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					Converged Network Lifecycle

Table of Contents
Ixia Solutions ............................................................................................................................ 2
Broadband Access and Services Testing............................................................................. 3
Router and Switch Testing ..................................................................................................... 4
Carrier Ethernet Testing ......................................................................................................... 6
IPv6 Testing............................................................................................................................... 8
MPLS Testing .......................................................................................................................... 10
Voice Testing ............................................................................................................................11
Multiplay Network Testing .................................................................................................... 13
Security Testing ..................................................................................................................... 15
Wireless Network Testing ......................................................................................................17
Production Network Visibility .............................................................................................. 19
Wi-Fi Testing ........................................................................................................................... 21
Protocol Conformance Testing ............................................................................................24
IP Network Assessment........................................................................................................26
Data Center/Cloud Testing ....................................................................................................28
Ixia Products ...........................................................................................................................30
Ixia Test Automation .............................................................................................................. 31
Ixia Test Platforms .................................................................................................................32
IxN2X Platforms .....................................................................................................................34
IxVeriwave Platforms ............................................................................................................36
Ixia Anue Network Visibility Platforms...............................................................................38
Ixia Anue Test and Measurement Platforms ......................................................................40
Ixia Breakingpoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI).......................................... 41
Ixia BreakingPoint Security Platforms ...............................................................................42
Ixia Global Support.................................................................................................................44
Ixia Professional Services ....................................................................................................45
Ixia develops amazing products so its customers can connect the world. Ixia provides the industry’s most comprehensive

converged IP network test, assessment, and monitoring solutions. Enterprises, equipment manufacturers, service providers,

and government agencies use Ixia’s solutions to design, verify, and monitor a broad range of wired, Wi-Fi, and 3G/LTE

equipment and networks.

Ixia’s solutions emulate realistic media-rich traffic and network conditions so that customers can optimize and validate the

design, performance, and security of their pre-deployment and production networks.

Ixia helps its customers provide an always-on user experience through fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected technologies

and services. Through actionable insights that accelerate and secure application and service delivery, Ixia’s customers benefit

from faster time-to-market, optimized application performance, and higher-quality deployments.

Mobile phones, home routers, enterprise switches, and            •   Major network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and
Internet core routers are a vital part of everyday life. The         telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs)
reliability, performance, and security of devices, networks,         that use Ixia solutions to get to market faster with
and the Internet as a whole depend on exhaustive testing             more reliable products, compete more effectively with
at multiple stages in the product life cycle. This starts with       validated performance specifications, and sell into
design, prototyping, integration, and manufacturing, and             more organizations with tested product interoperability
ends with deployment and live-network maintenance.
                                                                 •   Most service providers that use Ixia solutions to
Through all of these stages, Ixia’s test, assessment, and            develop network designs, evaluate new components,
visibility solutions help people design, validate, and monitor       verify new technologies, and validate pre-deployment
just about any data communications equipment, proocol,               to ensure compatibility, guarantee service quality and
technology, or standard.                                             performance, and reduce CAPEX. By monitoring and
                                                                     troubleshooting live networks, Ixia solutions validate
Founded in 1997, Ixia is an international, public company with       network reliability and increase customer satisfaction
more than 1,200 employees. Operating in worldwide, Ixia’s            – efforts that reduce customer churn
customers include:
                                                                 •   Data center operators and network engineers that
•    Enterprises and government agencies that use Ixia               use Ixia’s visibility solutions can tackle the challenge
     solutions to implement and verify network security,             of monitoring and testing high-performance, complex
     measure true network performance, and bring reliable            networks with limited-visibility access points. By
     services online faster, while provisioning data centers         aggregating data from multiple network access points,
     and internal networks without wasteful overcapacity.            Ixia’s visibility products deliver critical network traffic to
                                                                     essential monitoring tools and as a result, give network
                                                                     operators a competitive business advantage over networks
                                                                     without these capabilities.

“What made this test achievable for us
 was the ease of use of the Ixia test
– Lindsay Newell,
 VP Marketing, IP Division, Alcatel-Lucent
Ixia Solutions

Scenarios for Success

As you continue to browse this document, you’ll see specific scenarios that describe testing, security, and visibility

challenges and how Ixia can help you overcome them. We have built our business by helping our customers solve very

specific problems, while at the same time enabling a flexible chassis/load module/application approach that can cost-

effectively evolve with their needs. We know that your success drives our success. Join our ever-growing customer base of

successful service providers, NEMs/TEMs, enterprises, government agencies, data center operators, and cloud providers.

Higher-Speed Ethernet                                             The Xcellon-Flex™ Combo 10/40 Accelerated Performance
                                                                  load module provides the ultimate in test capabilities for
Ixia is the leading provider of test solutions for higher-        combined 10GE and 40GE systems. Multiple CPU cores and
speed Ethernet components, devices, and systems.                  memory are combined to provide high-scaling layer 4-7
Ixia Xcellon-Lava interfaces provide:

•   Comprehensive physical through application, layer 1-7,
    measurement and analysis
                                                                   Available Load Module
•   BERT testing for physical layer verification                                             Dual-speed, load module,
                                                                   LAVAAP40/100GE2P          CFP MSA interfaces, full
•   PCS lane features to verify IEEE-802.3ba-2010™                                           performance L1-3 support
    operation                                                                                Dual-speed, load module,
                                                                   LAVAAP40/100GE2RP         CFP MSA interfaces and full
                                                                                             featured L1-3 data plane support
•   Full set of 40GE, 100GE, and combined-speed test
    interfaces                                                                               40GE + 100GE, dual-speed, CFP
                                                                   HSE40/100GETSP1           MSA interface
•   Support for CFP and QSFP+ interfaces                                                     40GE + 100GE, dual-speed, data
                                                                   HSE40/100GETSPR1          plane only, CFP MSA interface
•   Error injection and detection                                                            16-port 10GE SFP+ and 4-port
                                                                   Xcellon-Flex Combo        40GE QSFP+ interface, 48
                                                                   10/40GE AP
Ixia Xcellon-Lava modules generate and analyze line rate                                     ports per chassis
traffic, with up to 1 million unique flows per port.                                         4 port 40GE QSFP+ interfaces,
                                                                   Xcellon-Flex 4x40GE
Key performance metrics include:                                                             48 ports per chassis
                                                                   HSE40GETSP1-01            40GE, CFP MSA interface
•   Real-time latency
                                                                   HSE40GEQSFP-01            40GE QSFP interface
•   Inter-arrival time                                             HSE100GETSP1-01           100GE, CFP MSA interface

•   Packet loss

•   Data integrity

•   Sequence checking

•   Packet capture

Broadband Access and Services Testing

                  Content Servers                  IP/MPLS Core                       Edge/Access                                   Home Network


                                                       Core       Edge/Access     BNG/B-RAS   Aggregation   Access Node   Residential
                 Server                  Content
                                                      Router        Router                    (L2) Switch   (DSLAM or      Gateway
                                         Router                                                              PON OLT)


      PSTN                  SoftSwitch                                                  VoD Server

Scenario                                                               •        Can my network support IPv4/IPv6 subscribers and
                                                                                services, while maintaining SLAs?
“Broadband” describes high-speed Internet access for
end customers, via wireless, cable, or DSL. Broadband                  Ixia is a market leader for broadband testing solutions.
requires numerous protocols and devices to work together               Network equipment manufacturers and service providers
seamlessly to provide reliable customer Internet access,               meet the challenges of broadband deployment and
especially when rolling out new services that consume                  maintenance using Ixia’s award-winning solutions that
larger and larger amounts of bandwidth. Without sufficient             ensure performance, conformance, and scalability.
testing of broadband network protocols, equipment, and
network topologies, business will suffer due to unreliable
customer access.                                                           Suggested Applications and Platforms
                                                                         IxExplorer    Line-rate packet generation and capture
Testing services over broadband access is a critical                                   with full control of traffic contents.
factor in providing excellent quality of experience (QoE)
                                                                         IxNetwork and Full layer 2/3 testing with optional wire-
to end-users, whether they are enterprises, providers, or                IxN2X™        rate traffic generation and protocols:
individual customers. Coupled with this, the impending                                 • PPPv4/v6/Dual-Stack PPP (PPPoE,
switchover to IPv6 to accommodate the loss of IPv4                                          PPPoEoA, PPPoA), L2TPv2, ANCP,
address space requires that networks run both IPv4 and                                      DHCPv4/v6, DS Lite, 6rd, IGMP/MLD,
IPv6 seamlessly in order to mitigate the transition risks.                                  *802.1x, *Cisco and HP Web-Auth,
                                                                                            *Cisco NAC
                                                                                       *only supported on IxNetwork
Ixia Solutions
                                                                         IxAutomate    Pre-built benchmark tests for PPP
Ixia specializes in testing network components and                       IxANVL        Protocol conformation testing with:
topologies, helping to ensure broadband reliability. Ixia’s                            • PPP, L2TP, DHCPv4/v6, 802.1x
platform emulates network protocols and simulates
                                                                         IxLoad        L4-7 services testing over broadband
network devices to help answer critical questions, such as:                            access
                                                                         XG12 Chassis 12-slot high-performance chassis, with
•   Does my broadband implementation conform to                                        optional load modules:
    industry standards?                                                                • Xcellon-Flex – 16-port 10GE SFP+,
                                                                                            up to 128 ports per chassis
•   Does my ANCP implementation allow full monitoring of                               • LSM1000XMVDC – 16-port 1GE Dual-
    my network topology and state?                                                          Phy, up to 192 ports per chassis
                                                                         IxN2X         4-slot high-performance chassis with
•   Can my BRAS, LAC, or LNS scale and still meet QoS                    Hardware      optional load modules for SONET/SDH,
    objectives?                                                                        POS, ATM, Ethernet, and Frame Relay
                                                                         Ixia          Control global threat intelligence at
•   Can I test and verify service-level agreements (SLAs)?               BreakingPoint Internet-scale to create massive, high
                                                                                       fidelity simulation and testing conditions
                                                                                       for battle-testing infrastructures,
•   Is my network able to handle subscriber session                                    devices, applications, and people.

Router and Switch Testing

Scenario                                                        Millions of traffic flows can be easily customized to stress
                                                                and track data plane performance.
Networks and network devices are becoming increasingly
complex. Enterprise expansion, data center convergence,         Subscriber modeling simulates user communities that
and new service deployments require that diversified            match the behavior of city-size groups using multiplay
networking technologies and devices operate together            services such as web, e-mail, FTP, peer-to-peer (P2P),
seamlessly.                                                     voice over IP (VoIP), and video. Ixia’s testing capabilities
                                                                scale to stress the largest and most powerful networking
Remote locations and changeover from dedicated circuits         devices.
have multiplied the use of layer 2 and 3 virtual private
networks (L2VPN and L3VPNs). VPNs both protect                  Ixia load modules, consisting of multiple test ports, provide
sensitive information and provide virtual network security      network interfaces of all types. Our mainstay Ethernet
using authentication and encryption.                            interfaces operate over the full range from 10Mbps through
                                                                10, 40, and 100Gbps speeds. In addition, asynchronous
The flexibility, pervasiveness, and availability of low-cost    transfer mode (ATM) and packet over SONET (POS)
switches have given rise to Carrier Ethernet. Making            interfaces are available. Line-rate traffic is generated
Carrier Ethernet a viable alternative to router-based           to characterize the performance and reliability of data
networks and requiring a number of new protocols                forwarding.
and techniques. (Carrier Ethernet testing is separately
discussed on page 5.)                                           To test complex scenarios, Ixia’s solutions:

As multiple, special-purpose networks converge to a single      •   Model millions of services with deterministic traffic
network carrying voice, video, data, and wireless traffic, it       profiles
is critical that device manufacturers verify the scalability,
stability, and performance of their switches and routers.       •   Define different rate-controllable traffic profiles on a
                                                                    per-service basis
Service providers must carry multiplay services on a
single IP network in order to offer increasingly popular        •   Validate SLAs through dynamic modification of traffic
applications such as YouTube, Facebook, and peer-to-                profiles
peer exchange. The demand for larger capacity and more
services increases the complexity and scale of modern           •   Produce service- and subscriber-level statistics
networks and devices. Providers must validate service
differentiation based on configured quality of service (QoS)    Full simulation of authenticated, large-scale broadband
policies and SLAs, as well as determine the service impact      network communities is supported with web-based, 802.1x,
on existing network structures from new applications.           network access control (NAC), and other authentication
                                                                mechanisms. Encapsulations, including PPP, L2TP, and
Within the data center, local area network (LAN) and            IPsec are likewise available for exercising broadband
storage area network (SAN) traffic have traditionally used      access concentrators.
separate Ethernet and fibre channel networks. Cost-
effective 10GE networks have provided the economic              Use IxNetwork and IxN2X GUIs to easily configure complex
incentive to combine these networks using a new                 layer 2/3 VPN topology simulations. Tests scale to stress
generation of data center bridging (DCB) components,            the performance of the most powerful border gateway
including fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) switches and       protocol (BGP)- and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)-
SANs.                                                           capable routers. Each central processing unit (CPU)-
                                                                equipped test port advertises hundreds of label distribution
Ixia Solutions                                                  protocol (LDP) sessions and thousands of forwarding
                                                                equivalence classes (FECs), as well as hundreds of VPN
Ixia’s solutions comprehensively test the interoperabil-        sessions and thousands of VPN routes. Wire-speed traffic
ity, performance, and scale of networking devices. Ixia’s       can be generated over the VPN topology to simultaneously
IxNetwork and IxN2X test applications offer the industry’s      test data and control planes.
most comprehensive test solution for functional and per-
formance testing by emulating routing, switching, MPLS, IP
multicast, broadband, and authentication protocols.

Ixia test ports accurately emulate an Internet-scale
networking environment containing thousands of routers
and switches and millions of routes and reachable hosts.

