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Integrated Automation System
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    At Bachmann electronic we place the greatest importance in long lasting, healthy
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    means analyzing common interests, defining objectives, achieving them and mo-
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    Together – that is the keyword. It is the common thread woven into the following
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Contents                                                                        industry.application

Bachmann electronic                              Convincing Applications

                                                 10   HIGH-SPEED FOR ULTRA-THIN SHEETS
4    FUTURE-PROOF                                     Automation of high-performance rolling mills
     Modular and high availability solutions     14   FASTER TO THE TARGET
                                                      M1 automates production unit for
6    A SOLUTION FOR EVERY TASK                        VDO tachometers
     The application range of
     Bachmann components

     Open and flexible automation

     Open-loop and closed-loop control
     programming with Simulink®

     ASSURED RETURN                                   Open controller architecture in
     Condition Monitoring with teleservice            injection molding machines

42   KEEPING IT SAFE                             20   AT A SAFE PRESSURE
     Modern safety technology for                     Integrated safety solutions for dry presses
     man and machine
                                                 24   SHOT FOR SHOT PERFECT
46   KEEPING IN SYNCHRONOUS MOTION                    Automation of die casting machines
     Motion control - with maximum flexibility
     guaranteed                                  28   IN GREAT DEMAND EVERYWHERE
                                                      Steel wheel production in record time
     Exceptional capabilities                    32   SUPER FAST SORTING
                                                      Control and material flow management with M1
     Tools for greater convenience               36   M1 PROVIDES FLEXIBILITY AND PROTECTS
52   TOP TECHNOLOGY FOR WIND                          Steel processing specialist uses the M1 controller
     Technology and know-how

     Systems for greater customer satisfaction

    Modular and future-proof solutions from Bachmann


Recent years have shown this to be true: The machine construction sector is undergoing
significant changes. Whoever wishes to be a permanent key player in global competiti-
on must be open to the future – which means being open to new requirements and new
competitive conditions as well as the latest trends and developments in the market. Your
automation solution should therefore always be state of the art. With the product portfo-
lio of Bachmann electronic your solution will even be one step ahead.

The company has been supplying automation            Our customers are provided with highly
solutions for all branches in machine                reliable complete solutions that increase
construction since 1970. Through the continual       the productivity and controllability of their
expansion of its product portfolio, Bachmann         applications, release the resources required
electronic can cover all areas of state-of-the-art   for their core business activities, and ensure
automation.                                          reliable use long into the future.
Each year more than 20% of yearly turnover is
invested back into research and development.         Companies that implement their machines
This is proof of Bachmann’s sustainability           and applications with Bachmann automation
and joy in investing in the development of           systems can place their solutions on the market
new technology. Our investment secures the           rapidly and receive the support they need from
sovereignty, flexibility and quality of your          our worldwide network of technical branches.
technology, thereby increasing your competitive
edge.                                                We guide our customers to success. Technically
                                                     and financially.
Thinking ahead, setting new directions, and
implementing today the customer requirements
of the future – these are the key principles of
Bachmann's philosophy.


                                   »The customer is at the center of
                                    our activities. His success is what
                                    motivates us every day.«

                                      Gabriel Schwanzer
                                      Director Sales and Automation

         The application range of Bachmann components

                                   Die casting machines
                                   Die-casting ma hines
                                                                        Soldering machines
                      Tablet presses

           Filling plants                                                      Laboratory Technology

                   Molding machines                                               Transfer presses

    Wire bending machines                                                               Sorting units

                   Rolling mills                                                     Welding technology (car
                                                                                     manufacturing industry)
    Elastomer technology

    Production of welded rims

      IC test handling robots
                                                                                Welding systems (metal
            Instrumentation                                      Test stands    panels)
            components               Ceramics and sinter metal


The performance of the M1 automation system allows the cost and process optimized
implementation of measuring, closed-loop and open-loop control sequences and
evaluations right through to grid monitoring and grid synchronization on the controller.
All products and systems are designed strictly with the benefit for our customers in mind.

Today bioenergy is an important element of the      The Bachmann electronic range of modular
global energy supply. This covers a broad range     hardware offers the flexibility required for
of applications, thus requiring an open and high-   individual expansions or plant-specific adaptions.
quality automation system.
This forms the basis for a wide range of            Regardless of what kind of plant section or
bioenergy solutions and is used by machine and      plant type is involved: We offer you products
system suppliers, as well as system integrators,    for tailored solutions. Meeting highly specialized
worldwide.                                          requirements has long become a standard task
                                                    for us.

    Integrated automation system


The product range of the Bachmann automation system permits homogeneous, compre-
hensive solutions. From the drive to the bus system to the controller and to visualization.
Automation systems from Bachmann electronic stand for extraordinary robustness, high-
est performance and open interfaces.

                                                OPERATE AND MONITOR
                                                • Industrial PCs
                                                • Operator Terminals
                                                • Control Terminals (HMI & PLC)

                                                OPEN AND CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL
                                                • Free programmable controller family M1
                                                  (IEC 61131, C/C++, Java, Simulink®)
                                                • Modular I/O system (central, decentral)
                                                • Fieldbus systems
                                                • Remote maintenance (Web, SSL, VNC)
                                                • Safety control
                                                • Condition Monitoring with teleservice
                                                • Grid monitoring, grid measuring, grid
                                                • Redundancy solutions

  Top technology

  •   Bachmann increases plant availability Proven availability of > 99.96% in actual operation
      over 5 years on approx. 100,000 modules
  •   Bachmann offers communication and flexibility
      Standard protocols and open, transparent bus systems
  •   Bachmann secures your investment
      Long-term availability of the hardware up to 20 years
      Applications offer 100% upward and downward compatibility
  •   Bachmann uses market standards in hardware and software
      Intel processors, CodeSys, Java, web technologies
  •   Bachmann is simply safe
      Integration of Functional Safety in the M1 system
      Certification to ISO 13849 – PLe, EN 62061- SIL 3 and EN 61508
  •   Bachmann is flexible like the market
      Rapid prototyping thanks to direct and convenient integration in MATLAB®/Simulink®
  •   Bachmann offers solutions from a single source
      System supplier for IPCs, HMIs, PLCs, IOs and safety solutions
  •   Bachmann speaks the language of the energy producer
  •   Bachmann is represented worldwide
      Branches in A, D, DK, NL, CZ, USA, China, India

     Automation of high-performance rolling mills

      Achenbach is a high-tech mechanical engineering company that belongs to the most
      important manufacturers of rolling mills for non-ferrous metals. For many years, the
      company has relied on the Bachmann M1 automation system to provide the control
      technology for its systems. Beside its performance, Achenbach has been convinced by the
      reliability and openness of the M1 system.

      Achenbach began to work early with the light          MODULAR MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL
      metal aluminum and built the first aluminum            SYSTEM
      rolling mill as early as 1911. Fifteen years later,
      it was again Achenbach that invented coiling and      For some years, the Bachmann M1 system has
      uncoiling and so laid the foundation for today’s      been at the heart of the Achenbach OPTIROLL®
      strip and foil rolling mill technology. Today,        i2 automation system. As a complete system,
      the company is the world market leader and is         it integrates the technological control system
      considered the specialist for aluminum, fine strip     as well as the process management level of
      and foil rolling mills as well as for rolling mill    the rolling mills and operates the interfaces to
      automation. The company’s main attention is
      focused on the perfect integration of mechanics,
      hydraulics and intelligent control technology
      with the goal of achieving maximum productivity
      of its rolling mills. The performance of the
      automation system thereby takes on a central
      role. "The openness and capability of the M1
                                                              Achenbach Buschhütten is a worldwide-reco-
      system help us stand out from our competitors           gnized, independent and owner-managed family-
      in terms of the functionality and reliability of        owned company that can look back on an over
                                                              555-year tradition. The company headquartered
      our systems," says Roger Feist, Department              in Kreuztal (Germany) was founded in 1452 as a
      Head for Function Technology at Achenbach               hammer mill, later became an iron foundry and,
                                                              since 1888, a builder of rolling mills.
      Buschhütten GmbH.


