   Advocates social change
    •   Acts and serves
             Local church as teacher

1. Only 40% of teachers are mature in their faith;
and only one third know educational theory
   Relatively few teachers receive training in
   theology and tradition
2. The pastor must be highly committed to the
educational program, devote significant time to it,
     and know educational theory and practice
3. The greatest weakness is in youth ministry
activities; only one half of pastors are involved;
     approximately 60% participate in adult
educational activities
             Local church as teacher

4. Topics for adult programs:
  biblical knowledge and understanding
  multicultural awareness
  global awareness and understanding
  moral decision making
                    Local church as teacher

4. Topics for Youth
core theological concepts
emphasis on good friendship skills
        education about sexuality, alcohol and other drugs
        values and decision making
        responsibility regarding hunger and poverty
   6. Set clear learning objectives for both adults and teenagers
   7. Other factors: Warm and thinking climate, excellence in worship,
   care and concern for others, service (40% of youth involved)
           Pastors as Teachers

Altar, pulpit and classroom linked
  The one who feeds ought to teach
  Ephesians 4: 11-13 “pastors and
  teachers”-one gift
  Ephesians 6:11-13 Put on the whole
    Not an audience, but an army
    It’s difficult out there
                       Family Ministry
Family religiousness is a powerful indicator of growth in faith
Psychologists list most pressing problems
     Infidelity and jealousy
     Conflicts over everyday responsibilities
     Conflicting values in child rearing
     Intergenerational conflict
     Single parenting
     Teenage pregnancies
     Family violence
             Deuteronomy 6:6-7
Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart.
Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at
home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you
               Teach them diligently
Parents should talk with their children about the faith – both mother
and father
Family devotions, prayer or bible reading at home
Family projects that help others

Place the Kingdom of God first in their lives
Nurturing close parental ties - when mother and father get along
    Marriage retreats
    Using good communication workshop
    Understanding diverse family dynamics one half of all children have
    lived with a single parent before 18 years old/blended families
            Divisive Family Dynamics

Young people’s attitudes toward parents and authority figures
Involvement in at-risk behavior
Personal values
School performance
Congregational Parenting
                    Extended family of faith
 Most men between 40 -59 experience undeveloped faith (only 8%
      demonstrated mature faith vs. 43% of women)
     Most men cannot give spiritual leadership
     Engage men in bible study, men’s retreats and conferences
     National Center for Fathering fathers.com
 Teach moral values
     Why certain behavior violates inner needs and disrupt relationships
     with others
  Encourage close relationships with parents and grandparents
  Helping parents establish clear rules and a flexible stance blended with
     good judgment
  Participating in more helping activities
  Sharing one’s faith in the home
African American Christian Education

                       Ella Mitchell
  Contextual model – carried on in relation to
  ongoing experiences
  basic pattern of oral communication and learning
  rooted in African origins not African American
  Oral process of learning is a legitimate system of
  teaching and retention
  Included slave cabin life, slave field conversations,
  mealtime table talk, secret church meetings,
  plantation churches, storytelling, music, dancing,
  and proverbial sayings
African American Christian Education

                     Joseph Crockett
  Teaching and learning Scripture among African
  Story-telling – integrating identity and vocation
  Exile strategy focuses on heritage, tradition and
  God’s loving care and call to Christian community
  Exodus strategy focuses on unique missional,
  justice, and social engagement responsibility of
  the Black church
  Sanctuary strategy acknowledges the central role
  of the church in AA life, especially in its worship
African American Christian Education

          Bishop Desmond Tutu
  The unified self struggle to live into
  the vision of the Beloved community
  Does not take sides
  Moves beyond liberation and black
  theology toward reconciliaton
African American Christian Education

       Fred Smith, Wesley Theological Seminary
  Create coherence in the face of incoherence
  Develop in persons the capacities for liberation
  from oppression,
  reconciliation with God and the human family
  participation with God in the transformation of the
  being the Kingdom of God - human communities
  imbued with love as their conscience
Missional Framework for Christian Education
                              Delores Carpenter
    Purpose “to guide Christian through a nurturing, maturing, and
     increasingly self-initiating spiritual journey toward God, in Jesus
                      Christ and on behalf of others.”

   The Holy Spirit is the internal standard and lens which deciphers
   God’s message and God’s meaning

   Each believer/lover of the Lord becomes obedient to an action plan
   which God reveals to him or her or which he or she discerns

   A disciples’ vocation revolves around a mission that contributes to
   the ultimate mission of bringing the reign of God to earth

   Common understandings and interpretations will lead the
   community to advocate for social justice
African American Christian Education

                            Delores Carpenter


  1. Climate/Relational

  2. Biblical/Theological

  3. Cognitive/Thinking

  4. Interpersonal/Group Process

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