Router and Switch Testing

          VPN1                                                                                                                                VPN5
                    sub-interfaces                                                Simulated
                                                                           Service Provider Network
          Site 1                                                                                                                             Site 2
                                                                                (OSPF or IS-IS)
          VPN2                                                                                              PE
          Site 1
                                                                                                                                     CE      Site 2
                                             Test port                                                                                    Customer Edge
          Site 1                                                                                 Test port                                   Routers
                                                                                   LSP Tunnel
          VPN4                                                                                                 P                     P

                                                                                                        LSP Tunnel
          Site 1
                                                         Unicast Traffic                                                  P

          Site 1         CE                                                                                 PE                       PE

          VPN6                                                                 Site 2
                                                                                                                                                          Site 2
                         CE                                                                     CE                     Simulated             CE
          Site 1                       Simulated                                                                     Customer Edge
                                        Adjacent                                                                        Routers
                                     Customer Edge                             VPN2                                                                       VPN4
                                                                               Site 2                                                                     Site 2
                                                                                                CE                                           CE

Routing and Switching Protocol Emulation                                                 Ixia test applications are perfect for both interactive
                                                                                         test development and automated execution. Easy-to-use
Technology               Protocols
                                                                                         graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and wizards help you
Routing                  RIP, RIPng, OSPFv2/v3, ISISv4/v6,                               create complex emulations and traffic. Aggregated, per-
                         EIGRP, EIGRPv6, BGP4+, BGP+                                     user, per-VLAN, and per-VPN statistics quickly identify any
MPLS                     RSVP-TE, RSVP-TE P2MP, LDP,                                     failure or diminished service. The event scheduler provides
                         PWE, L3 MPLS VPN, 6PE, GMPLS,                                   powerful GUI-based automation, and its ScriptGen tool
                         MPLS-OAM                                                        offers an easy, one-click GUI-to-script automation solution.
VPLS                     VPLS-LDP, VPLS-BGP                                              A number of integrated tests provide standards-based test
High availability        BFD                                                             methodologies. Both IxNetwork and IxN2X supply full-
                                                                                         featured APIs for automated testing.
IP multicast             IGMPv1/v2/v3, MLDv1/v2, PIM-SM/
                         SSM, PIM-BSR, Multicast VPN,
                         VPNv6, MSDP
                                                                                           Suggested Applications and Platforms
Switching                STP/RSTP/MSTP, PVST+, RPVST+,
                         Link Aggregation (LACP)                                           IxNetwork    Full layer 2/3 switch and router testing,
                                                                                           and IxN2X    with optional protocols:
Broadband                ANCP, PPPoX, DHCPv4/v6, client/                                                • Routing protocols
                         server, L2TPv2, RADIUS Attributes                                              • Broadband testing
                         for L2TP                                                                       • Application traffic over routes
Authentication           802.1x, WebAuth, Cisco NAC                                        XG12 Chassis 12-slot high-performance chassis, with
Traffic                  Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, MPLS                                               optional load modules:
                         multi-label, L2/L3 MPLS, VPN, VPLS,                                            • Xcellon-Flex AP – 16-port 10GE SFP+
                         6VPE, Multicast, Multicast VPN                                                      and 4-port 40GE QSFP+
                                                                                                        • Xcellon-Flex – 16-port 10GE SFP+
                                                                                                        • Xcellon-Flex FE – 4-port 40GE
                                                                                                        • LSM1000XMVDC – 16-port 1GE Dual-
                                                                                           IxN2X        4-slot high-performance chassis with
                                                                                           Hardware     optional load modules for SONET/SDH,
                                                                                                        POS, ATM, Ethernet, and frame relay

Carrier Ethernet Testing

     Ixia Ports                                                   CFM                                         Ixia Ports

                                   OAM                                                             OAM

                                                              E Line Service
              Residential Access

                                                                     E LAN Service

          Business Access
                                                    Metro        Core            Metro
                                                   Network      Network         Network

Scenario                                                       Ixia Solutions

Carrier Ethernet services are growing rapidly, driven by       Ixia’s MEF conformance tests verify both Carrier Ethernet
next-generation VPN services and mobile backhaul. A            conformance requirements and network performance.
suite of protocols is required to achieve carrier-grade        IxANVL has a widest coverage of Carrier Ethernet and MEF
scale, reliability, and management. Carrier Ethernet           conformance in the industry. Ixia emulation functionality
requires the use of Ethernet at the user-to-network            tests common Carrier Ethernet routing protocols, including
interface (UNI) and can be delivered via a variety of metro    MPLS, layer 2 switching, and PBB-TE.
and core technologies, including an Internet protocol (IP)/
MPLS core.                                                     Ixia’s solutions include support for IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE
                                                               802.1ag, and ITU-T Y.1731.
The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has defined technical
specifications to advance the development and deployment
of Carrier Ethernet services.                                   Use                  Protocol
                                                                Routing              MPLS, VPLS, BFD (bidirectional
•   MEF 9 outlines conformance-oriented service testing                              forwarding detection)
    and is the basis for performance tests
                                                                Switching            QinQ (802.1ad), PBB-TE (802.1Qay)
                                                                                     PBB/MAC-in-MAC (802.1ah)
•   MEF 14 defines testing of performance service                                    RSTP/MSTP, LACP, MVRP/MMRP
    attributes, including QoS functional requirements                                VLAN (802.1Q)
                                                                Management           Ethernet OAM (802.3ah)
•   MEF 21, 24, and 25 constitute a test suite for UNI type                          Service OAM (ITU-T Y.1731)
    2, including link OAM, E-LMI, service OAM, protection,                           E-LMI (MEF 16)
    enhanced UNI attributes and L2CP handling
                                                                Timing               1588v2 (IEEE)
The MEF specifications allow carriers to deliver services                            Synchronous Ethernet (ITU-T)
                                                                                     CES (MEF18)
using any underlying technologies. The table lists the
protocols used for routing, switching, and network

As the demand for Carrier Ethernet E-Line and E-LAN
services continues to grow, so does the need for fault
management. Ethernet operation, administration, and
maintenance (OAM) covers Ethernet link monitoring and
diagnosis. Ethernet connectivity fault management (CFM)
defines protocols that monitor end-to-end services.

Carrier Ethernet Testing

Suggested Applications and Platforms
IxANVL          Protocol conformance testing, with:
                • MEF9, MEF21, MEF24, and MEF25
                     conformance suites
                • PBB, 802.1Q, and MVRP/MMRP
                     conformance suites
IxAutomate      Prebuilt tests for network testing of all
                types, including:
                • MEF14 test suite
                • Metro performance test suite
                • STP/RSTP/MSTP test suite
IxNetwork       Full layer 2/3 testing, with emulation of:
                • Link OAM (802.3ah), Service OAM -
                     IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731
                • QinQ, PBB/PBB-TE, STP/RSTP/
                     MSTP, LACP
IxN2X           Full layer 2/3 testing, with:
                • MEF9, MEF14, and MEF21
                     conformance tests
                • Link OAM (802.3ah) emulation
                • Service OAM - IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T
                     Y.1731 emulation
                • STP/RSTP/MSTP, LACP, 1588v2,
                     SyncE emulation, PBB, QinQ
XG12 Chassis    12-slot high-performance chassis, with
                optional load modules:
                • Xcellon-Flex – 16-port 10GE SFP+,
                     up to 128 ports per chassis
                • LSM1000XMVDC – 16-port 1GE
                     Dual-Phy, up to 192 ports per
IxN2X           4-slot high-performance chassis with
Hardware        optional load modules for SONET/SDH,
                POS, ATM, Ethernet, and frame relay
Ixia            Control global threat intelligence at
BreakingPoint   Internet-scale to create massive, high
                fidelity simulation and testing conditions
                for battle-testing infrastructures,
                devices, applications, and people.
Network         Anue Network Emulators precisely
Impairment      emulate real-world network impairment
Emulation       conditions in the lab, for the test and
                validation of your network-based
                products, applications, and services prior
                to deployment.
Anue 3500       The Anue 3500 is an intuitive test
                case driven solution that validates
                the performance of synchronization
                services and Carrier Ethernet functions
                required by next generation carrier grade
                Ethernet/IP based networks.

IPv6 Testing

                                                                     IPv6 Tunnel
                                 IPv6                CE                                                CE               IPv4/IPv6
                                Network                                                                                  Network

                                                                   IPv6/IPv4 Tunnel

                           IPv6                                                                                               IPv4/IPv6
                          Network               CE                                                           CE                Network

                                                          PE                                PE

                                                               P                 P

                                                                                     IPv6/GRE Tunnel

                                                               P                 P
                                                     PE                                          PE                           IPv4/IPv6
                      IPv4/IPv6                                                                                               Broadband
                                                                                                            CE                  Access
                   Wireless Access

                                                                    IP/MPLS Core
                                 IPv4/IPv6           CE                                          CE                 Access
                              Wireless Access

Scenario                                                                     •        Can my system correctly assign and scale IPv4 and
                                                                                      IPv6 addresses for Internet access?
IPv4 addresses are exhausted and the change over to IPv6
is occurring now. Given the extent to which IPv4 addresses                   •        Is my system capable of ensuring QoS for both IPv4
are embedded in networks and applications, IPv4 and IPv6                              and IPv6 traffic for increasing subscribers and load?
addresses will coexist for decades. Upgraded network
architectures need to support IPv4 and IPv6 technologies,                    •        Are my tunneling and translation implementations
the associated transition/translation mechanisms, and                                 robust?
scale to accommodate a significant increase in clients and
services.                                                                    •        What is my network address translation (NAT) table
                                                                                      capacity and forwarding performance?
IPv6 testing requires emulating the full range of protocols
used in today’s IPv4, IPv6, and transitional dual-stack                      •        How is application responsiveness and performance
networks, as well as fully stressing the data plane and                               impacted when transition or translation mechanisms
associated tunneling/translation implementations of each                              are pushed to their limits?
                                                                             •        Is my dual-stack core network capable of supporting
Ixia Solutions                                                                        the increased load of mixed IPv4/IPv6 routing?

Ixia’s IPv6 Transition Readiness Kit equips NEMs and
service providers with test plans and tools to fully evaluate
the readiness of each device, system, or end-to-end
network. Testing will answer critical questions such as:

IPv6 Testing

Suggested Applications and Platforms
IxNetwork and   Full layer 2/3 switch and router testing,
IxN2X           with optional traffic generation and
                • Routing – BGP4/BGP4+, OSPFv2/
                     OSPFv3, ISISv4/ISISv6, RIP/RIPng,
                     PIM-SM/SSMv4, PIM-SM/SSMv6
                • Broadband access – PPPv4/v6/
                     dual-stack PPP, DHCPv4 client/
                     server, DHCPv6 client/server,
                     PPPv4/PPPv6/dual-stack PPP over
                     L2TPv2 LAC and LNS, IGMP/MLD,
                     IPv6 stateless autoconfiguration, DS
                     Lite, 6rd
IxANVL          Protocol conformance testing, with:
                • Routing – RIP, RIPng, OSPFv2/v3,
                    ISISv4/v6, BGP-4, BGP4+
                • MPLS – RSVP-TE, RSVP-TE P2MP,
                    LDP, VPWS/PWE3, VPLS-LDP,
                    VPLS-BGP, L3 MPLS VPN, 6VPE
                • IP multicast – IGMPv1/v2/v3,
                    MLDv1/v2, PIM-SM/SSMv4/v6,
                • Switching – STP/RSTP, MSTP, link
                    aggregation (LACP)
                • Broadband – PPPoX, DHCPv4
                    client/server, DHCPv6 client/server,
XG12 Chassis    12-slot high-performance chassis, with
                optional load modules:
                • Xdensity™ 32-port, 10GE SFP+
                • Xcellon-Flex AP – 16-port 10GE
                    SFP+ and 4-port 40GE QSFP+
                • Xcellon-Flex FE – 4-port 40GE
                • Xcellon-Flex – 16-port 10GE SFP+
                • LSM1000XMVDC – 16-port 1GE
                • NGY 8-port – 10GE with XFP, SFP+,
                    and 10G Base-T interfaces
IxN2X           4-slot high-performance chassis with
Hardware        optional load modules for SONET/SDH,
                POS, ATM, Ethernet, and frame relay
Ixia            Test the performance, security, and
BreakingPoint   stability of devices and systems under
                dual-stack conditions using real-world
                application traffic on both IPv4 and IPv6

MPLS Testing

                                   Cell Site
                                                                                      Edge Router
                                                              Edge       Ethernet       BRAS
                   Home                                      Router     Aggregation                 Core Router
                                Mobile Backhaul
                  Gateway                                                 Switch
                                                          Edge                                        Core           Content Servers
         Broadband Access                                Router

                                Business Access


Scenario                                                               •     Are MPLS-TP features working properly? Can I
                                                                             interoperate with other vendors?
Driven by massive growth in data traffic, service providers
are moving toward a single packet network infrastructure               •     Does my device conform to the latest MPLS-related
that supports multiple services at lower operational costs.                  standards?

Success and familiarity with MPLS in the core is driving               •     Does MPLS traffic engineering provide sub-50ms
service providers to deploy it into non-core network                         recovery?
services such as access, aggregation, and backhaul
networks supporting broadband, business, and mobility                      Suggested Applications and Platforms
services. NEMs are responding by implementing new                       IxNetwork              Full layer 2/3 switch and router testing,
MPLS features into their core network products; as well                 and IxN2X              with integrated traffic generation and
as adding MPLS features to existing non-core network                                           optional protocols and features, including:
devices, such as digital subscriber line access multiplexers                                   • Routing and switching protocols
(DSLAMs) and cell site gateways.                                                               • MPLS protocols
                                                                                               • MPLS-TP protocols and features
                                                                                                    (supported on IxNetwork only)
Additionally, with MPLS-transport profile (MPLS-TP)                                            • VPLS protocols
an industry standard is emerging to enable connection-                                         • IP multicast protocols
oriented packet transport to meet the growing demand.                                          • High availability
MPLS is under active development with new mechanisms                                           • IPv4/IPv6 traffic generation
and applications emerging from the standards bodies,                    IxANVL                 Protocol conformance testing, with:
continually increasing its popularity.                                                         • RIP/NG, OSPFv2/v3, BGP4/4+,
                                                                                                   ISISv4/v6, VRRP
                                                                                               • LDP, RSVP-TE, MPLS, PWE3, L2
As MPLS-based technologies and services continue to                                                VPN, L3 VPN, VPLS, LSP-Ping, VCCV,
evolve, deploy, and increase in scale, the test challenges                                         mLDP
become increasingly more complex. Ixia continues to
                                                                        XG12 Chassis 12-slot high-performance chassis, with
provide the most comprehensive test capability for                                   optional load modules:
validating the MPLS infrastructure and the services it                               • Xcellon-Flex AP – 16-port 10GE SFP+
supports.                                                                                and 4-port 40GE QSFP+
                                                                                     • Xcellon-Flex FE – 4-port 40GE
Ixia Solutions                                                                           QSFP+
                                                                                     • Xcellon-Flex – 16-port 10GE SFP+
                                                                                     • LSM1000XMVDC – 16-port 1GE Dual-
Ixia helps answer critical MPLS questions, such as:                                      Phy
                                                                        IxN2X                  4-slot high-performance chassis with
•    Can my device or network reliably deliver,                         Hardware               optional load modules for SONET/SDH,
     simultaneously, multiple MPLS-based VPN services -                                        POS, ATM, Ethernet, and frame relay
     L2, L3 (unicast, multicast)?
                                                                        Network                Anue Network Emulators precisely
                                                                        Impairment             emulate real-world network impairment
•    Does my device maintain thousands of MPLS tunnels                  Emulation              conditions in the lab, for the test and
     and pseudowires with the required level of forwarding                                     validation of your network-based
     performance?                                                                              products, applications, and services prior
                                                                                               to deployment.