  Ingenious lay-out of sensors: Achenbach technician
  Tim Schuhmacher calibrates an evenness measuring roll

                                                                      of possibilities for seamless
                                                                      integration into the complete
                                                                      system," says Thomas Schmidt,
                                                                      Group Leader for Control
                                                                      Technology at Achenbach. As
                                                                      standard, OPTIROLL®i2 provides
                                                                      process data over an OPC interface
                                                                      and receives through this interface
                                                                      the manufacturing instructions
                                                                      for the following metal strip,
                                                                      the coil. "Through trendsetting
                                                                      system characteristics, we offer
                                                                      our customers marked advantages
                                                                      and set standards regarding
                                                                      ease of operation, productivity
                                                                      and reliability," says Thomas
                                                                      Blacksmith, describing the major
                                                                      goals, and is glad that "with the M1
                                                                      I have a system that is both lean
                                                                      and powerful, and which is able to
                                                                      solve control tasks elegantly and
                                                                      without burdening the system."

production planning and control. The foundation           THINNER THAN A HUMAN HAIR
of the integrated complete system is the
powerful basic automation ("Level 0"). This               With an Achenbach rolling mill, aluminum foils
encompasses all sequence controls, pressure               of over 2 meters in width can be rolled to a
and position control circuits as well as the              minimum thickness of 6 μm. For technical
related sensors. The technological control                reasons, in the last rolling pass two layers of
systems ("Level 1") encompass the quality-                foil lying on top of each other run through the
and productivity-determining functions, such              roller gap, which is controlled at a constant
as strip-thickness control and strip-evenness             prespecified pressing force. In contrast, for
control, as well as the guide value control               thicker materials of 300 μm, for example, which
for the drives. The process management                    can be rolled on the same machine, position
level is defined as "Level 2" of the integrated            control is used. For this, rolls weighing a ton
automation system OPTIROLL®. This contains                must be positioned with a precision of 1 μm
all functions needed for process control at the
rolling mill. These include in particular, operating
and visualization systems, setup computers with
databank-based pass schedules and powerful
model functions. Data recording with wide-                                               »We´ve found
ranging reporting possibilities is the basis for
quality assurance and process optimization.                                               an outstanding
                                                                                          partner in

Production planning and control is integrated                                              Roger Feist
through customer-specific systems into
an ERP system ("Level 3") with production                                                  Department Head of Function
planning (PPS) or manufacturing execution                                                  Technology
systems (MES). "The open interfaces of the
M1 automation system offer a wide range

                                                                                          Synonym for
                                                                                          high technology
                                                                                          and quality:
                                                                                          Foil rolling mill
                                                                                          from Achenbach

     and controlled in a highly dynamically way. Not     200,000 MEASUREMENT VALUES PER
     an easy task with a foil transport speed of over    SECOND
     2,200 m/min – faster than people can drive on
     most European expressways.                          In an ingenious arrangement on various angle
                                                         positions along the measuring roller, up to 70
                                                         piezoelectric sensors record the smallest tension
     HIGH SPEED REQUIRES HIGH                            differences and pass these measurement values
     PERFORMANCE                                         on to the M1. "The data volume generated with
                                                         high strip speeds is enormous, and the control
     The quality of the rolled product and the           circuits must really be extremely fast," says the
     productivity of the system depend largely on        roller mill technology specialist Schmidt as he
     the precision and efficiency of the measuring        explains the demands on the control system. In
     technology used, which Thomas Schmidt calls         numbers: "The measuring rollers rotate at up
     "one of the key functions in the production         to 3,000 revolutions per minute and with each
     process". For example, the better the evenness      revolution pass on to the computer over 4,000
     to be achieved in the roller product can be set,    measurement values with 16-bit resolution."
     the faster the strips or foils can be transported   This means that over 3 megabits of data per
     through the rollers. The evenness of the rolled     second must be evaluated to properly control
     strip or foil is measured with a special evenness   the production process with a multitude of
     measuring roller from Achenbach. The tension        actuators. Bachmann electronic has developed a
     distribution of the material, which can be taken    special interface for Achenbach that seamlessly
     as a reliable measure for the evenness, is          integrates the proven measurement data
     recorded with high resolution over the entire       recording into the control system in real time.
     width of the material.
                                                         Controllable rollers with changeable mechanical
                                                         dimensions (position, bending, camber) serve
                                                         as active actuators. For thin strips and foils,
                                                         the distribution of coolant along the rollers is
                                                         especially important. Several hundred nozzles
                                                         individually regulated by the M1 controller and


movable along the roller axis distribute the          consistently on the basis of the internationally
coolant onto the rollers in the "WIN-SprayS®"         valid standard IEC 61131-3. "That’s important,
zone cooling system patented by Achenbach.            since over 90 percent of the systems are
"And so we achieve extraordinary evenness on          shipped abroad, mostly outside Europe,"
the strip or foil," adds Thomas Schmidt.              says Roger Feist and adds: "But thanks to
                                                      the universal network capability of the M1,
                                                      remote servicing, if needed, is possible from
FLEXIBILITY IS EVERYTHING                             every location in the world, for example via
                                                      the Internet with the corresponding backup
Besides productivity and quality, flexibility is       procedures."
the third factor that determines the usefulness
of a rolling mill. The User would like to switch
over the system to different materials and strip      FUTURE-ORIENTED SOLUTIONS
thicknesses relatively quickly and as simply as
possible. Here, the capability of human machine       "Technology for future concepts" is the
interface and SCADA (Supervisory Control and          philosophy that guides all thinking and acting at
Data Acquisition) applications are of decisive        Achenbach. The company has the technological
importance. Here Thomas Schmidt welcomes the          knowledge to carry out its customers’ future
openness of the M1 system: "We can use global         ideas for production of first-class strips and
standards and, with the problem-free integration      foils out of metals such as aluminum, copper,
of C# applications, which run in the                  zinc and their alloys using customized system
Microsoft.NETframework we are largely                 technology.
platform-independent and so not bound to              Roger Feist is convinced: "With OPTIROLL® i2
proprietary solutions."                               and the M1 system as its core, we’re very well
                                                      prepared for the constant further development
                                                      of our rolling mill technology."

The availability of a system determines its
productivity to a large extent. This means that
the failure rate and possible downtimes must
both be minimized. And so for Achenbach, the
mechanical and electrical design were significant
selection criterias for the automation system.
"In terms of our operational conditions, we have
identified in particular thermal and mechanical
influences, such as vibration, as failure criteria,"
reports Roger Feist on the results of extensive
investigations in the field. Achenbach was
especially convinced by the Bachmann M1
system’s robust mechanical design, its fan-free
operation at ambient temperatures of up to
60°C and the exclusive use of semiconductor
memories instead of (moving) magnetic data              Helping determine the evenness of the strip:
storage media.                                          Hundreds of individually controlled coolant nozzles.


Ultimately, manageability, that is, operability
and serviceability, help determine the
productivity and availability of a system. Here,
too, Achenbach sets standards. Thanks to the
open system structure of the M1, proprietary
solutions in programming could be avoided
and the automation technology implemented

                 M1 automates production unit for VDO speedometers

     One of Continental AG’s over 200 factories and research and development centers is
     situated in eastern Switzerland. Approximately 240 employees develop and produce
     the innovative VDO brand instrumentation components for the worldwide market in
     the Rhine Valley in the canton of St. Gallen. The new production unit that allows for the
     simultaneous production of up to 700 variations of state-of-the-art speedometers has
     been in service for about a year. The open architecture of the M1 System impressed the
     parts supplier to renowned motorcycle, passenger vehicle, utility vehicle, and sport motor
     boat producers.

