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					The State of The Universe
  In Two-Year Colleges
   Are We the only ones in Hell?

                       Pamela Cox-Otto, Ph.D.
The Factors Before Us

   6 Key Environmental Factors
   3 Focus Areas That We Can Ride
   (or will Ride Us)
We have “The Perfect Storm”

6 Environmental Factors
That put two-year colleges in the
The Environment

  1) The largest downturn in the economy since the Great
     • No Post-WWII housing downturn has been this deep
     (NYT, April, 2010)

     • Unemployment at 6.5%
     • Stocks off 40% since
       December 2008
     • Great Depression was worse
       but its still the worst economy
       of our lifetime
The Environment
2) American Manufacturing is in “severe” transition
       In 1950 – 1 in 3 jobs was in manufacturing
       2006 – 1 in 15 jobs were in manufacturing

   •   The Big Three are dying
   •   Outsourcing is THE key trend (At a rate 13,000 to 15,000 each month)
   •   3.3 million service jobs will have moved offshore by 2015
   •   Replacement jobs pay
       50 to 65% less than the lost jobs
The Environment

  3) Combined with the need for a skilled workforce in the
  face of rising high school dropout rates

     Issues of how we count dropouts mask increases in the number
     of males who are not finishing H.S. (10% Gap)
The Environment

  4) Complicated by increasing college tuition everywhere,
  but worse at 4-year schools
The Environment

   5) The Rise of the For-Profit, Online, Accelerated College

                                          Apollo Group,
                                          earned $139.9 million,
                                          on revenue of $781 million
                                          for the September-November

                                          They have a budget increase
                                          of 16.7%

                                          Apollo Shareholder Report, 2008
The Environment

  6) The Public Trough Effect
  “ Doing More with Less…. Over and Over and Over Again”
                                 Increase in Students – 20% Up

                                 21% up in Texas

                                 Funding for Two-year Colleges –
                                    down every year

                                 State Legislatures only fund
                                 60% of Community College
                                                   AACC, 2009
Is it Going To Get Better?

    But, while we struggle
   FOR PROFIT Colleges
   are making a run at us.
So What are the Factors we
 MUST Account for in our

3 Factors for Consideration
The Message Shift
Critical Issues

   Most Two Year Colleges in America recruit &
   build their image on these points:


   Close to Home

Why They Don’t Work

   Affordable = Cheap = Poor Quality

   Close to Home = Common = Not Rare

   Accessible = Not Selective = Not Special
Big Impacts

  They don’t work
  They sell Two-Year Colleges short

  They set colleges up for long-term image
   So What?
Campaign For Community Colleges

     Professional Teachers.
     Invested in your Success.

     Your First College. Your Last College. And
     the Fun Stuff in Between.

     Giving you the Tools for your First Career,
     and the Career After That.

Enrollment Management is
      Everyone’s Job
Critical Issues
    College-Wide Message Doesn’t Stick

    Most Research Shows Communities Don’t
    Have details

    Details Stick… Broad “We’re here”
    messages don’t
Critical Issues
  The Rise of the For-Profit College

  The Decline of State Funding for Public Colleges

  The Disconnect between Demand and Cost…

  You will NEVER have enough money to
  compete with the For-Profits

  Our real resource is our people
Why it matters

 We must do Division and Program
 level marketing
 We must leverage our faculty
 We must support them with messages
So What?

  This is the Moment to Focus on Program

  Give Faculty materials and a little training

  Let Credibility outweigh Money
College Morale
  Compassion Fatigue

  Double the work and not even a lousy title

  No Time to Say Thanks

  Fewer People Doing More Jobs - College
  Vision Disconnect

  Under Pressure Politics & Public
Why it Matters

    We are Damned Tired….

    We Are Brittle and Less Flexible…

     We don’t take the time to Research and
     Without Support…the desperate will do their
     own thing… (and NO ONE wants that!)
Big Impacts

  Slow to dive into change at a time when we
  need it most.
  Lose the Gen X’er (So not Worth it).

  Difficult to implement new program with
  the terminally cranky.
  Cater to the Cranky.

  Grow up.
So What?
Take Time to Be Grateful…

Take Time to Have Fun…

Take Time to ask do we have to do it just
this way.

The Beautiful thing about a crisis is that it
gives you permission to do things
This is a New Way To
     Do Things…

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The State of The Universe
  In Two-Year Colleges
 Are We the only ones in Hell?

                   Pamela Cox-Otto, Ph.D.

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