Voice Testing

          Residential                Application
                                     Layer         Call
                                     Gateway       Manager

                                                                                                      External Networks
                                                   Media                            Controller
                                                              Core Network


Scenario                                                      Ixia Solutions

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a major component of service          The IxANVL SIP suite tests the conformance of devices to
providers’ consumer and business offerings. Modern            session initiation protocol (SIP) protocols.
deployments now call for millions of simultaneous
VoIP endpoints. NEMs, carriers, service providers, and        IxLoad VoIP is the perfect tool for functional, performance,
enterprises must create and deploy next-generation            and stability testing of voice devices and networks prior to
hardware to handle growing VoIP demands, and need             deployment.
testing options that can simulate large volumes of real-
world voice traffic.                                          Ixia BreakingPoint offers very high capacity (tens of
                                                              thousands of concurrent users) VoIP calling capacity and
Although VoIP connections have a low bandwidth                extensive configurability.
requirement, they are very sensitive to latency and jitter.
Care must be taken to enforce appropriate QoS policies        Ixia supports video and data protocols in addition to VoIP –
for voice traffic, balanced with the QoS requirements         making it perfect for testing a wide variety of components,
associated with video and data services. Authentication,      including:
authorization, and accounting (AAA), IP multimedia
subsystem (IMS), and other support services are required      •   SIP proxies and registrars
to support VoIP call initiation and accounting.
                                                              •   MGCP and H.248 media gateways and media gateway

                                                              •   H.323 gatekeepers

                                                              •   Call agents and call managers

                                                              •   Session border controllers (SBCs) and application-
                                                                  layer gateways (ALGs)

                                                              •   Multiplay delivery networks

                                                              •   VoIP services in NGN and IMS architectures

Voice Testing

IxLoad includes features essential for full VoIP             Suggested Applications and Platforms
protocol testing:                                            IxANVL          Protocol conformance testing, with:
                                                                             • SIP conformance suite
•    Very large-scale operation – emulating more than 1
     million subscribers per chassis                         IxLoad          Full layer 4-7 testing, with options for:
                                                                             • SIP, H.323, MGCP, H.248, SCCP
                                                                             • RTP/RTCP/SRTP
•    Realistic, complex call flows                                           • Audio, video, fax, instant messaging
                                                             IxChariot       Live network testing, with:
•    Flexible test-case creation through state machine and                   • SIP call emulation
     message content control
                                                             XG12 Chassis    12 slot high performance chassis, with
                                                                             optional load modules:
•    Broad audio CODEC support: G.711 A-Law, G.711 µ-Law,                    • Xcellon-Ultra™ NP – 12-port
     G.729 A/B, G.726, G.723.1, and iLBC                                          1GE, with special RTP emulation
•    Support for H.264 CODEC media: video-conferencing       Ixia            Harden and optimize IP contact centers
                                                             BreakingPoint   by providing massive-scale, high-fidelity
•    Full user authentication and registration parameters                    simulation and testing conditions

                                                             Network         Anue Network Emulators precisely
•    Link layer and security protocols                       Impairment      emulate real-world network impairment
                                                             Emulation       conditions in the lab, for the test and
•    Library of prebuilt test cases                                          validation of your network-based
                                                                             products, applications, and services
•    Capture/replay can be used to test other protocols                      prior to deployment.

IxLoad provides extensive statistics, including per-call
predictive mean opinion score (MOS), average and per-flow
statistics, VQM, PESQ, and ladder diagrams with a built-in
protocol analyzer and media decoder.

IxLoad’s VoIP capabilities, combined with T1/E1 modules,
validate and stress public switched telephone network
(PSTN)-capable devices. IxLoad’s PSTN test solution
pushes the limits of convergent telephony systems by
sending generic PSTN call flow and media streaming
messages across the TDM interfaces.

Multiplay Network Testing

Scenario                                                          Multiplay Application Emulation
                                                                  Protocol          Options
Media convergence is fueling the growth and complexity
of today’s IP networks. To effectively compete, service          Data              HTTP (1.0,1.1), SSLv2, SSLv3, TLSv1,
                                                                                   FTP, TFTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, RTSP,
providers must deliver differentiated multiplay services,                          RTP/UDP, RTP/TCP, Telnet, SSH, CIFS,
including VoIP, P2P, gaming, IPTV, streaming media,                                DNS, DHCP, LDAP, RADIUS
high-speed Internet, and mobile services over converged
                                                                 Peer-to-Peer      BitTorrent, eDonkey
networks. There are numerous challenges associated
with delivery of multiplay services due to the different
characteristics of voice, video, and data traffic:               Stateful Replay Application replay
                                                                 VoIP            SIP, RTP, H.323, MGCP, H.248/MEGACO,
•   Voice traffic consumes fairly low bandwidth, but is                          SCCP/Skinny
    highly sensitive to network jitter
                                                                 Video             Multicast TV and video on demand
                                                                                   IGMPv2, IGMPv3
•   Video services require a steady stream of high                                 RTSP, RTP/UDP, RTP/TCP
    bandwidth traffic, and are severely impacted by packet                         MPEG2, MPEG4/H.264
    reordering and loss                                                            Video quality analysis for IPTB, VOD
                                                                                   Adobe Flash player (RTMP, RTMPT)
                                                                                   Microsoft Silverlight player
•   Data services such as web browsing, file transfer, and                         Apple HLS
    other end-user interactive applications have varying
                                                                 Ixia Solutions
Proper QoS provisioning, performance analysis, and               The requirements for testing application-aware devices
capacity planning are key requirements for ensuring a            are complex and resource-intensive. Devices need to
successful service rollout and sustained growth.                 be exercised beyond their limits to ensure optimum
                                                                 functionality, performance, availability, and reliability.
Today’s data center networks support a complex
application delivery infrastructure that must recognize,         Ixia’s IxLoad is the industry’s most scalable and integrated
prioritize, and manage application traffic with differentiated   solution for converged multiplay service delivery testing.
classes of service. The emergence of integrated service          It is an ideal solution for assessing the performance of
routers (ISRs), application-aware firewalls, server load         application-aware DPI-capable devices.
balancers, wide-area network (WAN) accelerators,
and devices that use deep-packet inspection (DPI)                IxLoad delivers multiplay service emulation in a single
enable service providers to deliver superior application         testbed, including IPTV/VoD, VoIP, P2P, web, FTP,
performance and security while improving user QoE.               streaming, and e-mail as described in the table to left. Ixia’s
                                                                 platform delivers ultra-high performance that scales to
Equipment vendors need a comprehensive test solution             millions of subscribers. Subscriber modeling accomplishes
for validating the functional capabilities, performance, and     true traffic testing by emulating dynamic user community
scalability of their next-generation hardware platforms.         behavior. Generate per-subscriber QoE analysis on key
Enterprises and service providers face similar challenges        metrics, including video and audio quality, channel change
as they attempt to ensure that their networks can deliver        times, application latency, and response times.
on performance and availability requirements, while
maintaining proper QoS for all mission-critical data, voice,     IxLoad supports AAA/RADIUS services, DNS, DHCP,
and video traffic.                                               and LDAP to assess critical infrastructure components.
                                                                 Distributed denial of service (DDoS) and vulnerability
                                                                 attack traffic generation is used to validate the impact of
                                                                 malicious traffic on multiplay services.

                                                                 IxLoad emulates subscribers with a complete mix of
                                                                 multiplay traffic, measures the scalability of the converged
                                                                 service delivery infrastructure, validates the impact of
                                                                 peer-to-peer (P2P) on revenue-generating services, such
                                                                 as IPTV and VoIP, and ensures QoE on a per-subscriber
                                                                 and/or per-service basis.

Multiplay Network Testing

                                                                                                     Ixia Server Emulation

                                                            Device or
                                                            System Under Test

The Ixia BreakingPoint, IxNetwork, and IxN2X solutions            Suggested Applications and Platforms
also compliment IxLoad’s functionality.
                                                                  IxLoad          Full layer 4-7 multiplay network testing,
                                                                                  with optional protocols:
IxLoad enables application performance testing using:                             • Data protocols
                                                                                  • Peer-to-peer protocols
•    Realistic stateful emulation of application services                         • Stateful replay
                                                                                  • Voice over IP protocols
                                                                                  • Video protocols
•    Application replay to record and replay stateful
     transactions to test devices that handle emerging and        IxNetwork and   Full layer 2/3 switch and router testing,
     proprietary protocols                                        IxN2X           with optional protocols:
                                                                                  • Routing protocols
                                                                                  • Integrated broadband access
•    QoE detective for granular instant insight into per-                              protocol emulation with service
     user, per-IP and per-VLAN issues                                                  traffic generation testing
                                                                                  • Application traffic over routes
IxNetwork provides wire-rate traffic generation with              XG12 Chassis    12-slot high-performance chassis, with
service modeling that builds realistic, dynamically-                              optional load modules:
controllable data-plane traffic. IxNetwork offers the                             • Xcellon-Ultra NP – 12-port 1GE
                                                                                       that can be aggregated to a single
industry’s best test solution for functional and performance                           10GE port for ultra-high bandwidth
testing by using comprehensive emulation for routing,                                  stateful application traffic
switching, MPLS, IP multicast, broadband, authentication,
                                                                  Xcellon Ultra   • Xcellon-Ultra XT – very-high
Carrier Ethernet, and DCB protocols.                              XT/XTS               performance application traffic to
The Ixia IxN2X multiservice test solution is designed to test                     • Xcellon-Ultra XTS – very-high
IP forwarding devices such as routers and switches that                                performance with IPsec encryption
deliver video, VoIP, data services and business VPNs. It is                            to 40Gbps
used in “out-of-service” lab environments to test network         Ixia            Control global threat intelligence at
components at real-world scale, prior to their deployment         BreakingPoint   Internet-scale to create massive, high
                                                                                  fidelity simulation and testing conditions
in live networks.                                                                 for battle-testing infrastructures,
                                                                                  devices, applications, and people.
BreakingPoint offers robust CIFS and web application
                                                                  Network         Anue Network Emulators precisely
testing capabilities for WAN acceleration.                        Impairment      emulate real-world network impairment
                                                                  Emulation       conditions in the lab, for the test and
                                                                                  validation of your network-based
                                                                                  products, applications, and services
                                                                                  prior to deployment.

Security Testing

                                                                                                    Initiated Attack



                Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Exploits    Attacker                                                     Protected Networks
                                                          Initiated Attack

Scenario                                                                         •   IDS systems notify administrators of possible
                                                                                     breaches, whereas IPS systems block access, often by
Network security is a top concern of every enterprise.                               programming the firewall.
Each computer with access to the Internet or offering a
service to the Internet must be protected from security                          •   URL filtering – preventing access to suspect web sites.
threats. By the end of 2011, the average total cost of a data                        These devices watch all web, FTP, and other access
breach for medium to large size enterprises is $8.4M (up                             and prevent access to sites on a vendor-supplied list.
39% from the previous year).1
                                                                                 •   Anti-malware, anti-spam gateways – prevent malware
Malware security attacks take many forms: viruses,                                   from entering the enterprise. These similar functions
worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware and malicious adware,                              look at the content of e-mail, web, FTP, and other data
and scareware. These attacks often succeed with the                                  entering the enterprise. This type of prevention is
cooperation of computer users – through e-mail, web                                  often also present on individual computer systems.
pages, FTP transfers, instant messaging, peer-to-peer file
sharing, online games, and careless software installation.                       •   Data loss prevention (DLP) gateways – prevent
Other attacks happen just by virtue of being connected to                            valuable data from leaving the enterprise. This
the Internet: denial of service attacks against company                              appliance inspects traffic exiting the enterprise, looking
sites, vulnerability attacks against web, email, FTP, and                            for proprietary or improper data sent by deliberate
other services and password-login attacks.                                           user action or as a result of malware attacks.

In addition to user education, enterprises use a variety                         Many of these functions are now combined into a single
of network security devices to protect their sites and                           appliance, called a unified threat management (UTM)
services. These include:                                                         system, on a next-generation firewall.