     Continental is the sole instrumentation supplier   its customers place on the performance and
     to the motorcycle legend Harley-Davidson.          reliability of the products and production units
     It also supplies speedometers for Mercedes         are accordingly high.
     and BMW automobiles, instruments for Polaris
     ATVs, components for the renowned sport boat       About a year ago the new production line
     producers Volvo Penta and Searay, and cockpits     went into service. "The requirement for the
     for the construction equipment producer            production line was to be able to produce
     Bobcat – the list of notable companies is almost   highly individualized speedometers with a
     endless. The requirements the company and          ‘series production of 1,’" is how Urs Loser,
                                                        head of production engineering at Continental
                                                        Automotive Switzerland AG, describes their
                                                        need. Approximately 700 variations of round
                                                        instruments with three different diameters can
                                                        be produced on the same production line, which
                                                        is based on a uniform electronic instrument
      One of Continental AG’s over 200 factories and    platform designed to accommodate large series
      research and development centers is situated
      in eastern Switzerland. Approximately 240         production.
      employees develop and produce the innovative
      VDO brand instrumentation components for the
      worldwide market in the Rhine Valley in the
      canton of St. Gallen.


                                                                                        »I value the
Thanks to the "Interlocking" concept, it
is possible to have a mixed production of                                                personal contact
different variations at any one time. Every                                              with Bachmann.«
instrument goes through the production line
on an individually coded work carrier. The
identification devices of each service and test                                            Urs Weder
position are connected with PROFIBUS to the
M1. From a register tag on the work carrier, the                                          Senior Software Developer
corresponding parameter is read. The central                                              at Continental
OPC server then checks to see if the piece needs
to go through the process before the piece is
placed in the correct work station.

                                                    PERSONAL CONTACT

EFFICIENT PROGRAMMING                               Both production engineer and software
                                                    developer value the "personal contact with
More than 150 different dials are currently         Bachman," as they both put it. Already while
used. "Each variation requires its own camera       evaluating the system, the two received support
routine," says senior software developer Urs        from Bachmann application engineers, who
Weder about the challenges he faces with every      helped them with the optimal selection and
new model. At the testing station, there must be    implementation of the automation system
intensive communication with the object being       components.
tested. Using the photographically captured
pointer position the produced instrument is
automatically calibrated. The open architecture
of Bachmann’s M1 Automation System coupled
with the ability to program in the high language
‘C’ helps him to efficiently parameterize the
production equipment.


Five industry PCs run in parallel on the system,
and all eight machines on the production line are
controlled by the M1 System. "We were thrilled
with the ability to have several programmers
work on the system and at the end to be able
to effortlessly combine the individual tasks,"
says Urs Weder about the big advantage of the
multitasking system in comparison to the PLCs         Automated with Bachmann technology:
that were previously used. Every machine has          Series production of innovative instrumentation components.
its own software environment with its own set of
variables. "Bachmann’s simple company license
model for the operating system was also very        HIGHEST AUTOMOTIVE STANDARDS
helpful," says production engineer Loser, who
did not need to invest in a separate license for    Operating in two shifts, about 4,000 instruments
every programming station and thus saved on         built to meet the highest automotive standards
costs.                                              roll off the production line each day. These
                                                    instruments are used especially in sport boats
                                                    and collectors’ cars and are therefore only
                                                    produced in small series.

     Open controller architecture in injection molding machines

                      Isolators for high-voltage installations, manufactured with the
                      injection molding process.


Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH is a company based in Fridingen on the Danube
(D), and is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of injection molding machines for
elastomers. DESMA systems are used for the manufacture of demanding rubber and
silicone molded articles, including items for the automotive and shipbuilding industries,
electrical supply, medical technology, process engineering and the production of
household goods. For more than 10 years, the machine builder has relied on the
Bachmann M1 automation system for the control and visualization of its system solutions.

                                                   limits of its capabilities. Various automation
                                                   solutions had been assessed beforehand and
                                                   we finally chose the Bachmann system. “The
   Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH has        performance of the M1 was indisputable and
   500 employees worldwide and combines            the Bachmann visualization concept seemed
   under one roof system technology, machine
   building and mold shop for molded elastomer     to us a considerably better solution than
   and silicone articles.                          those of other competitors,” Joachim Smolka
                                                   describes the considerations at that time. The
                                                   ability to have control of the visualization was
DESMA supplies complete system solutions           an important criteria for us in choosing the
for the processing of elastomers: Modular          system. “The special machine building sector in
machine concepts, the in-house mold shop and       which we operate is a very demanding market,”
a worldwide service network ensure efficient        Klaus Mattes, head of electrical engineering,
production processes. DESMA also supports          explains. “Particularly in the visualization, we
and advises its customers at all stages from       needed a tool that gives the maximum degree of
project engineering right through to the final      freedom.”
acceptance. At its state-of-the-art test center,
the DESMA Process Engineering Center in
Fridingen, new processes are continually           INTUITIVE OPERATION – A TOP PRIORITY
being tested for processing elastomers and
made ready for series production. “Here in the     “We were the first to replace the alphanumeric
development phase we already work closely with     line displays still customary at the time with
the users of our machines,” Joachim Smolka,        Bachmann's graphical displays,” Joachim Smolka
team leader for software development at            remembers. The DRC 1210 visualization enabled
DESMA, describes the important benefit of this      DESMA to bring color into the display, and a
center.                                            short time later DESMA took the somewhat
                                                   usual step at the time of using the DRC 2010
                                                   15” touch screens as operator panels in machine
CLOSE COLLABORATION                                building: Almost 2000 of these systems are
                                                   now successfully in use worldwide. As in those
The software specialist also
appreciates this kind of collaboration
with Bachmann. He remembers the
time in Feldkirch over 10 years ago
when, together with the Bachmann                                        »With the M1 system
application engineers, he converted                                      we are well placed for
the automation of DESMA systems to
a completely new platform: the M1.
                                                                         the future.«
“We had erected a 160 ton injection
molding machine in the basement of
the Bachmann factory for this task
and developed a completely new                                            Joachim Smolka
software,” Joachim Smolka recalls.
                                                                          Team leader for software development
The change was necessary because
                                                                          at DESMA
the control platform previously
used by DESMA had reached the

                                                                                    DESMA vertical injection molding machine
                                                                                    D 968.400 from the BENCHMARK series
                                                                                    with 4,000 kN clamping force.

     days, the user-friendliness of the systems is      ROBUSTNESS REQUIRED
     the top priority: The operation of the DESMA
     injection molding machines should be a pleasant    The automation components are integrated
     experience and should thus also increase           in a central switching cabinet directly at the
     motivation and efficiency. The company's            machine. The entire arrangement is very
     DESMA RUBBER CONTROL (DRC) offers a unique         compact so that machines with a clamping
     visualization concept to the rubber industry,      force of 750 tons can be supplied “in one
     enabling machines to be set up and operated        piece”: “Because dismantled transportation is
     simply, intuitively and quickly.                   unnecessary, faster installation is guaranteed,”
                                                        Klaus Mattes describes an important benefit of
                                                        the DESMA systems. With injection pressures
                                                        of up to 3,500 bar, the vibrations caused by the
                                                        injection molding machine place a considerable
                                                        mechanical load on the electronic components.
                                                        With its robust design and absence of any
                                                        rotating elements such as fans or hard disks, the
                                                        Bachmann M1 system can withstand this easily.



       Injection molding is a molding technique         The space or cavity of the mold determines
       primarily used in processing rubber, that        the shape and the surface structure of
       enables molded parts to be produced              the finished part. The injected elastomer
       economically in large quantities with a          vulcanizes in the mold at approx. 170° C.
       high degree of accuracy. On the DESMA
       machines, ribbon-shaped elastomer, solid or
       liquid silicone is drawn in (pressed in) using
       a special feed screw in the injection unit,
       plasticized at approx. 70° C and injected into
       a mold at high pressure.


