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									Dear Parents,
As stated during Open House, I have determined certain times of the year as
opportunities for extra credit. I have noticed that students in the past have relied on extra
credit assignments as a last minute way to earn a grade rather than doing their normal
homework and that is my reasoning for allowing extra assignments at times of no
pressure- holiday breaks. Whether your child needs or desires extra credit in a certain
subject, students must be focused on doing their homework completely and timely rather
than trying to get extra credit for assignments.
Below is information regarding the only official opportunities for extra credit. Students
will attach their assignments that they would like to be credited toward their classes to
this sheet with one staple in the top left corner.

Quarter 4: over Easter Break, due 4/9 2010

Please know that I want the best for students and to give them opportunities to shine in
our classroom, but I also need students to be responsible for their normal assignments. I
don’t want them to rely on extra credit, which in itself only helps a little bit. What truly
helps a student is hard work and being disciplined to do it.

- Mrs. Todd
Student Name: _____________________________________
I have completed the following assignment(s) for extra credit for (Circle which quarter)
                  Quarter 4
(Check which subject each assignment is completed for).
___________ Health* ___________ Bible ___________Math _____________Reading

_____________ Spelling              _____________ Language              ___________ History

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Extra Credit Opportunity for Fourth Quarter

As stated in November, students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit over
sanctioned school holidays for each quarter. Below you will find extra credit information
for the fourth quarter.

   1. Math pages below

   2. Health: complete the handout or click the link called: quarter 4 Health Extra
      Credit. Complete it in its entirety. Be sure to use colored pencils/ crayons to
      complete the work.

   3. Language: April is National Poetry Month. As a tribute to National Poetry
      Month, students will get a newspaper and clip at least 10 words that you like out
      of it and place the clippings in an envelope. You will then take 7 of the words out
      of the envelope and make a poem out those words. Then paste the words that you
      used on the paper to decorate your poem.

   4. Bible: Memorize the Beatitudes as found in Matthew 5:3-12

   5. Reading: Read the following book: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. You will
      then write a book review based upon what is written in your English textbook.
      Then you will create an oral report. Oral reports can include, but not limited to- a
      commercial, song, puppet show, acting out a section in the book or some other
      artistic representation of the book. Students must get their presentation approved
      by Mrs. Todd no later than 3/26/10. Book review, note cards and/or project script
      must be turned in by 4/9. The reports will be given in the afternoon during testing

   6.    Spelling: using the current spelling list, write a spelling story using the entire list
        words in a GOOD story. This is to be your best work. If it is not done well, you
        will NOT get credit. Be sure to have an adult proof-read! Student should
        underline all of the words that are from the current list and be used correctly.

   7. History: Choose a person in Russian history and write a report about them. Then
      present using one of the following: a commercial, song, puppet show, acting out.
      Note cards or project script must be turned in by 4/9. Students must get their
      presentation AND Russian person approved by Mrs. Todd no later than 3/26/10.
      The reports will be given during the testing week in the afternoon.

Please note: there is no extension on the due date for extra credit. If it is not turned in by
4/9/10 no credit will be given.
                                                                            Name                                     Date

                           Quiz Name: Word Problems 1
                                 Type: Multiple Choice (static answer order)
                          Instructions: Read each question carefully. Do your calculations on a sheet of paper, and turn it in after
                                        you take the quiz.

What is the price of 40 pounds of chocolate if the cost is $0.35 per pound? Circle Answer

Mark has done four homework papers. The grades have been 88, 75, 95, and 100. What grade would he need to get on his fifth
paper for his average to be a 90? Circle Answer

John bought five pairs of pants and two shirts. Each pair of pants cost $28.95, and each shirt cost $32.75. What was the total cost
of his clothes, before tax? Circle Answer
none of the above

Jessie made 14 wooden chairs to sell at a crafts fair for $20 each. If the wood used to make one chair costs $9.82, how much was
Jessie's profit? Circle Answer

The cost of a can of soda is $0.60 at a local store. If Rebecca wants to buy a can of soda for herself and each of her five friends,
what will be the cost of the sodas? Circle Answer

During one very cold day in Arlington, the temperature dropped to 20 degrees F. This summer, there were days in August that
were 105 degrees F. What is the difference in these temperatures? Circle Answer
125 degrees F
2100 degrees F
85 degrees F
5.25 degrees F

Gary had $50 to buy a birthday present for his mom. He saw a bouquet of flowers for sale at a flower shop for $35. If the sales tax
was 7.75%, did he have enough money to buy the flowers? Circle Answer
no, he still needed $12.28
yes, and he had $12.28 change
no, he needed $12.23
yes, and he had $12.13 change

It is estimated that 85% of all eighth graders this year play video games after school. If that estimate is correct, about how many
students in a class of 30 play video games after school? Circle Answer

Leslie drove 250 miles with her family during the last school vacation. If the car used 8.25 gallons of gas, what is a reasonable
estimate for the number of miles the car traveled per gallon? Circle Answer
10 miles per gallon
15 miles per gallon
32 miles per gallon
28 miles per gallon
30 miles per gallon

After polling some of my classes, I learned that 45% of my students like the pizza at Domino's. If I teach 120 eighth graders, about
how many would have voted for Domino's pizza? Circle Answer
No answer is possible - you need to know more information.
                                                                      Name     Date

                        Quiz Name: Language of Algebra
                              Type: Multiple Choice (static answer order)
                       Instructions: Figure out the answer for each problem.

If a=3, what does 4a mean? Circle Answer
to write the number 43
to divide 4 and 3
to multiply 4 times 3

If b=3 and c=4, what does 2bc equal? Circle Answer

Write an expression showing some number decreased by twelve. Circle Answer

Compute 2(3+4) - (4+5) Circle Answer

Simplify 2ab+3c+4c+6 Circle Answer

Simplify 3(a+3) + 5a Circle Answer
Solve for the variable y - 7 = 18 Circle Answer
y = 11
y = 25
y = 15

Solve for the variable 8c = 64 Circle Answer
c = 512

Jane bought a shirt and pants that together cost $52. The pants were $31. Which equation could we use to find the price of the
shirt? Circle Answer
s - 31 = 52
31 + 52 = s
31 + s = 52

Translate into an equation and solve: The product of a number and 6 is 72. Circle Answer
6a = 72; a=12
a/6 = 72; a = 432
a + 6 = 72; a = 66

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