•       Firewalls – the first of the security devices. They serve                Ixia Solutions
        to filter access to a network based on IP addresses and
        protocols. Modern advances in DPI now allow firewalls                    Ixia offers a complete network test and assessment
        to filter based on internal protocols and contents.                      product that measures security:

•       VPN gateways – used to provide secure access to                          •   Effectiveness – the ability to detect and prevent all
        remote employees and partners. These devices use                             forms of attacks.
        IPsec encryption to protect traffic from trusted sites.
                                                                                 •   Accuracy – the ability to accurately perform its
•       Intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS) systems                             function, without significant “false-positive” results.
        – protection against hacking. These sophisticated
        devices recognize a wide range of unusual network                        •   Performance – the ability to enforce security
        usage, looking for indications of misuse.                                    mechanisms while maintaining acceptable network
                                                                                     performance. Security enforcement mechanisms must
                                                                                     continue to pass good” traffic even under the most
                                                                                     aggressive attacks.
    Navigant, Information Security & Data Breach Report, 2012

Security Testing

Both IxLoad-Attack and the Ixia BreakingPoint Actionable            In conjunction with Ixia’s hardware and other test
Threat Intelligence (ATI) service provide comprehensive             applications, Ixia offers a complete test solution for
service and support program for optimizing and hardening            network devices that provide functions other than security.
the resiliency of IT infrastructures, including product
updates, authentic application protocols, real-world                Ixia’s IxLoad-IPsec is designed to measure the performance
security attacks, and responsive support responsive                 of VPN gateways that are used to connect organizations’
support:                                                            multiple sites and to connect remote users to corporate
                                                                    networks. IPsec is likewise used in 3G and 4G networks
•     Known vulnerabilities – 38K+ known security                   to protect communications between handsets and internal
      vulnerabilities, organized by type are available. Attacks     wireless gateways.
      are updated frequently to stay current with hacker
      activity.                                                     IxLoad-IPsec tests performance of VPN gateways of all
                                                                    types in several ways:
•     Attack evasions – attacks are frequently masked by
      use of packet fragmentation and other sophisticated           •     Connections – how many site-to-site and user
      techniques. Ixia applies evasions to known vulnerability            connections can be concurrently supported
      to increase effectiveness testing.
                                                                    •     Connection rate – how rapidly can new connections be
•     Massive DDoS attacks – simulate distributed denial of               established
      service (DDoS) and Botnet attacks to measure cyber
      infrastructure resiliency. Ixia uses Ixia test ports’         •     Throughput – what is the maximum data rate that a
      customized logic and scale to mount very large-scale                gateway can sustain
      DDoS attacks.
                                                                    •     Interoperability – can the gateway support the
•     Encryption – IPsec encryption is used in two ways.                  numerous encryption and authentication protocols in
      Encryption with “good” traffic serves to measure VPN                use today
      gateway throughput. Encryption with “attack” traffic
      tests security effectiveness and accuracy for attacks             Suggested Applications and Platforms
      delivered over secure connections.                            IxLoad-Attack      Full network security testing with plug-
                                                                                       ins for known vulnerability attacks and
•     Multiplay traffic – sends real-world, stateful traffic to                        DDoS.
      measure security appliance performance. This means that       IxLoad-IPsec       IPsec encryption for good and attack
      the true, realistic performance, including QoE, of security                      traffic.
      mechanisms can be measured – not just raw throughput.         IxLoad             A highly-scalable, integrated test
                                                                                       solution for assessing the performance
                                                                                       of multiplay networks and devices.
    Feature                   Options                                                  IxLoad offers a wide variety of DDoS
                                                                                       attacks, used in conjunction with other
Known vulnerabilities         •   Tens of thousands of                                 triple-play tests.
                                  known vulnerabilities
                              •   Over 180 simulated                IxANVL             The industry standard for automated
                                  applications                                         network/protocol validation. Developers
                              •   Bi-directional application                           and manufacturers of networking
                              •   Evasion techniques                                   equipment and Internet devices rely on
                                                                                       IxANVL to validate protocol compliance
DDoS                          •   20+ attack types                                     and interoperability.
                              •   Virtually unlimited scale
                                                                    IxNetwork          Characterizes the performance and
Encryption                    •   IPsec                                                scalability of routers and switches.
                              •   SSL/TLS                                              IxNetwork includes the facilities for
Multiplay traffic             •   Data                                                 testing the authentication protocols
                              •   Voice                                                associated with 802.1x, PPP, and NAC.
                              •   Video                             Ixia               Control global threat intelligence at
                              •   City-scale subscribers            BreakingPoint      Internet-scale to create massive, high
                              •   QoE measurements                                     fidelity simulation and testing conditions
                                                                                       for battle-testing infrastructures,
                                                                                       devices, applications, and people.
                                                                    Network            Anue Network Emulators precisely
                                                                    Impairment         emulate real-world network impairment
                                                                    Emulation          conditions in the lab, for the test and
                                                                                       validation of your network-based
                                                                                       products, applications, and services
                                                                                       prior to deployment.

Wireless Network Testing

Scenario                                                         •     Optimize network design and system test in the lab

Long-term Evolution (LTE) is the fastest-growing                 •     Debug problems occurring on the deployed network
mobile technology of all time. With subscriber numbers
and network traffic from smartphones and media-rich              •     Streamline change as new devices, firmware
applications exploding worldwide, evolving 4G deployments              upgrades, and other changes are introduced
present mobile operators and infrastructure equipment
providers with complex new challenges as they transition         Optimizing for the Long-Term
from 2G and 3G networks.
                                                                 In deploying modern LTE access networks, optimizing the
Faced with rampant change, mobile service and equipment          performance of evolved node B (eNodeB) base stations
providers must be fully confident in the performance,            and “small cell” low-power access points proves essential.
scalability, security, mobility, and interoperability of their   In the evolved packet core (EPC), operators now also
products and services. Most failures occur at high scale         must cope with dramatic spikes in signaling traffic that
or under extreme conditions, and the risks of rolling            can overwhelm infrastructures and increase the risk of
out devices, networks, and services without conducting           network outages and billing errors.
comprehensive testing beforehand are tremendous.
                                                                 Mobile network operators and infrastructure equipment
Vendors and network operators need an efficient means            manufacturers will continue to invest hundreds of millions
of prototyping live networks in the lab on a metro/city          each year to deliver and deploy scalable, resilient LTE
scale to validate performance under load. End-to-end,            infrastructures. To ensure the success of new products
pre-deployment service validation should include closely         and services, the ability to support and deliver converged
modeling the services the live network will carry using          voice, data, and video services based on guaranteed quality
real application traffic and measuring the QoE users will        must first be validated.
                                                                 Ixia’s breakthrough wireless test solutions and deep
Proactively stressing networks and components in the             wireless expertise help vendors and mobile operators to
lab prior to live deployment addresses today’s toughest          develop and implement best practices for existing and
challenges:                                                      emerging wireless technologies in the most cost-effective
                                                                 and efficient manner.
•   Increased capacity requirements in both the access
    (base stations) and core networks                            Ixia Solutions
•   Improved performance requirements –throughput,               Ixia provides the industry’s most comprehensive wireless
    lower latency, etc.— for increasing video traffic and        test portfolio, encompassing both deep functional testing
    data-hungry applications                                     and high-scale capacity and performance testing across
                                                                 multiple technology generations. Equipment manufacturers
•   Higher QoE expectations among customers – voice              and mobile operators rely on Ixia’s solutions to fulfill their
    quality and video quality                                    entire wireless testing needs. Our industry-leading test
                                                                 capabilities cover wireless access and wireless core,
•   New business models and tiered rate plans that               including the 3G packet core, 3G circuit switched core,
    maximize revenue                                             3G radio access network, LTE access, LTE evolved packet
                                                                 core, IMS, and SS7/PSTN interconnect.
•   Security threats increasing in number and complexity

With many networks involving equipment from multiple                 Ixia Device Emulations
vendors, specific configurations and traffic mixes must              DUT          Emulated Nodes
be modeled in order to benchmark scalability, avoid
bottlenecks, and ensure security. Lifecycle testing is           eNode B          UE, eNode B, MME, SGW
required to:                                                     MME              HSS, eNode B, SGW, MME
                                                                 SGW              MME, eNode B, PDN-GW
•   Evaluate scalability and breaking points of individual
    devices and configurations                                   PDN-GW           SGW, PCRF, SGW, IP Core
                                                                 Network          UE, IP Core

Wireless Network Testing

            Radio Access Network                    Evolved Packet Core                 Packet Data Network




            Control       User Plane

Ixia’s wireless solutions are best of breed for:                Suggested Applications and Platforms
                                                                IxCatapult      Full wireless protocol testing for:
•    Complete end-to-end testing from the wireless edge to                      • LTE, 3G, and 2G wireless edge
     the Internet core                                                               components
                                                                                • Enhanced packet core components
•    Traffic and subscriber scalability and capacity planning   IxLoad          Full layer 4-7 testing, with protocol
                                                                                emulation for:
•    Real-world subscriber modeling                                             • Data protocols
                                                                                • Peer-to-peer protocols
                                                                                • Voice over IP protocols
•    Quality of experience measurements                                         • Video protocols
                                                                IxCatapult      • m500 main chassis plus interface
•    Multi-UE emulation                                         Chassis              cards for central computation and
                                                                                • t600 and sector cards for LTE
                                                                                     multi-UE emulation
                                                                                • r10 chassis for LTE radio frequency
                                                                XG12 Chassis    12-slot high-performance chassis, with
                                                                                optional load modules:
                                                                                Xcellon-Ultra NP – 12-port 1GE that can
                                                                                be aggregated to a single 10GE port
                                                                Ixia            All-in-one LTE/4G/3G test lab to
                                                                BreakingPoint   validate the performance, security,
                                                                                and stability of mobile networks and
                                                                                equipment using real-world behavior of
                                                                                millions of mobile users
                                                                Network         Anue Network Emulators precisely
                                                                Impairment      emulate real-world network impairment
                                                                Emulation       conditions in the lab, for the test and
                                                                                validation of your network-based
                                                                                products, applications, and services
                                                                                prior to deployment.

Production Network Visibility

                                                                                   Ixia’s Anue Solutions

                        IDS/IPS     Forensic Recorder    DLP                       The Ixia Anue Net Tool Optimizer™ (NTO) provides complete
                                                                                   network visibility into physical and virtual networks,
                                                                                   improves network security, and optimizes monitoring tool
                                                                 Full              efficiency. Ixia’s patented filtering technology and industry-
                                                                                   leading, easy-to-use control panel help network engineers
                      Traffic                                  Network             minimize network downtime and maximize return on
                                                                View               monitoring tool investment.
Protocol Analyzer
                                                               Aggregate, Filter
                                                                and De-dupe        •     With its unique, patented filtering and de-duplication
                                    Access Traffic                                       technology, the NTO delivers the most robust feature
Application Monitor
                                                                                         set available in network monitoring switches.

                                                                                   •     First 40GE and highest-density 10GE solution.

                                                                                   •     Automation to develop monitoring systems.

                                                                                   •     Robust packet de-duplication.

                         SPAN      SPAN      TAP        SPAN                       •     Dynamic three-stage filtering eliminates rule creation
                                  Data Center Network                                    headaches and errors.

                                                                                   •     Access control feature allows for security, compliance,
Scenario                                                                                 and control.

When it comes to network monitoring, the ongoing                                   Improved Data Center Performance
challenge for network engineers is the need for greater
visibility into network traffic, while faced with limited                          •     Full network visibility – Consistently send all the
monitoring tools, a shortage of TAP and SPAN ports, and                                  right data to the right tools by matching multiple filter
an ever-shrinking IT budget.                                                             criteria so that you can eliminate dropped packets due
                                                                                         to overlapping filter conflicts.
Enterprise network operators are facing multiple
challenges as user demands place larger and larger                                 •     Automated response technology – Instantly re-route
stresses on network performance and resources. They                                      traffic to monitoring tools based on suspicious activity
need the right tools to gain visibility into traffic patterns                            so that you can reduce time and cost of human
and network usage. They must scale as the network                                        intervention to remediate network problems.
grows by purchasing only the needed number of ports and
features to more-effectively manage IT investment. They                                Suggested Platforms
must consistently send all the right data to the right tools                           NTO 5293 Carrier-Grade        •   NEBS level 1 certified
-- matching multiple filter criteria -- to eliminate dropped                                                         •   16 40GE ports or up to
packets. They must instantly re-route traffic to monitoring                                                              64 10GE ports
tools based on suspicious activity to reduce the time and                              NTO 5288 High-Density         •   Up to 64 10GE ports
cost of human intervention to remediate network problems.                              40G                           •   Offers an efficient and
                                                                                                                         scalable solution to
Meanwhile, network traffic is growing at unprecedented                                                                   monitor 1, 10, and 40GE
rates while network security breaches and compliance                                   NTO 5273 High-                •   Designed for
issues become increasingly important.                                                  Availability, Carrier Class       telecommunication and
                                                                                                                         cable service providers
                                                                                                                     •   NEBS level 3 certified
Operators must simultaneously distribute network traffic
to several monitoring tools to fully use network bandwidth                             NTO 5236 Enterprise           •   10GE visibility for fibre
and boost the efficiency of monitoring tools.                                          Class                             network monitoring tools
                                                                                                                     •   Up to 24 SFP/SFP+
                                                                                                                         Ethernet ports
They also must increase monitoring tool performance by
                                                                                       NTO 5204 Small                •   Ideal in the lower-speed
eliminating unnecessary data before it reaches the tool in                             Enterprise                        portions of the network
order to more easily adhere to compliance standards and
generate more accurate tool statistics.

Production Network Visibility

                        Internet                            Ixia Anue
                                                            Net Tool
                                                                                           Optimum Level

                                                                           Network Performance Monitor

                                                                           Intrusion Detection System

                                                                           App Performance Monitor

                                                                           Network Data Recorder

                                                                           Network Analyzer

                        Server Farm

•    Load balancing – Distribute monitoring traffic to            Easiest To Use
     several analysis tools so that you can fully use
     network bandwidth and boost the efficiency of your           •   Ixia’s Anue Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) is powered by a
     monitoring tools, even if they are lagging the network           user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that allows you
     in bandwidth.                                                    to easily connect monitoring tools to appropriate SPAN
                                                                      and TAP ports with the simple click of a mouse.
•    Sophisticated filtering and de-duplication – Increase
     monitoring tool performance by eliminating                   •   The NTO handles the advanced configuration behind
     unnecessary data before it reaches the tool so that you          the scenes, freeing the IT team to focus on other
     can more-easily adhere to compliance standards and               responsibilities.
     generate more accurate tool statistics.
                                                                  Simplified Management
Competitive Business Advantage
                                                                  •   Create network connections and filters by using in
•    Scale as you grow by purchasing only the number                  the intuitive GUI so that you can aggregate, filter, and
     of ports and features needed so that you can more-               distribute network traffic to monitoring tools with a
     effectively manage your IT investment.                           few clicks of the mouse and virtually eliminate the
                                                                      need to rewire equipment.
•    Drive your business forward with the highest port
     density solution with NEBS certification — the gold-         •   Restrict access to specific filters, ports, or monitoring
     standard for reliability in demanding telecommunication          tools by delivering improved access control
     network environments.                                            management to meet compliance and regulatory
•    Share expertise across the organization by using
     pre-approved filters so that you can leverage the            •   From within the NTO, monitor key SNMP statistics
     knowledge of your technical experts and reuse filter             from any network management system so that you can
     templates for common filtering scenarios.                        view and report on key information such as the amount
                                                                      of traffic each tool receives and instant notification of
                                                                      oversubscribed tools.