                                                                  »The Scope functionality
                                                                   in the SolutionCenter
                                                                   supports us in the
                                                                   implementation of
                                                                   complex control tasks.«

                                                                    Klaus Mattes
                                                                    Head of electrical engineering at

VALUABLE TOOLS FOR                                  becomes unnecessary since you can measure
DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE                             the current ‘inline’ and see what the software is
                                                    seeing,” Joachim Smolka adds.
The developers at DESMA wouldn't do without
the Scope function integrated in the Bachmann
SolutionCenter. “This enables us to record data     READY FOR THE FUTURE
in real time for fine tuning the mechanical
settings on the machine in the injection            “State-of-the-art and flexible machine concepts
molding process,” Klaus Mattes explains its         are the basis for turnkey complete systems that
use and adds: “The innovative VARIO cold            are successful,” Klaus Mattes encapsulates the
runner technology enables us for the first           philosophy of the south German company. The
time to variably adjust the nozzle distances in     open control architecture of injection molding
order to cover different molds.” A mold can be      machines enables complex automation systems
used several times by simply adjusting nozzle       to be integrated. The scalability of operation also
positions, thus offering major savings for small-   enables the system to be set up according to the
batch productions. The Low Level Debugger in        know-how of the user and to ensure user safety
the SolutionCenter has also been valued by the      with increasingly more complex production
DESMA engineers as a useful tool: “A meter          processes. DESMA is therefore well placed for
                                                    the future with the Bachmann M1 system as a
                                                    basis for the automation.

                                                    Intuitive operation:
                                                    DESMA RUBBER CONTROL DRC 2010
     Integrated safety solution for dry presses


Products made of metal powders have now become indispensable in many industries
and application areas. The mechanical presses from DORST Technologies are among the
world’s leading machines for dry pressing of metallic or ceramic powders. The company
used the completely integrated safety solution of the Bachmann M1 automation system
when developing a new servo-electric mechanical press.

                                                   important", explains Herbert Gröbl, Director of
                                                   Development – Control Technology at DORST.
                                                   Inhomogeneous density distributions could
   The company located close to Munich (Germa-     cause the parts to warp or even crack and
   ny) offers with its 450 employees intelligent
   system solutions for machines and systems for
                                                   thus negatively influence the load capacity and
   the production of ceramic and powder metal-     precision of the component", continues Herbert
   lurgical products.                              Gröbl. Consequently treatment of the basic raw
                                                   material also plays an important role, since the
                                                   parameters and characteristics not only need
DORST Technologies is a medium-sized company       to be clearly defined but they must also be
with approximately 450 employees. Corporate        reproducible.
headquarters and the company’s technical
center are located approximately 50 km south
of Munich, Germany in Kochel am See. Here          50 TONS OF PRESSING FORCE,
research is devoted to intelligent system          MAXIMUM SAFETY
solutions for machines and systems for the
production of ceramic and powder metallurgical     The new EP50 servo-electric press from DORST
products; in this regard the preparation of raw    offers a pressing force of 50 tons (500 kN) and
materials and forming are among the company’s      works with up to 60 lift cycles a minute. This
areas of specialization. The knowledge             requires a high level of safety for operating
associated with the individual process steps and   personnel, which is ensured by the integrated
the diverse influence variables involved in the     safety solution from Bachmann. The press is
production of several end products
make DORST an internationally
recognized expert in forming ceramic
and metal powder.                                                        »With the integrated
                                                                          safety solution from
MAXIMUM PRECISION FOR                                                     Bachmann we achieve
AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING                                                    a high level of machine
Parts consisting of pressed metal
powders play an ever greater
role, particularly in automotive                                           Herbert Gröbl
engineering: Today synchronous hubs
                                                                           Director of Development – Control
for passenger car transmissions,
                                                                           Technology at DORST Technologies
timing belt pulleys, shock absorber
parts, valve guides and much more
are manufactured on dry press
machines from DORST. Due to the
extremely low level of residual moisture of        completely enclosed in operation. Access is
the pressed raw material, the dry presses are      only possible through the lockable protective
particularly well suited for mass-production of    doors that can only be unlocked under defined
dimensionally accurate parts.                      conditions: "This means that the machine must
                                                   be at a standstill and the axes must be in safe
For manufacturing, the finest grades of             position", explains Herbert Gröbl. It is only
granulates and powders are compacted in steel      possible to operate the press with the door open
dies that are profiled appropriately for the part   when tools are changed, and then operation is
that will be produced. "When filling the die,       only possible at a safely reduced speed (Safe
even distribution of the material is extremely     Limited Speed).

     If an emergency stop button is activated or if
     the voltage monitor trips all axes are brought to
     a standstill with maximum delay. Then a "Safe
                                                            Dry presses
     Torque Off" occurs, i.e. drive torque is switched
     off. "Safe Torque Off" is directly triggered in       In the dry pressing process a granulate is
     "Tool Change" mode.                                   compacted by a top punch and a bottom
                                                           punch in an extrusion die. The powder is
                                                           dosed and supplied via a filling device. For
     EASY INTEGRATION IS CONVINCING                        the one-column presses only the top punch
                                                           is moved, for the two-column presses both
     The easy integration of the safety solution           top punch as well as bottom punch are
     in the standard control system convinced              moved. The pressed article is lifted out of
     DORST immediately, as the system is based             the die via an ejector and automatically
     on consistent hardware. All process variables         removed by a gripper.
     can be accessed in a consistent level. "With
     communication via the Bachmann Standard
     Variable Interface (SVI) we achieve cost-
                                                              Successful synthesis engineering and
     saving potential", the Director of Development           technology know-how:
     describes the advantages: diagnostic I/Os are            The new dry press EP50 from DORST.
     no longer required, the hardware and wiring
     complexity is reduced, there are fewer error
     sources. "All this means lower costs and is an
     ideal prerequisite for faster amortization of
     the system" is how Herbert Gröbl describes an
     important customer benefit of the DORST press
     that is automated with the Bachmann M1.

     DORST also saves time and costs with the
     Bachmann solution when programming the
     system. "With the safety components integrated
     in the Bachmann Safety Developer in accordance
     with PLCopen we succeeded in quickly and easily
     implementing the safety application", continues
     Herbert Gröbl referring to his experiences in
     setting up the system. By using the function
     blocks (Safety Compounds) the firm succeeded
     with a clean, easy to understand structuring.
     "Of crucial importance for us in this regard
     was the fact that we can use these blocks in
     a project-overlapping manner and thus can
     quickly implement them in similar machines or
     systems," explains Herbert Gröbl.

                                                         POSITIONED AS A TRENDSETTER
     THE SAFETY SOLUTION                                 The names DORST and Bachmann stand for high
                                                         quality, for innovation, technology leadership
     DORST presses are installed in more than            and strong customer orientation. The close
     70 countries around the world. Equally              collaboration of the two companies produced a
     important for companies as well as customers        trend-setting solution for safe automation. With
     is the possibility of maintaining the safety        the new generation of the servo-electric press
     solution remotely, directly via the M1. »The        DORST succeeds with a successful synthesis of
     SolutionCenter engineering tool offers the          engineering and technology know-how. In this
     service technician extensive diagnostic             regard automation with the Bachmann M1
     possibilities and thus permits simplified            system and its integrated safety solution
     troubleshooting«, cited the Director of             promises even higher level of safety and system
     Development as an important detail.                 availability for the owner.


50 tons of pressure, up to 60 times a minute:
With the DORST EP50 servo-electric press dimensionally precise, mass-produced articles are created.