                                                                  •   Accommodate your organization’s increasing need for
                                                                      more IP addresses by easily accessing the NTO using
                                                                      IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

Wi-Fi Testing

                                                                                     Hop 3

                               Portal AP                        Secondary Route
Gateway                                                         Backhaul Link                Mesh AP

                                                        Hop 1

                                                                     Primary Route
                                                                     Backhaul Link

                                                                                             Hop 2

                                                                     Wired LAN

Scenario                                                         Equipment manufacturers, service providers, and users
                                                                 alike need actionable insight into performance if they’re
Once used mainly for low-priority data, today’s Wi-Fi            to thrive in today’s highly competitive market. This means
networks carry real-time, multimedia traffic in consumer,        validating:
service provider, and enterprise network environments
worldwide. Mobile clients continue to grow in both               •    Mobility: performance while roaming from and
numbers and complexity of application usage, with Wi-Fi               between APs
supporting voice, video, unified messaging, medical patient
monitoring, pubic hotspots, cloud-based services, and            •    Interoperability with other clients and WLAN
the offload of real-time data transactions from over-taxed            infrastructure equipment
cellular networks.
                                                                 •    Performance /Quality of Experience (QoE) from the
With Wi-Fi evolving from a “nice to have” to a primary                end-user perspective
network medium, poor performance now places brand
reputation, profitability models, customer satisfaction, and     •    Scalability
even lives at risk. Today’s wireless LANs (WLANs), Wi-Fi-
enabled devices, and mobile applications must deliver            Assessments should begin by obtaining baseline
unprecedented quality, reliability, and security—without         performance measurements and progress to load testing
fail—to mitigate these risks and fully leverage mobility.        to simulate realistic live network environments. The quality
Wi-Fi needs to become “carrier grade.”                           of the user experience should be measured in metrics
                                                                 relevant to each individual application—voice, data, video,
Each critical component of the dynamic WLAN ecosystem            etc.—in the presence of diverse client and traffic mixes.
must be tested, assessed, and optimized throughout the
product or service lifecycle:                                    Wi-Fi continues to evolve to meet demand. Next-generation
                                                                 802.11ac-compliant infrastructures are emerging, promising
•   Enterprise and service provider access points (APs)          much higher speeds and capacities. To fully leverage this
                                                                 integral technology into the future, product roadmaps, site
•   WLAN controllers                                             assessments, and performance optimization strategies
                                                                 must encompass 802.11ac and even more dramatic change.
•   Wi-Fi-enabled client devices (laptops, smartphones,
    printers, scanners, healthcare monitors, etc.)

•   Live deployed WLANs and future upgrades

Wi-Fi Testing

                     Vertical Market Profiles
                     Residential     College      Retail Center         Office      Gov’t/Law Enforcement   Airport

                   XRay Machine      Emails       Scanners             Emails          Emergency          Emails
                   Infusion Sets     Music        Cash Registers       VoWLAN          Calls              Music
                   VoWLAN Phones     Videos       Inventory            Printers        VoWLAN

Ixia Solution                                                      •     Traffic generation for emulating realistic network and
                                                                         environmental conditions and simulating variables
The industry’s premier Wi-Fi test solution, Ixia’s                       such as distance, roaming, and interference
IxVeriWave represents the gold standard in evaluating
Wi-Fi performance and site readiness. The world’s leading          •     Test automation allowing hundreds of tests to be run
WLAN infrastructure and mobile device manufacturers,                     and repeated quickly, unattended
service providers, system integrators, and enterprises
use IxVeriWave to measure and optimize performance,                •     Performance analysis used to assess QoE,
reliability, and scalability throughout the product/service              interoperability, and scalability, and rapidly pinpoint
lifecycle.                                                               and remediate potential problem areas

Employing a client-centric, user-focused model, IxVeriWave         •     Breakthrough site assessment that eclipses traditional
delivers:                                                                site “surveys” to measure a facility’s true readiness for
                                                                         mobility, inform vendor selection and network design,
•    A lab-to-field solution addressing the needs of product             and assess future changes
     design, development, and deployment in live networks.
     IxVeriWave enables real-world deployments to be               •     Testing as a Service (TaaS) evaluations by veteran
     reproduced in test and QA labs, and powerful site                   Wi-Fi test experts
     assessments and “what if” testing to be conducted in
     live production networks

Wi-Fi Testing

IxVeriWave validates the maximum performance for WLAN          Ixia test systems and services deliver the powerful
networks, devices, and applications in the real world          analytics needed to harden new product designs, reduce
and helps gauge the impact of ongoing changes. A wide          time to market, and speed identification of potential issues.
array of load modules and test suites address specific         Major business benefits include:
assessment needs such as:
                                                               •   Improved product quality
•   QoE from the end-user perspective
                                                               •   Increased efficiency and reduced test costs
•   Client interoperability
                                                               •   Expanded test coverage with repeatable, large-scale,
•   VoIP QoS                                                       real-world test scenarios impossible to create by other
•   Large-scale roaming
                                                               •   Successful product launches and deployments out of
•   SDTV/HDTV wireless video                                       the gate

•   Dynamic Frequency selection (DFS) compliance               IxVeriWave is used throughout the WLAN ecosystem to
                                                               test 802.11n and legacy access points, and controllers, and
•   Industry-specific deployment scenarios: healthcare,        mobile devices. Ixia also leads the industry with innovative
    retail, education, etc.                                    and comprehensive 802.11ac test solutions needed to make
                                                               next-generation Wi-Fi networks a reality.

                                                 WLAN Infrastructure

                                                                                                            Ixia Ports


             Mobile Devices                                                                Live Network Deployments

Protocol Conformance Testing

Multicast Source                             Multicast Router                                          Multicast Router

                                                               Device Under Test

                                                                                                         Multicast Router

Scenario                                                         IxANVL offers an easy-to-use GUI and flexible test-
                                                                 automation capabilities. As shown in the table to right,
Today’s communications protocols are complex. Every              IxANVL offers a broad range of protocol libraries and
day, new protocol specifications, RFCs, and enhancements         utilities.
are published by standards organizations such as the
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and International         IxANVL runs on any PC using Linux or Windows, equipped
Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication                      with an Ethernet network interface card (NIC). IxANVL can
Standardization Sector (ITU-T). Service providers must           also be used with Ixia’s platform interfaces. This makes a
be sure that the devices they deploy perform correctly.          wide range of interfaces available: 10/100/1G/10G Ethernet,
Network equipment manufacturers seek to ensure                   ATM, serial, async, T1/E1, and POS.
that their products conform to industry standards and
interoperate successfully with other vendors’ products.          IxANVL’s tests are used to determine whether a device’s
                                                                 protocol implementation meets specifications, how well
Protocol conformance testing is a very intensive task with       a device handles traffic from non-complying network
hundreds, if not thousands, of test cases that must be           components, and the effect of new features on existing
frequently executed. Conformance test tools accelerate           software, through regression testing.
time to market by reducing the time taken to design,
prototype, integrate, and test.

Early conformance testing ensures higher product-quality.
This quality has a significant payoff – problems found after
deployment can cost 100 times more to fix than those found
in the lab. Security loopholes and vulnerabilities resulting
from erroneous protocol implementations can damage a
company’s reputation and incur legal liability.

Ixia Solutions

Ixia’s IxANVL (Automated Network Validation Library) is
the industry standard and fifteen-year leader for automated
network protocol validation. Developers and manufacturers
of networking equipment and Internet devices rely on
IxANVL to validate protocol compliance and interoperability.

Protocol Conformance Testing

Suggested Applications and Platforms
IxANVL       Comprehensive protocol conformance
PC           Standard Ethernet-equipped PC computer
             with Windows or Linux
XG12 Chassis 12-slot high-performance chassis, with
             optional load modules:
             • LSM1000XMVDC – 16-port 1G
                  Ethernet load module
             • LSM10GXM8 – 8-port 10G Ethernet
                  load module

Family         Conformance Tests
Routing        RIP/NG, OSPFv2/v3, BGP4/4+,
               ISISv4/v6, VRRP
MPLS           LDP, RSVP-TE, MPLS, PWE3, L2 VPN, L3
               VPN, VPLS, LSP-Ping, VCCV, mLDP
Multicast      IGMPv2/v3, MLDv1/v2, PIM-SMv4/v6,
               PIM-DM, DVMRP, IGMP/MLD snooping
Carrier        MEF9, Ethernet CFM/OAM, service OAM,
Ethernet       PBB MEF OAM/ELMI/service OAM, G8031
High           BFD, OSPF-GR
IP             IPv4, DHCPv4/v6, ICMP, IPv6, IPv6CP,
               ICMPv6, NDP, AutoConfig, PMTU, GRE,
               GPT, IPv6ov4
TCP            TCP core, TCP advanced, TCP high
Data Center    FIP, FCoE, FCF, DCBX

Bridging       STP, RSTP, MSTP, VLAN, GRE, QinQ
               EAPOL(802.1x), PPP, MLPPP, IPCP, LACP,
               (802.1ad), LLDP
Layer 4-7      HTTP, telnet
Security       L2TPsec, IPsecv4/v6, IKEv1/v2
Voice          SIP
Storage        iSCSI
Mobile IP      Home agent, correspondent node,
               mobile node
Broadband      PPP, PPTP, L2TP, ANCP, PPPoX, LACP

IP Network Assessment

                                           Data Center              Data Center

             Branch Office                                                                       Branch Office


                                                                                                        =IxChariot Endpoint

Scenario                                                        IxChariot can be used for any size network, and is capable
                                                                of simulating hundreds of supplied protocols across
VoIP, unicast and multicast video, multicast streaming          thousands of network endpoints. IxChariot assesses the
media, peer-to-peer applications, application-based QoS         performance characteristics of any application running in
policies, enterprise application traffic – all of these uses    a wired or wireless network. Using sophisticated traffic
and elements of today’s enterprise networks are constantly      patterns with optional QoS, IxChariot measures throughput,
evolving, making it difficult to anticipate network behavior.   jitter, packet loss, end-to-end delay, MOS, and MDI.

As networks and applications grow in size and complexity,       IxChariot’s Endpoint Discovery feature and Test Factory
maintaining network performance becomes mission-                component easily manage large-scale, dynamic network
critical. New applications introduce potential network          tests. Discovery Server finds and catalogs endpoints
bottlenecks that must be quickly identified and corrected.      by working closely with VMware™ and XenServer™ in
With the frequency of network changes, the flexibility and      virtualized environments. Test Factory quickly creates
availability of network assessment tools is essential.          complex test scenarios from the endpoint catalog.

Ixia Solutions                                                  IxProfile™ is a dedicated application that automatically
                                                                creates traffic generation scripts based on captured data
With IxChariot™, Ixia provides high-precision analysis of       traffic. It provides a comprehensive solution for networks
application performance across network backbones. Thin          with proprietary protocols.
endpoint clients that run on most computer operating
systems are deployed at key nodes within a network. A
mixture of real-world traffic profiles, including multiplay
services, is used to characterize network behavior.

When problems are reported, tests are run from central
management points, such as the network operations
center, and results analyzed to identify network bottlenecks
and degraded services.

WAN links can be tested to verify key metrics such as
latency, failover time, packet loss, and throughput. Network
devices can be put to the test so that new services are
deployed with confidence.

IP Network Assessment

Sample of IxChariot Supported Protocols
Topic           Supported Protocols
Management      Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop
Database        Oracle, SAP, and SQL Server
E-mail          Microsoft Exchange, POP, and Lotus
Peer-to-peer    Kazaa, BitTorrent
IM, Online      RealMedia, NetMeeting
meeting         AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo
Data            HTTP, FTP, DNS, NNTP, POP, Telnet

Suggested Applications and Platforms
IxChariot      Network assessment software with test
               scripts for more than 170 protocols, plus:
               • Discovery Server - discovers and
                   catalogs IxChariot endpoints
               • Test Factory - automatically builds
                   complex test scenarios
IxProfile      Captures and generates test scripts for
               proprietary protocols
Test           Supplied software endpoints for a wide
endpoints      variety of operating systems, including:
               • Microsoft Windows, including Vista
                   and Windows 7
               • Windows CE/Mobile, including WM5/
               • Linux, including Embedded Linux
               • Sun Solaris
               • IBM
               • Novell Netware
               • Unix
               • Ixia load modules

Data Center/Cloud Testing

Scenario                                                               •   Virtualization – assessing data center virtual
                                                                           infrastructure elasticity and capacity requires
The adoption of cloud computing is being driven by the                     tools that can test in the context of an end-to-end
proliferation of rich Internet applications, anywhere                      environment, measuring performance of virtual
broadband access, and infrastructure elasticity enabled                    switches, firewalls, and servers, as well as generate a
by virtualization. As consumers and enterprises become                     diverse set of client-server, server-server, and server-
more dependent on services and applications running in                     storage application traffic originating from both within
the cloud, network performance becomes a key metric to                     and outside of virtual machines
ensuring end-user QoE and key SLA requirements are met.
                                                                       •   End-to-end service delivery – measurement of end-to-
To match increasing demand while minimizing CAPEX                          end transactional latencies and application throughput
and OPEX, data centers must provide state-of-the-art                       across voice, video, and data applications is essential
services while lowering cost, power consumption, and                       to ascertaining the collective impact that data center
design complexity. Blade servers supporting virtual                        storage, network, and compute infrastructures have on
machines (VMs) have become standard due to their ability                   end user QoE
to more-easily control computing resource allocation. On
the networking front, LAN/SAN convergence, fueled by                   •   Security – the increasing use of virtualized cloud
economical availability of 10GE networks, is significantly                 infrastructures in enterprise and service provider
reducing both complexity and cost. 40GE and 100GE                          data centers introduces unforeseen security issues
networks are starting to find their home in, and between,                  that require comprehensive and continuous testing to
data centers.                                                              detect and overcome

Proper handling of Ethernet traffic, categorized as north-             •   Higher speed Ethernet – rapid expansion of intra- and
south traffic between clients and servers or east-west                     inter-data center Ethernet traffic means that 40 and
traffic between components of a distributed application, is                100GE interfaces will need to be tested
critical to data center performance – requiring a variety of
testing techniques. Individual components, sub-systems,                Ixia Solutions
and the data center as a whole must be thoroughly tested
to ensure dependable capacity, flexible performance,                   Ixia’s applications delivers scalable converged data center
reliable operation, and high security. Thorough and robust             emulation and integrated traffic generation/wizard for
testing is the only way to ensure if a network’s evolution             performance testing of data center switches and converged
to cloud-based infrastructure is properly provisioned, and             network adapters (CNAs). Combined with the 32-port
provides high QoS and QoE to its users.                                Xdensity 10G solution and FCoE/FC interfaces, Ixia offers
                                                                       a complete data center cloud simulation to validate switch
Each area has specialized testing requirements:                        throughput and low-latency performance.