The SLC284 safety controller has been                     With the safe digital input and output
developed in accordance with the latest                   modules SDI208 and SDO204, the number
research knowledge. All data processing                   of channels required for more extensive
is executed with two channels in a                        applications are provided. Thus the Bachmann
homogeneous, redundant structure with                     Safety System can be optimally configured for
self-diagnostics: Two processors continuously             a wide variety of applications.
execute all calculations in tandem and
cyclically compare the results. Thanks to the             All safety modules can be plugged into the
integrated inputs and outputs of the SLC284,              M1 automation system at any point desired,
safety tasks can be directly implemented                  in particular, they can also be plugged into
without the use of additional modules.                    substations.

                        Automation of die-casting machines

     Die-casting, an industrial casting process, is used for the mass production of structural
     parts made from metals such as aluminium, zinc or magnesium. For the past ten years
     Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG, based in the Swabian town of Schorndorf (Germany), has
     been using the Bachmann M1 system for the automation of its die-casting machines.

                                                      Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG was founded in
                                                      1949, and developed in the last six decades
                                                      to the world›s leading supplier of die-casting
                                                      technologies. In 1959 the first hot chamber
                                                      die-casting machine was launched on the
       Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG has around
       700 employees at the Schorndorf plant and in   market, a technology that is used today for
       17 branches worldwide.                         the high volume production of housings for


cell phones and notebooks. In 1967 Frech           FAST CYCLE TIMES
added cold chamber die-casting machines to its
product range. The south German manufacturer       Depending on the size of the machine, up
constructs complete die-casting cells worldwide    to 1,000 shots per hour are possible. »Shot
for the production of very small die-cast parts    per hour«, as the specialist calls the high-
right through to motor blocks and chassis          pressure and high-speed die-cast pressing of
components for vehicles.                           the molten metal in the mold, is an expression
                                                   of the productivity of a die-casting machine.
                                                   Many parameters influence here the optimum
THE AUTOMATION IS CRITICAL                         casting result, which requires a high level of
                                                   performance from the control system with
»The automation of a manufacturing process         the required short cycle times. »For example,
determines its competitiveness,« as Rainer         with every shot we measure the temperatures
Sautter, head of open and closed-loop              at various points in the process, the filling
technology at Frech, explained. In die-            time of the mold, the press speed, absolute
casting the reliability and reproducibility of     pressures and the pressure rise times, as well
manufacturing processes are key priorities. This   as monitoring and controlling the periphery and
is why Frech has been using Bachmann›s M1          much more,« Rainer Sautter lists the extensive
controller as the basis of its »DATADIALOG«        range of closed-loop and open-loop control
automation system for several years. »It has       variables.
now been over ten years since we decided
to replace our own outdated system with an         The most powerful cold chamber die-casting
OEM solution,« Rainer Sautter recounted the        machines have enormous dimensions: Weighing
beginnings of the cooperation with Bachmann.       several hundred tons, they are heavy and
After an extensive evaluation of a wide range      reach lengths of over 20 meters, with up to 5
of industrial controllers, the M1 system was       meters in height. »For these kinds of machines
chosen.                                            we rely on a distributed automation system,«
                                                   Sautter describes the topology of the control
»Our casting cells have a highly modular design    system. The remote units are networked via the
and comprise melting and metering technology,      optical FASTBUS with the central controller on
spraying equipment, heating and cooling            which all the closed-loop control processes are
devices, die-cast molds and removal devices, in    implemented.
addition to the actual machine,«
Rainer Sautter describes the general
conditions of the automated systems.
A suitable level of flexibility in the
automation system and optimum                                           »We feel the very close
adaptability to the individual
requirements of the overall plant
                                                                        partner-based support of
were therefore also important                                           Bachmann.«
selection criteria. »What is more:
When it comes to a solution for a new
requirement, we still feel today the
very close partner-based support of                                       Rainer Sautter
Bachmann,« Rainer Sautter adds. In
                                                                          Head of Engineering Control Systems
2007 Frech took over the die-casting
                                                                          at Frech
business of Müller Weingarten AG.
As a result Frech has become the
only supplier worldwide that covers
all technologies and closing forces.
The machine controllers of the acquired series
were later fitted with the DATADIALOG system in
some applications.

                                                                                           GDK cold chamber
                                                                                           die-casting machine
                                                                                           from Frech: Up to 5,000
                                                                                           tons (50,000 kN) closing
                                                                                           force. (construction in the
                                                                                           assembly plant prior to


     »The robustness of the entire system structure      The die-casting machine visualization provided
     is critical for our applications,« Rainer Sautter   by Frech on Bachmann terminals »is one of the
     states a further reason for selecting the           best HMI interfaces in the world,« Rainer Sautter
     Bachmann system. The ambient conditions             proudly states, »This is due to its highly intuitive
     present in a foundry plant are harsh. Heat, dust,   operation.« The documentation of all die-casting
     vapors, vibrations with pressures of 200 MPa        parameters moreover allows the gap-free
     and more also place demanding requirements on       monitoring of the production and parts quality.
     the controller. The engineers at Frech therefore    This is critical for the process safety required by
     appreciate the stable mechanical design of          the user. Over 55 percent of Frech systems are
     the M1 system. According to Rainer Sautter,         exported. All of them can be accessed by the
     the specified operating temperature range up         service department in Schorndorf via a remote
     to +60° C provides them with the safety they        connection, thus enabling the rapid diagnostics


       In the die-casting process, molten metal such     point are cast in the cold chamber die-casting
       as zinc, magnesium or aluminium is pressed        process in which the casting set is located
       in a mold at high pressure and at very high       outside of the molten metal. Die-cast parts
       speed. Specialists talk here of a ‹shot›. The     have smooth surfaces and clean edges, with
       divided mold is mounted on a moving platen        achievable tolerances of +- 20 μm depending
       and a fixed platen. Due to the high pressure,      on the alloy used. Wall thicknesses of less
       the locking forces required in the machine for    than half a millimeter are possible depending
       the mold are enormous and for large parts         on the material used.
       amount to several thousand tons. On hot
       chamber die-casting machines, casting ves-
       sels and casting pistons are constantly in the
       molten metal. Alloys with a high melting


and maintenance of installed systems                 UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY
worldwide. »As manufacturers, we consider
our fast and reliable support of customers as        There are good reasons for the superior
an indispensable requirement for absolute            profitability and reliability of Frech die-
excellence,« as Rainer Sautter describes Frech›s     casting machines: Decades of experience,
service philosophy.                                  continuous research and the perfect technical
                                                     implementation. And towards this end the
                                                     Bachmann controller makes an important

Hydraulic hot chamber die-casting machines

 Intuitive and clearly desi-            Hydraulic hot chamber die-
 gned: Visualization of Frech           casting machines for zinc:
 die-casting machines.                  DAW20F series.

                                        Robustness required: Installation
                                        of the Bachmann M1 controller in
                                        the switching cabinet of a DAW hot
                                        chamber die-casting machine.

     A steel rim in five steps

              The development of machines that produce complex formed metal components while
              at the same time maintaining maximum productivity and profitability was and is the
              declared goal of the company Fontijne Grotnes BV throughout its more than 100 year
              history. The company is located in the Netherlands, in Vlaardingen near Rotterdam, and
              with its approximately 140 employees develops and produces – amongst other things
              – customer-specific machinery to produce steel wheel rims, and is one of the leading
              companies in Europe in this field. However, increasing demands placed on the load
              capacity of the produced parts in the automotive area especially call for ever-narrower
              manufacturing tolerances and reproducible high quality.

              In order to meet these demands, the engineers
              at Fontijne Grotnes use comprehensive
              simulations to verify and optimize the
              production process long before their machines
              are constructed.
              Using "M-Target for Simulink®" and the
                                                              The company is located in the Netherlands,
              Bachmann M1 automation system in their          in Vlaardingen near Rotterdam, and with its
              newest generation of wheel rim welding          approximately 140 employees develops and
                                                              produces – amongst other things – customer-
              machines, the development time was slashed      specific machinery to produce steel wheel rims,
              and a performance unknown up to now was         and is one of the leading companies in Europe in
                                                              this field.