•    Data center compute/server infrastructure – as                    Ixia’s solutions address the testing challenges of
     enterprises migrate their data and applications to the            application-aware devices and service-delivery
     cloud and leverage virtualized server infrastructures, it         infrastructures. IxLoad supports an extensive library
     is essential to measure application performance
     through all stages – on-premise physical
     servers, virtual machines, and
     eventually a fully-hosted cloud
•    Network infrastructure and
     storage – the convergence
     of LAN and SAN traffic
                                                                           Classic Ethernet
     requires a multi-level
     testing approach, from
     the storage network
     fibre channel over
     Ethernet networks – to
     the Ethernet switching
     infrastructure – to the
     convergence of the two                                                  FCoE Switch
     with lossless Ethernet                     Storage Area Network                                Lossless Ethernet

Data Center/Cloud Testing

of multi-play protocols, realistic subscriber modeling            Suggested Applications and Platforms
capabilities, and the industry’s highest application scale for    IxExplorer      Line-rate packet generation and capture
assessing DUT/SUT performance and end-user QoE.                                   with full control of traffic contents
                                                                  IxNetwork       Full layer 2/3 testing, with protocol
Ixia’s IxLoad-Attack validates network security appliances                        emulation for:
– determining that they effectively and accurately block                          • Fibre channel over Ethernet
malicious attacks while delivering high end-user QoE for                          • Data center Ethernet
mission-critical applications.                                                    • Lossless Ethernet protocols
                                                                  IxAutomate      Prebuilt tests for network testing of all
Ixia BreakingPoint addresses the application controller,                          types, including:
application delivery, and DPI requirements and key                                • Fibre channel over Ethernet
                                                                                  • Data center Ethernet
differentiators through the emulation of hundreds of
applications, live malware and user behavior.                     IxLoad          Highly-scalable full layer 4-7
                                                                                  performance testing for application
                                                                                  delivery infrastructure (add secuity
Ixia Virtualized Testing                                                          testing with IxLoad-Attack); with
                                                                                  protocol emulation for:
Ixia’s IxVM is a family of products to validate the                               • Data protocols
performance of virtual and physical data center                                   • Peer-to-peer protocols
infrastructures. It offers a unified product portfolio with the                   • VoIP protocols
                                                                                  • Video protocols
flexibility and breadth of applications required to assess
the impact of virtualization across the data center. IxVM         IxVM            Virtualized versions of Ixia test
                                                                                  applications, including:
measures individual server performance, VM performance,                           • IxExplorer/VM – interactive packet
the latency and throughput of virtual switches, and                                    generation and capture
the effect of different operating systems on system                               • IxNetwork/VM – layer 2/3 testing
performance. IxVM virtual ports provide a software-based                          • IxLoad/VM – layer 4-7 testing
version of Ixia’s traditional hardware ports. These ports         XG12 Chassis    12-slot high-performance chassis, with
are easy to deploy in a virtual environment, and allow quick                      optional load modules:
scaling and test configuration changes.                                           • Xcellon-Ultra NP – Twelve 1GE
                                                                                       ports that can be aggregated to a
                                                                                       single 10GE port
Ixia’s virtualization testing solution offers a user-friendly                     • Xcellon-Flex AP – 16-port 10GE
interface to virtual ports management, which supports                                  SFP+ and 4-port 40GE QSFP+
asset discovery through integration with popular                                  • Xcellon-Flex FE – 4-port 40GE
virtualization platforms. The solution tests:                                          QSFP+
                                                                                  • Xcellon-Flex – high-density 10GE,
                                                                                       up to 128 ports per chassis
•   Virtualized server capacity                                                   • Xdensity – High-density 32-port,
                                                                                       10GE interfaces optimized for large-
•   Service scalability and elasticity                                                 scale data-plane testing
                                                                                  • LM1000XMVDC – high-density
                                                                                       1GE, up to 192 ports per chassis;
•   Virtualized switching and firewall performance                                     designed for data center protocols
                                                                                  • Xcellon-Lava 40GE/100GE –
•   Virtual desktop infrastructure                                                     40Gbps and 100Gbps load modules
                                                                  Native Fibre    Native fibre channel load module:
•   Virtual or physical devices with a realistic mixture of       Channel Load    • Industry’s highest density 2/4/8G
    application and data storage traffic using stateful L4-7      Module               FC test solution
    traffic generation                                                            • Tracks and analyzes up to 1 million
                                                                                       flows per port
                                                                                  • Sophisticated testing starting from
•   IP protocol functionality and convergence in virtual                               FC-1
    environments, including QoS, VM migration, VLAN
                                                                  Ixia            Stress data center/cloud infrastructures
    leakage, and IGMP group join/leave latencies using            BreakingPoint   using peak application user load from
    L2-3 protocol emulation and traffic                           Solutions       hundreds of applications to configure
                                                                                  virtualized environments for optimal
•   I/O storage for CNA manufacturers                                             performance and capacity
                                                                  Network         Anue Network Emulators precisely
                                                                  Impairment      emulate real-world network impairment
                                                                  Emulation       conditions in the lab, for the test and
                                                                                  validation of your network-based
                                                                                  products, applications, and services
                                                                                  prior to deployment.

Ixia Products

Ixia’s industry-leading test, security, and visibility applications and hardware provide our customers

with test platforms that deliver unparalleled power and flexibility. They execute a full range of data,

signaling, voice, video, and application testing. Ixia is the leader in 1, 10, 40, 100Gbps and fibre

channel test interfaces, as well as high-volume wireless device testing.

Ixia Test Applications                                          Test Conductor is a complete regression harness that is
                                                                compatible with key Ixia test tools.
IxNetwork tests complex routing, switching, and FCoE
topologies by emulating a wide range of routing protocols,      IxExplorer provides access to all Ixia hardware
along with authentication and broadband encapsulations.         functionality. Direct control over Ixia’s powerful stream
Powerful traffic generation tools for any type of layer 2/3     engines is available to generate and capture any data.
                                                                IxChariot simulates real-world applications to predict
IxN2X tests complex routing and switching topologies            device and system performance under realistic load
across the IP/MPLS core, carrier edge, and broadband            conditions. IxChariot simulates hundreds of protocols
access networks. Powerful traffic generation and analysis       across thousands of network endpoints.
capabilities for any type of layer 2/3 testing.
                                                                IxProfile automatically creates traffic generation scripts
IxLoad tests layer 4-7 multiplay networks and devices           based on captured data traffic to provide a comprehensive
through emulation of Internet protocols. All common data,       solution for networks with proprietary protocols.
voice, and video protocols are supported.
                                                                GEM, XGEM, and ImpairNet enable users to test products
IxCatapult is a complete testing solution for wireless edge     and services against the delay, impairment, and bandwidth
and core networks, covering LTE, 3G, UMTS, and IMS              conditions that occur on real production Ethernet networks.
technologies.                                                   A wide range of features, line speeds, and protocols are
                                                                supported to meet your current and future needs.
IxVM validates the performance of virtual and physical data
center infrastructures.

IxVeriWave is a complete testing solution for wireless
technologies, validating pre- and post-deployment
performance, conformance, and capacity.
                                                                “With Ixia, we are able to test hardware and software
IxAutomate is an automation engine for Ixia tests that          before deployment. It’s paid off for us — we no longer have
includes a wide range of pre-built tests for layer 2 - 7        any problems with network performance and reliability
testing, including many industry-standard RFC tests and         when we deploy new hardware and software.”
converged FCoE and Ethernet performance tests.                                                                 –Eric Douglas,
                                                                                               Vice President of Engineering,
Ixia’s Anue Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) suite of network                                                              Deltacom
monitoring switches equips network engineers to meet
the growing challenge of testing, assessing and monitoring      “Ixia’s solutions are ideal for emulating the necessary real-
complex, high-performance networks with limited access          world traffic models to fully validate the functionality and
points.                                                         performance of new LTE access devices.”
                                                                                                            –Ton van Kampen,
Ixia BreakingPoint Actionable Security Intelligence (ASI)                                            VP Sales and Marketing,
creates the same malicious and recreational traffic your                                                    MindTree Wireless
network must withstand making it the only product capable
of real-world network security testing.                         “With Ixia, we are able to test the interoperability,
                                                                performance, and features of 100 Gbps gear, allowing us to
IxLoad-Attack offers security and robustness testing for        move forward in the development of next generation ultra-
application servers and networking devices. A number of         high speed network service offerings in compliance with
protocol suites are available for most Internet applications.   IEEE802.3ba specifications.”
                                                                                                            –Mr. Kohei Kitade,
                                                                     IP Network Department of Network Business Division,
                                                                                                         NTT Communications

Ixia Test Automation

                                                                                      Ixia Test Composer
                                                                                      Ixia Test Conductor
Test engineers face numerous challenges today: shorter
test cycles, higher-performing devices, and more complex                      Test                     Physical Layer                 Device
testing scenarios. Furthermore, the complexity and                         Automation
                                                                         and Regression
                                                                                                          Switch                      Under Test

performance of these devices is driving up the capital
expenditure required to equip test labs.
                                                                                                                          Ixia Test
Even as pressure mounts to bring high-quality products                                                                  Equipment
                                                                       Ixia Test
to market quickly, budgets are being cut and resources                 Solutions
are unavailable to handle the demand. Test managers are
looking for ways to increase the use of their equipment,               Third-party
                                                                     Test Equipment
along with the productivity of their team.

Test automation is a key step toward creating products
with high quality, minimal expense, guaranteed
interoperability, and quick time-to-market. Automation
solutions must support:                                          options for integrating multiple testing technologies into a
                                                                 unified test automation system, thus helping you maximize
•   Multivendor test labs – integrating test equipment from      your CAPEX equipment and reduce your OPEX expenses.
    multiple vendors

•   Home-grown automation – building and maintaining
    in-house test automation tools
                                                                  Suggested Applications and Platforms
•   Lab setup time – setting up and breaking down test            Test Composer An easy-to-use, multi-session, multi-
    configurations                                                               vendor solution for test authoring.
                                                                                 Available options include:
                                                                                 • Test Composer Value Pack Bundle
•   Team collaboration – among QA teams located around                                – provides all the necessary tools to
    the world, operating around the clock                                             automate DUT configuration, results
                                                                                      validation, and report generation
•   Results analysis - quickly review the results of a test                      • Test Application Plug-ins –
                                                                                      automation support for a wide
    and troubleshoot failing tests                                                    variety of test applications
                                                                                      including IxNetwork, IxN2X, IxLoad,
Ixia Test Automation Solutions                                                        IxAutomate, IxChariot, IxCatapult
                                                                                      MGTS™, and IxExpore; as well as
Ixia provides the most automatable test products in the                               third-party vendor test tools
industry. IxNetwork’s Macro Recorder, for example,                Test Conductor Complete automation and regression
provides click-thru test automation without scripting. It                        framework, supporting many Ixia and
works by simply capturing user clicks in the IxNetwork                           third-party test applications. Available
                                                                                 options include:
GUI and instantly transforms them into Test Composer                             • Starter Bundle – perfect as an
commands that you can replay repeatedly as desired. Test                              introduction to automation
Composer also has an intuitive capture/edit/replay feature                       • IxLoad Lab Bundle – designed for
for interacting with devices under test through their native                          IxLoad automation
interfaces.                                                                      • L2/3 Lab Bundle - designed for
                                                                                      layer 2/3 router performance and
                                                                                      conformance testing
Additionally, all Ixia applications come with Tcl APIs. Ixia’s                   • Layer 2-7 5-User Bundle - complete
unique ScriptGen feature uses these API’s to produce Tcl                              automation package for a small- to
scripts that recreate the GUI-based test configurations.                              medium-sized test automation lab
Ixia’s Test Conductor is a full-featured automation                              • Layer 2-7 10-User Bundle -
                                                                                      complete automation package for a
and regression framework for Ixia and third-party test                                large-scale test lab
applications. Tight integration with Ixia applications enables                   • Jumpstart Implementation Service -
you to automate native test configurations quickly, easily,                           professional, customized jumpstart
and inexpensively without the need for any scripting. Test                            training; recommended with all Test
Conductor also provides a powerful interface to manage                                Conductor packages
and schedule tests, and analyze the results of the tests.
Test Conductor’s open APIs provide a wide range of

Ixia Test Platforms

Ixia offers a set of four interoperable
platform families:

•     Ixia standard chassis and interfaces

•     IxN2X chassis and interfaces

•     IxCatapult chassis and cards

•     IxVeriWave chassis and cards

Although each chassis is designed to operate in
conjunction with specific test applications, many platform
elements operate cooperatively.