The range of the rim production machinery of        speaking, welding the blank is divided into two
Fontijne Grotnes goes from fully- and partially-    phases.
automated machines to produce very narrow
rims for car spare wheels to rims of substantial
size for lorries. With a production capacity of     Phase one comprises a temperature and
up to 1,000 rims per hour raw material cross-       pressure control: The rim blank that has already
sections from 350 mm2 up to 3,000 mm2 must          been bent into cylindrical form is introduced to
be processed on the machine.                        the welding machine and heated under pressure

In the first step of the production process, the
steel raw material is uncoiled from the large
coils it is delivered on and cut to size (cut-to-
length line). The cylindrical hollow forms are
shaped out of these pre-cut parts (preparation
line). In the line that follows, the blanks are
flared, profiled and expanded to the required
circumference and brought into their final shape
(profiling line).

The final product i.e. the steel wheel rim is
already recognisable. When assembling in the
assembly line, the leak tightness of the rim is
checked, the hole for the valve is punched and
the mounting disc is fitted and MIG-welded.
Finally the rims are stove-enamelled.


"We were driven by two important criteria
                                                      Detail of the production process of a steel rim:
during the new development of the rim                 welding is the central process
welding machine," says Michel Leen, Manager
Engineering at Fontijne Grotnes, explaining the
considerations of the company. "We wanted
to achieve a consistently high welding quality      and regulated electricity input. In the welding
independent of the respective machine operator      phase that follows the two ends of the cylinder
while maintaining the maximum output.               form are pressed together using position control,
Furthermore, the energy consumption was to be       charged with a defined direct current and
minimized during the welding process."              welded. This is also known as ‘resistance butt
                                                    welding’, a form of resistance welding.
Welding is also the heart of the whole steel rim
production line. To this end, work was done on      "We have managed to markedly reduce the
describing and quantifying those factors in the     expansion of the weld seam and at the same
welding process that determine the quality          time improve the quality using the new closed
during a cooperative research project spanning      loop control," says Michel Leen and adds, "We
several years with the Materials Innovation         have been able to cut the energy consumption
Institute (M2i) and the university in Delft         during welding by about 20 per cent and
(Netherlands).                                      noticeably reduce the number of rejects."

Based on comprehensive material analysis
a thermo-mechanical-electrical models
was developed that forms the basis for a
completelely new welding strategy. The result
is a very intelligent model that forms the basis
for a completely new welding strategy. Roughly

 Machine using the optimized welding process

                     1:1 IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MODEL                     However, this solution presented the specialists
                     THANKS TO "M-TARGET FOR SIMULINK®"                  at Fontijne Grotnes with other advantages
                                                                         besides the huge gain of time. Thanks to
                     The actual welding process only takes a fraction    the automatic porting, the model could be
                     more than a second. During this process a           transferred to the control system without errors
                     number of parameters must be recorded and           and without being simplified, and the respective
                     immediately incorporated into the loop.             simulation findings could always immediately
                     "So we had to look for a control system that        be fed back into the system. Because the
                     allowed extremely short cycle times," says          Simulink® target is deeply embedded within
                     Michel Leen and adds. "With the Bachmann            the M1 software, the process could be directly
                     M1 we found a system that easily delivers the       monitored and optimized using Simulink®
                     required performance."                              during operations. The functionalities of cross
                                                                         communication that are part of the M-Target for
                                                                         Simulink® solution made it possible to embed
                                                                         the Simulink® solution seamlessly into the
                     RAPID PORTING TO THE REAL SYSTEM                    conventional automation process (PLC). "That
                                                                         way we were able to cut our time-to-market by
                     "We had simulated the model in Simulink® and        at least six months," says Fontijne Grotnes’ Mr.
                     successfully implemented it in the dSPACE           Michel Leen, clearly more than satisfied with the
                     laboratory system," says Michel Leen.               Bachmann solution.

                     "After that, we had planned 3-4 months for the
                     porting of the Simulink® model to IEC 61131 for
                     our previous industrial controlling system," said
                     Mr. Leen explaining the original plan. "So you
                     can imagine our surprise when the Bachmann
                     engineers presented the transfer of our model
                     onto the M1 within a matter of hours using
                     M-Target for Simulink®."


  Welded cylindrical steel rim blank

                                                    «With M-Target for
Meanwhile, the new rim welding system is being
tested by one of the leading manufacturers           Simulink® we saved
of car wheel rims in Europe. The new system          more than half an
makes the production result significantly more
                                                     employee year of
independent of the material used and also from
the experience and sensitivity of the operator,      development time.«
who previously had to manually influence the
welding process. Thus meaning that Fontijne
Grotnes has succeeded in greatly reducing the
number of rejects at an output of 1000 rims per      Michel Leen
                                                     Manager Engineering,
"With the new system we have impressively            Fontijne Grotnes
underscored our pioneering role in rim
production machines in keeping with the highest
automotive standards," says Michel Leen.
"Bachmann made an important contribution
to this success with the functionalities of
automatic porting of the Simulink® results to the
control system and the performance of the M1

     Control and material-flow management of a sorting unit

              Profitable intra-logistics units for production and distribution are the core field of psb
              GmbH, Material Flow + Logistics at Pirmasens (Germany). An automated sorting unit was
              conceptualized and installed by psb within the scope of new structuring of the central
              spare parts distribution (Zentrale Teileauslieferung ZTA) of a well-known automobile
              manufacturer in Munich (Germany). The system, with a continuous sorting capacity of
              more than 3,500 parts per hour, can handle more than 300 different customers. The
              real-time processing of enormous data quantities by the control system was one of the
              greatest challenges. But the enterprise has found the necessary performance for this in
              the M1 automation system.

              The increasing diversity of parts of an increasing     Conceptual studies for the new unit showed
              number of different machine models, and                that solutions using materialflow computers and
              customer expectations of immediate availability        classical programmable controls would soon
              of spare parts have posed great challenges             reach their limits. This drew the attention of the
              to the parts distribution by automobile                engineers of the goods distribution specialist
              manufacturers.                                         to the high-performance M1 system from
                                                                     Bachmann Electronic. This system combines
              New strategies in logistics are required.              the properties of an efficient process computer
              The ›ringsorter‹ from psb is a system which has        with the simple handling of a modern control
              been optimized for precisely such tasks: parts         system. "It is possible to easily integrate parts
              which are very different in shape and weight,          of the material-flow control directly into the
              can be commissioned by this sorting unit               control system with M1, since even large data
              with the highest speed and in less space. The          tables can be maintained and processed directly
              controller takes over aspects of material-flow          in the control system," as Martin Mueller, who

              "Communication between the superordinate                                psb is one of the leading Eu-
              material flow system and the control system of                           ropean companies in the area
                                                                                      of intra-logistics with focus on
              the unit itself quickly leads to a bottleneck in the                    planning and implementation of
              case of such complex sorting processes," says                           entire systems as well as organi-
                                                                                      zation of material flow and stock.
              Dr. Joachim Weber who considerably contributed
              to the technical implementation of the unit.


  Super quick: the boxes for the sorted parts are         DIAGNOSIS FROM A DISTANCE
  placed on a circular platform in the psb ›ringsorter‹

                                                          In the event that the customer needs support
                                                          for service and diagnosis, immediate help is
                                                          guaranteed from psb premises via secure and
was responsible for development in this project           encrypted telecommunication connections. To
describes it. It is one of the great strengths of         this end, additional monitoring functions can
the new solution.                                         be activated on M1 upon customer request;
                                                          these functions record permanent reports for
                                                          all current processes. "Due to the high memory
A CONTROLLER FOR SUPPLY AND                               capacity of M1, even a ‘look at the past’ is
›RINGSORTER‹                                              possible," says Martin Mueller and adds: "Thus,
                                                          even a question about events of the day before
The entire sorting unit is composed of three              can be answered quickly. These advantages can
›ringsorters‹ that work in parallel, in which             be used successfully for the optimization of all
each sorter is allotted to an M1. For reasons             the processes during implementation and the
of fail-safety all M1 controls constantly match           run-up phase."
the information about the position of each
transported part. The 2 supply routes are
controlled simultaneously by the respective M1
controllers: "Despite of the large number of
parallel work cycles the drives for some 30 axles
per ›ringsorter‹ are controlled by one single M1,
which provides for the accurate placing of the
part," says Dipl.-Ing. Mueller. Therefore, the
entire periphery – about 40 slaves per control
– is connected to the M1 system via Profibus,
which is an established element of materials-
handling technology. "Actually, the CPU of M1
is not burdened by this," says development
engineer Mueller, and explains that the top
performance of a total of 5,000 parts per hour
can be handled without problems by the control
system via both the supply routes.                          Arriving exactly: Positioning of parts on the ›ringsorter‹

                                                          With the Bachmann control system, psb has
The strength of the company, with more than               come closer to the target of bringing more
360 employees at the Pirmasens location is the            intelligence into the control system and saving
planning and implementation of tailor-made                unnecessary communication- and development
distribution systems. One of the challenges               expenses. Dr. Weber sketches a possible future
faced by the engineers is to ensure the smooth            scenario: "We can conceive of a configuration
integration of system-determining single                  level at which M1 will directly access databases
components into the system in its entirety. For           of material flow management and thus further
this purpose, they use different development              increase the performance of the entire system."
systems side by side, which are optimised for
the individual tasks. Their results must finally
flow into the total control of the plant.
"We can port different applications directly on
the control system because of the high-level
language capability of M1. This is invaluable to
us," says Martin Mueller and he is glad that it
was possible to save considerable development
time in comparison to classic PLC languages.              ringsorter® is a registered trademark of psb GmbH Material
                                                          Flow + Logistics

     How the steel processing specialist uses controls


Schumag AG is a medium-sized machine-building company and manufacturers machines
for drawing solid material as well as cold-drawn steel systems, loop and polishing
machines and copper tube systems. The company also fulfills individual customer wishes
regarding control technology. The following article shows how Schumag, with the help
of Bachmann control technology, avoids constant reprogramming and simultaneously
protects its know-how.

Aachen lies in the northwest of the Eifel
mountains. Schumag AG has its headquarters
here. In the course of its 175-year history,
the company has developed from a needle                Schumag AG is a medium-sized machine-
                                                       building company and manufacturers machines
manufacturer to a company with special                 for drawing solid material as well as cold-drawn
expertise in the treatment of solid materials and      steel systems, loop and polishing machines and
                                                       copper tube systems.

Besides machine and plant construction for
the steel and nonferrous metals industry,
Schumag produces precision parts to customer         The first project was creation of a ‘flying saw’.
specifications (diesel injection systems, pumps,      The first machine with Bachmann controller was
speedometer parts, etc.) and fabricates              placed in operation in 2002 by a customer in
precision standard parts for stamping tools and      Nuremberg. "Since then, we’ve shipped around
mold-making. Schumag currently employs a             100 ‘flying saws’ and cutters. The feed speed
total of 1,100 people and achieves annual sales      ranges from 80 to 150 m/min.
between 100 and 130 million euros.
                                                     There are also special applications: they’re no
Pulling, cutting, aligning, beveling, grinding       longer ‘flying saws’ but rotating shears with two
and polishing are among the disciplines that         crank arms. They meanwhile achieve speeds
Schumag performs during machine building and         of up to 300 m per minute with cutting-length
plant construction. All machines have modular        tolerances of ±2 mm," Johannes Warns explains.
design, that is, customers can individually
configure their machines within certain
parameters to suit their needs. The same holds       ADVANTAGES OF THE BACHMANN M1
for the control technology – particularly with the
many international customers.                        The Bachmann M1 controller is based on Intel™
                                                     processors which, due to their power efficiency,
But that also has its problems. "Earlier, we         are particularly suited for use in the fan-free
developed and produced the hardware for our          industrial arena at up to 60°C. Schumag sees
entire control technology ourselves, and if there    the advantage of the Bachmann M1 controller
was software, we wrote it ourselves," explains       also in the hardware’s universality: "We can
Hubert Stiel, software developer at Schumag          use the M1 for various functions and adapt
AG. "Since we don’t need large numbers - we          the software very flexibly," says Hubert Stiel,
normally sell only one controller per machine -      software developer at Schumag AG.
that no longer paid off."
                                                     The second step after the ‘saw’ applications
And so we decided to find a system in which           and the ‘flying shears’ was then a spiral winder,
the hardware is maintained by the supplier, but      more or less a waste product of the ‘flying saw’.
the machine-specific functions could remain in        "In addition, there is a so-called sort controller,
our own hand. After a long search, we came           whose purpose is to assign errors detected
across the Bachmann company: »The M1 control         in the production process to the rejected cut
platform from Bachmann electronic suited us          rods at the end of the machine and sorted
exactly: from the hardware concept, software,        accordingly into good and bad sides," says Stiel,
and also the service," says Johannes Warns,          explaining the machine components.
E-Design department head at Schumag.

                   FROM THE MODULE CONTROLLER TO THE                      SIMPLE PROGRAMMING
                   CORE MACHINE
                                                                          Stiel is also visibly convinced about the
                   Schumag has developed a so-called peeling              performance itself: He prefers to program in
                   machine with the Bachmann M1. This is much             structured text. On the question of whether
                   more complex than the earlier applications.            programming in C was a possibility for him,
                   The M1 is used here for the core machine. For          he referred to the available performance:
                   peripheral functions, Schumag relies on various        Programming in C has not been necessary. The
                   controllers, also from other manufacturers.            performance is completely sufficient.
                                                                          "We are currently not programming optimally in
                   "After all, over half of the machines are              terms of time. We can program it down nicely.
                   exported outside Europe," Warns explains. A            Then it's very fast. You don't have to fall back on
                   further advantage at Bachmann is that the core         optimised programming procedures. It's a very
                   know-how can be delivered as a ‘black box’ for         elegant tool", he enthuses.
                   installers, software developer Stiel adds. There
                   are defined interfaces for peripheral control.
                   That is, the actual initial start up does not run in   HIGH PERFORMANCE
                   the software.
                                                                          With a fully built-up peeling machine, while
                   Errors that arise during start-up must be              there are only around 40 digital inputs and 30
                   searched for outside the core founctions. "That        digital outputs to supply, there are between 6
                   shortens the start-up time for us, since we can        and 10 adjusting axes that are also position-
                   fall back on building blocks about which we can        controlled. Stiel divides the jobs into various
                   say exactly that they work without error. The          tasks: The tasks that make the adjustments are
                   installers cannot look into the source code. And       not very time-critical and are accordingly placed
                   so we don’t run the danger that each machine           on a long task cycle.
                   gets a new software version."
                                                                          The critical axis regulations, in contrast, are
                   And Warns adds: "We strongly limited the               placed on a short task. "That is the advantage of
                   degrees of freedom of the installers and so were       the Bachmann controller: You can break up the
                   able to reduce start-up times considerably."           job the way you need to, and then it runs that
                                                                          way and is also controllable.

                                                                          Things are different with a classical PLC; there it
     »The M1 controller                                                   really depends on the conditions, how long the
                                                                          cycle time is," says the E-Design department
      platform from                                                       head, Johannes Warns. And he adds:
      Bachmann electronic                                                 "Fortunately, we don’t have that with Bachmann.
      suited us exactly:                                                  The cycle times are constant, which is very
                                                                          important, particularly for position control. The
      from the hardware                                                   determinism on the system is always clearly
      concept, the software                                               maintained for every task. That is a very
      and the service.«                                                   important aspect."