Ixia Platform

Ixia’s test platform distinguishes itself in a number of ways:

•     Single platform for layer 2-7

•     Ultra-high density and scalability

•     Multiuser operation

•     Full range of Ethernet interfaces from 10Mbps to

•     Hot swap                                                   XG12

The following chassis are available:

    Chassis         Usage
XG12                Highest port density and performance in
                    the industry, the 10U-height XG12 holds
                    12 XM form-factor load modules
XM2                 A 3U height portable chassis with 2 XM
                    load module slots
400Tv2              The ultimate in portability, supporting
                    four standard form-factor load modules
AFD1/2              Chassis used to synchronize chassis
                    worldwide using GPS and IRIG-B

Ixia Test Platforms

Ixia XM form-factor load modules offer the ultimate in       Xcellon appliances and load modules
density in performance. The key load modules are:

 Family           Usage
NGY              8 port 10GE with XFP, SFP+, and                Xcellon-Flex AP 10/40 Combo
                 10GBase-T interfaces
FUSION           L2-3 load modules:
                 • LSM10GXM8NG/4NG, 8 and 4-port
                      10GE with XFP interfaces
                 • LSM1000XMVDC16NG, 16-port 1GE
                      Dual-PHY interfaces
                 L4-7 load module:                            Xcellon-Flex 4-port 40GE QSFP+
                 • Xcellon-Ultra NG, 12-port 1GE Dual-
                      PHY/1-port 10GE XFP interfaces                    load module
Xcellon™         Xcellon-Flex 16-port 10GE SFP+ and
                 4-port 40GE QSFP+ combination load
                 • High-density 10GE test ports and
                      high-scaling protocol emulation
                 Xcellon-Ultra NP
                 • Scalable layer 2-7 application
                      performance testing within XM
                 Xcellon-Ultra XT/XTS                             Xcellon-Lava load module
                 • Optimized for generating ultra-high
                      performance application traffic and
                      high volume of encrypted traffic
Xdensity™        High-density 32-port, 10GE interfaces
                 optimized for large-scale data plane
FCMGXM           Native fibre channel load module
XMVDC16          16 port 10/100/1000 Mbps copper/fiber
Xcellon-Lava     Higher-speed Ethernet:                      Industry’s highest-density 1Gbps and
                 • 40Gbps, CFP                                       10Gbps load modules
                 • 40Gbps, QSFP+
                 • 100Gbps, CFP
                 • Switchable 40/100Gbps, CFP

Standard form-factor load modules, used in the 400Tv2,
offer 10/100/1000 Mbps, 10Gbps, Fibre Channel, OC-3c/
OC12c ATM/POS, and OC-48c/OC-192c POS interfaces.           FCMGXM8S Fibre Channel load module
Standard form-factor load modules may be used in XM
chassis with an adapter card.

                                                                    Xdensity load module


IxN2X Platforms

IxN2X Platform

The FUSION program – launched when Ixia acquired IxN2X
from Agilent Technologies – allows the IxN2X application to
run on IxN2X hardware and on Ixia’s XM-series hardware,
providing easy integration of test platforms. New high-
density 1GE and 10GE FUSION load modules support both
the IxN2X application, as well as Ixia’s IxNetwork and
IxLoad applications, enabling broader test coverage and
excellent ROI.

The IxN2X platforms feature:

•     Hot swap

•     Multi-user operation

•     Daisy-chaining up to 60 chassis, time synchronized to 10ns

•     Hundreds of test ports available in one system

Three IxN2X chassis are available:

    Chassis      Usage                                               IxN2X 4-slot

2-slot           Provides a convenient platform for testing
                 scenarios where portability or small size is
                 a factor
4-slot           A small, flexible platform that can be either
                 mounted in a standard 19” rack or stacked
                 on a bench top
4-slot with      A version of the 4-slot chassis able to
BITS/MTS         synchronize the transmit clock on all the
clock            IxN2X test cards using BITS or MTS

IxN2X interfaces are shown in the table below.

    Family       Interfaces
SONET/           OC-3/12/48/192
SDH                                                                IxN2X 2-slot

POS              OC-3c through OC-768c
ATM              OC-3c/OC-12c
Ethernet         10 Mbps through 100GE
Frame Relay      OC-3c to OC-48c

IxCatapult Platforms

IxCatapult Platform

The IxCatapult platforms, specifically designed to test
wireless technologies, are used by the IxCatapult test
application. The IxCatapult main chassis is the central
computation and interface chassis for wireless component
testing. The m500 chassis is shown in the figure below,
and the p400 and p250 chassis are smaller-scale
alternatives. Multiple chassis may be used at the same
time for larger-scale tests or larger user communities.
IxCatapult maximizes your CAPEX expenditure with a
multi-user environment, allowing multiple test preparation
and test execution sessions to proceed at the same
time. Separate cards fulfill computational and interface

Gigabit 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet and 1000 BASE-T/SX
Structured STM-1                                             m500


One or more t600 chassis are used for multi-UE LTE
testing. Six cards are used to test each LTE sector:

 Card          Usage
PQ3           Provides the main control, script download,
Processor     UE configuration and RLC/MAC operation
DSP           A dedicated card that ensures high-
              performance PHY level processing,
              providing PHY functionality, MIMO support
              and signal processing
FPGA          Four cards provide communications routing
              and input/output processing

                                                                          IxCatapult platforms

IxVeriwave Platforms

                                                                                                  System Under Test

                                                                           Access Point

                                                               RF                                                       WLAN Switch

                       WaveTest 90

IxVeriWave Platform                                                                                                        VeriWave Traffic
WaveTest is a powerful traffic generator/analyzer
capable of generating thousands of independent client                                                                        Monitoring
sessions, each representing a unique user of the                                                                           System (WT90)
network. It offers native IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n interfaces
as well as 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces. Using
WaveTest, network traffic is accurately, repeatedly, and
precisely created. WaveTest offers unique insight into the                                                              RF Management
functionality, quality, and performance of the device or
network under test.                                                                                                          Unit
                                                                        RF MANAGEMENT UNIT        ETHERNET

                                                                                  1   2   3   4

                   Supports up to 9 WaveBlades with a
WaveTest 90        combined capacity of 18,000 individual
                   WLAN clients (STAs)
                                                                                                                         Wireless Client
                   Supports up to 2 WaveBlades with a
WaveTest 20        combined capacity of 4000 individual                                                                   Test Bench
                   WLAN clients (STAs)

IxVeriWave’s WaveBlade series provides a state-of-                                                                             Patch
the-art and an industry-first test product to evaluate                                                                         Panels
the functionality and performance of WLAN networking
products. Designed for testing network infrastructure
devices, including consumer access points (APs) and                                                                      Client Isolation
reference designs, enterprise/carrier- grade access points
and controllers, and entire WLAN networks, the WaveBlade
integrates both traffic generation/analysis and multi-path
channel emulation capabilities on a single platform.

IxVeriwave Platforms

          802.11n                   4-port                                        4-port                    1-port
         3x3 MIMO                802.11 a/b/g                                    Ethernet                  Ethernet
                                & 802.11n SISO
                                                         802.11 a/b/g
                                                        & 802.11n SISO

                               4/1 RJ45 ports for testing Ethernet network infrastructure
WaveBlade Ethernet             devices such as APs, broadband home gateway, controllers,
(WBE1104, WBE1101)             switches, and routers

WaveBlade Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g    1/4/1 ports for testing wireless LAN network infrastructure
and 802.11n SISO               devices including enterprise and consumer APs and controllers,
(WBW1101, WBW1104,             as well as wireless-enabled client devices such as PCs, dual-
WBW1101P)                      mode phones, patient monitors, and scanner

                               1 port for testing network 802.11n 1x1, 2x2, and 3x3 MIMO
WaveBlade Wi-Fi 802.11n        infrastructure devices, including consumer APs and reference
MIMO (WBW2000)                 designs, enterprise/carrier-grade APs and controllers, and entire             WT20
                               WLAN networks

The WaveBlade Wi-Fi line-cards fit into IxVeriWave’s WT90
and WT20 chassis and interworks seamlessly with the
WaveBlade Ethernet line-cards. They provide the essential
tools necessary to complete various types of testing,
ranging from functional testing at the AP-level to scale-
testing a large infrastructure network.

WaveChamber provides an RF-isolated environment small                                                  RF Isolation
enough to support rack-mount and desktop use, yet large                                                 Chamber
enough to house most access points. Bulkhead-mounted
connections for RF cabling, filtered 10/100/1000Mbps                                        A small, rack-mountable
Ethernet, and console ports make interfacing to any AP          WaveChamber 1000            configuration to minimize space
quick and easy. WaveChamber includes a fan and front-                                       requirements
to-back airflow for adequate cooling, whether used on the                                   Designed to house large multi-
                                                                WaveChamber 1100
bench-top or stacked in high-density racks.                                                 radio and outdoor APs
                                                                                            Easily accommodates various
                                                                WaveChamber 2000            types of 802.11n APs

Ixia Anue Network Visibility Platforms

Ixia’s Anue Net Tool Optimizer™ 5200 Series                     •   Manage NTO access with existing TACACS+ User/
                                                                    Group account information and granular access control
Enterprise and carrier-class network monitoring switches
that simplify the management of complex networks and            •   Create filter templates quickly and standardize traffic to
dynamic data centers. For ultimate control with a quick             monitoring tools across the enterprise
startup time, they include the most robust functionality in
the industry, along with the easiest to use drag-and-drop       •   Instantly see filtering configuration
control panel.
                                                                The need for speed – enables the monitoring of high-
Highlights of the Net Tool Optimizer™ (NTO)                     speed networks at 10GE, 40GE, and beyond.

•    Easily distribute network traffic to critical monitoring   The need for a “big picture” – provides complete visibility
     tools with an intuitive drag-and-drop control panel        of the network for thorough and accurate monitoring.

•    Monitor 1GE, 10GE, and 40GE networks with existing         The need for the right data – delivers exactly the right
     1GE and 10GE tools, reducing cost, and complexity          data needed for analysis and helps eliminate tool overload
                                                                caused by unnecessary data.
•    Automatically re-route network traffic to specific
     monitoring tools based on suspicious activity or pre-      The need to optimize – allows you to get the most of
     defined network scenarios                                  monitoring-tool investment by using each tool to its fullest
•    Automatically load balance network traffic
     across multiple tools when monitoring tools are            The need for security – provides controlled access to
     oversubscribed                                             sensitive information inside the data center.

•    Improve tool bandwidth by eliminating redundant data       The need to maximize IT staff productivity and improve
     packets generated from SPAN ports before they reach        data center ROI – reduces troubleshooting time by up to 78
     monitoring tools                                           percent and minimizes data center downtime.

•    Boost monitoring tool performance by trimming              NTO sits between network SPANs and TAPS and network
     payloads from packets before they arrive at the            monitoring tools to aggregate, replicate, filter, and
     monitoring tool                                            de-duplicate network traffic.

•    Remotely view and manage network monitoring                NTO ensures that each monitoring tool gets exactly the
     topology without stepping into the wiring closet           right data needed for analysis, improving monitoring
                                                                tool performance and protecting your monitoring tool
•    Monitor the NTO’s SNMP statistics from your network        investment.
     management system
                                                                Tools that benefit the most from the NTO include:

                                                                •   Security (IDS/IPS)

                                                                •   Data recorders

                                                                •   Packet analysis/sniffers

                                                                •   Application performance monitors

                                                                •   VoIP analyzers

                                                                •   Data loss prevention

                                                                •   Compliance auditors

Ixia Anue Network Visibility Platforms

5293 High-Availability, High-Density 40GE

The Ixia Anue 5293 Net Tool Optimizer™ (NTO) is the
industry’s first and only carrier-grade, high-density, 40GE
network monitoring switch. It facilitates visibility into the
packet network by efficiently connecting multiple network
monitoring tools to a large number ports. The 5293 NTO
is NEBS level 1 certified and has a 640GE, non-blocking
backplane for up to 16 40GE ports or up to 64 10GE ports in
a 2-RU chassis.

5288 High-Density 10GE/40GE

The Ixia Anue 5288 NTO is a high-density solution
designed for large and complex data centers. The 5288
provides up to 64 10GE ports and offers an efficient
and scalable solution to monitor 1GE, 10GE, and 40GE
links while minimizing data center footprint and power

5273 High-Availability, Carrier Class

The Ixia Anue 5273 NTO is a carrier class, high-availability
network monitoring switch designed for telecommunication
and cable service providers. This fully-NEBS-level-3-
certified device, helps our customers meet the increased
bandwidth demands created by rapidly-growing mobile and
video content traffic.

5236 Enterprise Class

The Ixia Anue 5236 NTO network monitoring switch
provides high-performance 10GE visibility for network
monitoring tools in all parts of a fiber network. The 5236
offers up to 24 SFP/SFP+ Ethernet ports and the industry’s
most advanced, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop control panel.

5204 Small Enterprise

The Ixia Anue 5204 NTO network monitoring switch is an
entry-level, cost-effective solution for copper networks that
predominantly require 1GE visibility for network monitoring
tools. It is ideal in the lower-speed portions of the network,
such as the access layers, or where a large number of 1GE
monitoring tools need access to network traffic.

Ixia Anue Test and Measurement Platforms

Ixia Anue Test and Measurement Solutions                        Anue Network Emulators are essential for characterizing
                                                                and validating the real-world performance and end-
TrueNetwork™ technology – unique to Anue solutions –            user quality of experience (QoE) you expect from your
enables our test and measurement products to recreate           networked applications, disaster recovery, data center
real-world network conditions in the lab with the most          migration, and multimedia service solutions.
accurate and repeatable results possible. Using the simple,
intuitive interface, you can configure network impairment       3500
conditions for Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, OTN,         The Ixia Anue 3500 is an intuitive test-case-driven
or CPRI networks.                                               solution that you can use to validate the performance of
                                                                synchronization services and Carrier Ethernet functions
In order to uncover and resolve issues before they              required by next-generation carrier-grade Ethernet/
negatively impact your real production network, it is crucial   IP-based networks.
that you test before deployment under the most realistic
and repeatable network conditions possible.                     With the Anue 3500, test and development engineers
                                                                at any level can quickly and easily verify compliance to
Network Emulators                                               international standards-based requirements with real-time
Ixia’s Anue Network Emulators precisely emulate real-           graphed analysis and automatic pass/fail results. The Anue
world network impairment condition in the lab, for the          3500 provides real-world testing of technologies including
test and validation of your network-based products,             synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), IEEE 1588, PTP, circuit
applications and services prior to deployment. With an          emulation services (CES, IETF SAToP, IETF CESoPSN,
industry unique field-programmable gate array (FPGA)            ITU-T Y.1413), MPLS-TP, and Carrier Ethernet OAM.
based platform, Anue Network Emulators deliver the most
realistic and repeatable test results possible.
                                                                               • Realistic and repeatable network
                                                                                   impairment conditions in your lab
                                                                               • Improved productivity and time-to-test
                                                                               • Increased reliability of your network,
                                                                                   reducing support costs
                                                                               • Precisely reproduce and quickly
                                                                                   resolve issues occurring in the field
                                                                 Ixia Anue     • IEEE 1588/PTP and circuit emulation
                                                                 3500          • Ethernet OAM and protection
                                                                               Test Interfaces:
                                                                               • 100M/1GE Ethernet RJ45, 1GE
                                                                                   Ethernet optical SFP, 10GE Ethernet
                                                                                   optical SFP+, E1 RJ48C, T1 RJ48C,
                                                                                   2.048MHz BNC, 10MHz BNC, 25MHz
                                                                                   BNC, 62.5MHz BNC, 125MHz BNC,
                                                                                   1PPS BNC
                                                                               • Discover true performance during
                                                                                   development vs. deployment
                                                                               • Avoid costly deployment failures
                                                                               • Increase user satisfaction and
                                                                                   adoption when deploying new services
                                                                               • Test using industry-standard network
                                                                 Ixia Anue     • Troubleshoot field performance
                                                                 Network           problems by recreating your precise
                                                                 Emulators         network in the lab
                                                                               Test Interfaces:
                                                                               • Ethernet: 10Mbps – 10Gbps
                                                                               • SONET/SDH: OC-3/STM-1 through OC-
                                                                               • Fibre Channel: 1Gbps – 10Gbps
                                                                               • OTN: OTU1 - OTU2e
                                                                               • CPRI: 614.4Mbps - 2,357.6Mbps

Ixia Breakingpoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI)

Ixia BreakingPoint Application and Threat                       We don’t license our security attacks from other vendors:
Intelligence (ATI)                                              our award-winning staff of application and security
                                                                researchers provides timely updates, ensuring we deliver
BreakingPoint products expose previously impossible-            the industry’s most complete security updates. Currently
to-detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses in applications,       we provide:
devices, networks, and data centers before they can
adversely affect IT operations.                                 •   4,500+ security strikes and 100+ evasion techniques

Every BreakingPoint product is designed for speed,              •   38K+ pieces of live malware, including mobile
realism, and ease of use. A key aspect of the design is             malware, which can be launched through multiple
the BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence               transports, including HTTP, SMTP, POP, and IMAP, and
(ATI) Program, a responsive and all-inclusive service               embedded within popular file types such as .doc, .pdf,
and support program. Our team of dedicated application              .ppt, and .xls
and security researchers provides everything you need
for thorough measurement of the performance, security,          •   Microsoft® Tuesday coverage
and stability of IT infrastructures, including access
to all application protocols, security attacks, product         •   SYN flood attacks with more than 1million connections
enhancements, and full service and support. In one                  per second
comprehensive program, you can tap into the resources
and expertise you need to keep your simulations current         •   The ability to direct attacks at networking devices or
and realistic. The ATI Program includes all of the following:       target servers

Frequent Application Protocol Updates. With a current ATI       •   Application-layer fuzzing to detect previously unknown
Program agreement, you are assured of the most realistic            vulnerabilities
simulation conditions possible with access to the latest
applications. The BreakingPoint ATI team uses advanced          Convenient Technical Support Options. Ixia offers a range
surveillance techniques and methodologies to identify,          of responsive support options to ATI Program customers.
capture, and rapidly-deliver the emergent business,             You can get answers to questions and requests, including
consumer, and malicious applications you need to conduct        phone-based, email, and online support. Experienced
meaningful and thorough performance and security                technical representatives are available Monday through
validation. Consistent with BreakingPoint’s all-inclusive       Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm central time. Or you can bypass
approach, your ATI Program account gives you automatic          phone support and submit your service requests online.
access to all newly-released protocols, software fixes,         Open a new request or update and check the status of
operating system updates, and other resource downloads.         existing requests via email at your convenience.

Evergreen Application Protocols. Content-aware network          Authorized Technical Support Contacts. As an ATI
and security devices are at a severe disadvantage if they       Program customer, you may designate people within your
are not tested using the most current versions of the           organization who are authorized to submit an unlimited
most popular application protocols. The BreakingPoint           number of service requests to our support technicians. If
Evergreen Applications program addresses this need              desired, Ixia will designate a support specialist to serve as
by providing ever-current versions of popular Web and           your single point of contact for requests. This expert will
network applications for validating deep packet inspection      become familiar with your environment and facilitate the
(DPI), lawful intercept (LI), and data loss prevention (DLP)    delivery of solutions that meet your needs.
                                                                Professional Services Engagements. ATI Program
Updates from the Industry’s Top Security Researchers.           customers have free access to all web-based tutorials and
Security threats are constantly evolving, with new              may also purchase on-site technical training. Our expert
vulnerabilities discovered each day. Your simulation            consultants are available on a contract basis to review your
conditions must reflect the latest security threats so that     simulation and measurement plans and ensure that they
you can ensure your equipment will perform reliably and         are current, rigorous, and comprehensive. Our Professional
protect your infrastructure from the most advanced and          Services staff can also visit your site to address your most
malicious traffic. Our team of experts does the research for    pressing issues and questions or oversee critical projects.
you by identifying and generating security attacks that meet
your needs.

Ixia BreakingPoint Security Platforms

BreakingPoint Test and Simulation Devices                       Stay current. Stay protected.

Cyber attackers are constantly evolving their mode of           Test and simulation conditions must reflect the latest
assault as they target sensitive data, financial assets, and    security threats and applications so that you can ensure
operations. At the same time networks are under the strain      your equipment and systems will perform reliably and
of ever growing dynamic applications and user behavior.         protect networks from the most advanced and malicious
The traditional approach of simply reacting to attacks and      traffic. BreakingPoint does the research for you by
traffic evolution is costing organizations and governments      identifying and generating security attacks and application
billions. The only way to stay one step ahead is to             protocols that keep you current. BreakingPoint ATI
predict the impact before it happens. Only BreakingPoint        provide updates on a regular basis, ensuring delivery
Actionable Security Intelligence (ASI) provides global          of the industry’s most complete application and threat
visibility into emerging threats and applications, along with   intelligence, including 160+ stateful application protocols
insight into the resiliency of your IT infrastructure under     and 38,000 security strikes, evasion techniques, and live
operationally relevant conditions and malicious attack.         malware and mobile malware.

BreakingPoint ASI protects enterprises, service providers,      BreakingPoint ATI also provides periodic feature updates,
and government agencies worldwide by providing global           including all-in-one test labs, performance upgrades, and
visibility into emerging threats, and actionable insight to     the latest management tools. And all ATI subscription
harden and maintain resilient defenses. With the exclusive      customers receive a full range of support options,
ability to create and control global threat and application     discounts on technical training, and consultation on
intelligence at Internet-scale, BreakingPoint delivers the      your test plans to ensure they are current, rigorous, and
only platforms capable of battle-testing IT infrastructures,    comprehensive.
training cyber warriors, tuning systems and policies,
and transforming security processes to be proactive and
effective. BreakingPoint’s easy-to-use and comprehensive
Actionable Security Intelligence offering includes:

•    Create — Application and Threat Intelligence

•    Control — Simulation and Testing Platforms

•    Transform — People, Process, and Technology

The BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI)
program provides comprehensive and current application
protocols and attacks for BreakingPoint platforms. The
company’s simulation and testing platforms are kept
current via this exclusive subscription service, which
regularly pushes newly discovered attacks, malware, and
other intelligence aggregated from proprietary research,
strategic customer relationships, and carrier feeds. By
delivering these exclusive capabilities, BreakingPoint
bridges the gap between IT testing, monitoring, and
operations to deliver advance insight and protect highly
dynamic converged and mobile networks, virtualized data
centers, and applications.

Ixia BreakingPoint Security Platforms

BreakingPoint FireStorm

The BreakingPoint FireStorm™ takes performance and
realism to an unsurpassed level. With the ability to capture
current global threats and applications and control them at
Internet-scale, the BreakingPoint FireStorm allows you to
subject the world’s largest infrastructures to high fidelity
simulations in order to harden and optimize your devices,
systems, applications, and people. The BreakingPoint
FireStorm is the industry’s only solution capable of
creating blended application traffic and current security
attacks at 120 Gigabits per second (Gbps) with the load of
90 million concurrent wired and wireless users.

BreakingPoint Storm

The BreakingPoint Storm™ captures and controls global
threat and application intelligence for cost-effective
simulation and testing of IT infrastructures. The compact
3-slot BreakingPoint Storm™ creates real-world,
high-stress conditions and user behavior to provide
organizations the insight to battle-test IT infrastructures,
train cyber warriors, tune systems and policies, and
transform security processes to be proactive and effective.

BreakingPoint 20

BreakingPoint 20, the world’s highest port density solution,
capable of creating massive-scale online behavior from
more than 180 applications and 34,000 live security
attacks. Providing twenty 10GE ports and 60 ports per
4U chassis, the BreakingPoint 20 combines the high
performance, realism, and large port densities needed by
the large-scale development and testing labs of equipment
manufacturers and carriers. The BreakingPoint 20 is
the perfect solution for any organization challenged by
introducing sophisticated, real-world application and
security testing to support numerous concurrent users,
tests, or port pairs.

FireStorm ONE

The BreakingPoint FireStorm ONE™ is a portable and
ultra-compact massive-scale performance and security
testing solution. This unique combination of portability and
performance allows any organization to perform massive-
scale performance and security testing anywhere at any
time, using the exact application, attack, and load behavior
needed to optimize and harden any IT infrastructure.

Ixia Global Support

                                                               •   Access expert automation advice and script debugging
                                                                   assistance for your engineers

                                                               •   Protect your Ixia test system investment and minimize
                                                                   downtime with full-service hardware repair (RMA) and
                                                                   rapid on-site interchange of field-replaceable hardware

                                                               •   Maximize the return on your Ixia solutions investment
                                                                   through access to the latest software releases with all
                                                                   the new features, enhancements, and patches

                                                               •   Access full support materials online at any time to
                                                                   find answers and solutions in our extensive knowledge
                                                                   base, download the latest software releases, manage
                                                                   licensing, and access the latest product documentation
We understand that you must deliver higher-quality, higher-        and release notes
performing products and services to market faster than
ever before. Ixia’s global support team is committed to        •   Upgrade to higher levels of support with our premium
helping you successfully achieve these more-demanding              support service, which offers many additional benefits
business requirements.                                             that include expedited hardware repair, increased
                                                                   access and proactive support, customized support
Key benefits and services we provide as part of your active        plans, and quarterly reporting
Ixia product support include:
                                                               The global support team is your advocate within Ixia and
•    Get best-practices advice and quick resolution of         key to getting the most from your testing platform. They
     product issues by accessing our technology and            work seamlessly with your Ixia field sales managers,
     product experts in global support centers strategically   system engineers, and all other Ixia teams, to ensure that
     located across APAC, EMEA, and North America,             you get what you need, when you need it to be successful.
     through whatever method best suits your team—via
     phone, e-mail, or online

•    Gain direct hands-on assistance and local-language
     support through field support teams in many regions

•    Obtain proactive assistance with your team’s ramp up
     on new Ixia products and features

•    Maximize the capability and productivity of your Ixia
     products to test new scenarios

•    Reduce risk to your critical projects and time to
     market through fast, expert support and managed
     escalation process to ensure responsive issue

Ixia Professional Services

                                                              •   Test automation – enables you to perform cost-
                                                                  effective, efficient, and repeatable lifecycle testing that
                                                                  enables you to deliver top-quality products. Automation
                                                                  speeds testing from days to hours and helps you meet
                                                                  shipping and deployment deadlines.

                                                              •   Strategic placement – integration of testing into
                                                                  service delivery release lifecycle.

                                                              Industry-Leading Testing Resident Expertise

                                                              •   Testing solution experts – with your resources at a
                                                                  premium, Ixia can provide you with critical access to
                                                                  trained experts to assist on urgent and late product
                                                                  development testing, customer proof-of-concepts,
Enriching Your Test-Solution Experience                           real-world solution demonstrations, and test lab setup,
                                                                  development, and on-going maturation.
Service providers and enterprises frequently have neither
the background nor the expertise to properly evaluate         •   Jumpstart training – provides personalized, on-site
the performance and interoperability of the multi-vendor          training. We take two days to introduce your team to
devices and systems that make up their network.                   Ixia products, followed by three days focusing on using
                                                                  Ixia products for your testing requirements. You’ll
Although critical to successful launches, testing is often        receive specific use examples that can be replicated
downplayed and frequently back-ended in project plans.            for future projects.
Even when testing needs are accommodated, sufficient
priority is often not given to test automation and full
integration of testing into the service-delivery lifecycle    IxTest – Testing as a Service (TaaS)
process. When proper testing is overlooked, performance
and QoS suffer. Test automation and integration into a        •   Provides efficient, robust, and cost effective testing
service-delivery lifecycle are keys to ensuring quality,          services to your organization
performance, and efficient time to market.
                                                              •   Packages industry-standard test plans, reports, and
The Ixia professional services team of highly-experienced         methodologies that can be applied to various aspects
testing experts is here to help you achieve the optimal           of an infrastructures’ lifecycle
testing solution for your unique requirements. We
understand that fast results will drive project success.      •   Addresses the needs of QA labs and IT departments,
From project management, best-practice recommendations,           as well as pre- and post-production networks and
and training, to full testing and automation services, we         systems for carriers, enterprises, and NEMs
have a robust set of service options that you can combine
or use independently.                                         •   Bundles solutions (hardware, software, and services)
                                                                  to leverage our testing expertise along with our best-
Comprehensive Integrated Test Solutions                           of-market testing products

•   Project management – an experienced Ixia project
    manager manages your test effort from start to
    finish. All aspects of a proper QA process -- test plan
    development, personnel and equipment allocation, test
    development, automation, regression and reporting --
    are actively monitored and documented.

•   Test process optimization – solutions targeted to your
    specific test needs help you get the most out of your
    Ixia test equipment and applications. We help you focus
    on what, when, and where to test, and include trend

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Ixia Technologies Europe limited                   +44 1628 408750              +1 877 367 4942
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