      Johannes Warns
      E-Design department head
      at Schumag AG


  The heart of the Schumag PM peeling machine: the feed unit.
  The material is fed and also cut, if desired, at up to 60 m/min.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE                                     it’s made of," Warns explains. "That goes up to
                                                           titanium peeling, where even the shavings are
One point that is becoming more and more                   collected." On the other hand: Every half hour
important for the customers is preventive                  longer that the knives can be used saves money.
maintenance. For the Schumag peeling machine,
this means preventive maintenance on the
bearings. If changes are identified here, a                 COMMUNICATION LEAVES NOTHING TO BE
planned machine maintenance interval can be                DESIRED
used to check the bearings.
                                                           Also regarding communication ability, the
But such functions could be used well for                  Bachmann controller leaves nothing to be
changes in the peeling process, that is, knife             desired: For pure data communication, Schumag
wear. "The peeling knives that peel away the               uses PROFIBUS. The few time-critical signals are
material have a certain service life. For over 80          recorded directly over IOs.
% of this service lif, the knives are stable. Only
at the end do they change," Johannes Warns

If the quality that the knives still have could be
reliably detected, the knives could be changed
before the first bad rod comes out of the
machine. And the cost of the peel product is
very significant. "Throwing away a rod can cost
a few hundred euros, depending on the material

     Control programming with Simulink®

     The challenges placed on the automation in and around wind energy plants are constantly
     increasing. The increasing size of plants and the introduction of new technologies
     have also increased the complexity of operational control programs. New development
     techniques for creating these programs are needed in order to minimize the development
     effort required on the one hand, and to bring out technically mature and highly available
     plants on the other.

     The increasing complexity and size of plants           mathematical interrelationships are used to
     also considerably changes the development              describe the response of the system. If these
     procedure. If simple analytical precalculations        simulation models are recalculated with different
     can no longer describe or predict the response         boundary conditions and parameters, this
     of a system, practical experimentation is the          corresponds to a virtual prototype test. Safe,
     only solution. Models and prototypes are used          affordable, repeatable as required and fully
     to obtain findings and develop a solution.              automated. M-Target for Simulink® enables the
     However, what happens if the production of             simple use of computer-aided simulation for the
     these pilot systems is too expensive; offers only      development of automation solutions.
     restricted use, or if practical tests are simply too
     dangerous? Today’s answer is: digital simulation.      QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY
                                                            The use of high quality algorithms increases
     The actual systems are emulated in a                   product quality and plant yields. The increasing
     computer program in the form of a simulation           efficiency of plants can be achieved through the
     model. Irrespective of the type of modeling,           use of new close-loop control and optimization


concepts. Disciplines in which solutions           COST EFFICIENCY
developed with the help of M-Target for            “Getting to market faster with the better
Simulink® can fully demonstrate its strengths.     solution” – this is the basic tenet of our global
                                                   age. This is where M-Target for Simulink® with
A simulation model of the subcomponent to          the M1 automation system from Bachmann
be automated is created with the established       offers considerable help. Calculable investments
MATLAB®/ Simulink® software from MathWorks.        that are also inexpensive compared to their
For this, the standard modeling methods            benefits pay for themselves quickly. The
provided by MATLAB® can be used. On the other      customer-friendly license model of M-Target
hand, it is also possible to use the interfaces    for Simulink® does not involve any unit-based
to several commonly available domain-specific       purchase of licenses and thus has no negative
simulation programs in order to utilize part       effect on product profitability.
simulations that have already been created. The
algorithms required for automation are then
created directly in the simulation environment
and their functional suitability checked.                    HIGHLIGHTS OF M-TARGET FOR SIMULINK®

AUTOMATIC CODE GENERATION                                      Development of automation algorithms (open-loop and
As soon as the simulation has produced                         closed-loop) directly in MATLAB®/ Simulink®
satisfactory results, i.e. when no weaknesses in               Automatic code generation and transfer to M1 controller
the requirements specification and no algorithm                 Online communication between the Simulink® develop-
errors can be identified, the compilation from                  ment environment and the PLC program for ergonomic
the simulation language into executable code                   parameterization and diagnostics
for the M1 controller is executed at the push                  Integrated simulation modes for the I/O modules used in
of a button. This is machine compiled by the                   the application
system, thus eliminating the possibility of                    Integrated interfaces to visualization systems and other
any random errors. After code generation,                      PLC systems
the executable automation program can then                     Integrated interfaces to automation programs created in
be tested immediately on a hardware-in-the-                    conventional programming languages (IEC61131-3,
loop test stand equipped with actual controller                C/C++)
components or on the actual plant.                             Support for hardware-in-the-loop systems (HIL)

            Simulation – finding solutions with
            computer models

     Condition Monitoring with teleservice

        Modern condition monitoring systems (CMS) can minimize malfunctions and downtime
        of plants, lengthen their life cycle and raise their productivity. Bachmann electronic now
        offers even further synergistic effects with the possibility of linking condition monitoring
        systems to the controller of plants.

        The availability of plants has a direct influence   maintenance, where components are replaced
        on their productivity and the reliably plannable   within fixed time intervals, is not necessary, or
        provision of energy in the grid. Every downtime    the maintenance intervals can be adapted to the
        has serious economic consequences. It is           actual wear and planned to match requirements.
        therefore imperative to recognize damage to the    In statistical terms, the installation of a
        system in the early stages and prevent follow-     condition monitoring system is amortized after
        on damage or unplanned system downtimes.           roughly two to four years, depending on the
        Focused planning of maintenance is particularly    type of plant.
        crucial for plants, which can be reached only to
        a limited extent and only with a considerable
        time and financial expense.                         MAINTENANCE CAN BE SHIFTED

                                                           The precise knowledge of component condition
        SERVICE COSTS AND DOWNTIMES UNDER                  also makes it possible to undertake plannable
        CONTROL                                            repairs in periods. It may be advisable from an
                                                           economic perspective to replace a pre-damaged
        Therefore, more and more plants are fitted          machine part prophylactically in order to avoid
        with Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) that       a shutdown and simultaneously preserve the
        continuously provide the operator with data        remaining value of the machine part. That way
        about the operating condition of the plants.       replacement parts can be procured in good time
        Malfunctions or incipient wear and tear can be     and hence less expensively than in a damage-
        recognized and rectified early with condition       induced emergency.
        monitoring, before long-term damage and
        extended downtimes occur. Preventive


  ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTIC SECURITY FROM                   rapid and correct reaction to reported changes
  ONLINE REMOTE MONITORING                              of status. Our experts accordingly handle all
                                                        concerns on-site, even training and orientation
  Bachmann electronic offers a condition                of customer personnel.
  monitoring system that is completely certified         Our modern remote service for decentralized
  under the guidelines of Germanischer Lloyd and,       applications includes online monitoring via a
  in addition to high-performance hardware and          secured Internet connection, and is therefore
  software, includes an online remote monitoring        available worldwide.
  center that is likewise certified. The specially
  developed “Weblog” portal functions as an
  interface to the Ω-Guard® diagnostic system and       We currently follow several hundred condition
  offers world-wide access to the condition data of     monitoring systems via Internet.This is why we
  the monitored system.                                 developed the Weblog portal. It is used as the
                                                        interface to the Ω-Guard® diagnostic system and
                                                        allows worldwide access to the condition data of
  EXPERT SERVICE – ON-SITE AND VIA                      the monitored system.
  INTERNET                                              Alarm messages are communicated to the user
                                                        via a status window. Simultaneously, a trend
  The success of a condition monitoring system          analysis of the machine’s condition can be
  is closely linked to correct installation,            conducted via the integrated database.
  parameterization and commissioning, as well as

                                        and Configuration

                                   Condition Monitoring System
                                   WebLog Server

WebLog Workstation

WebLog Workstation

                                                                                                 With the Bachmann
                                                                                                 Online Ω-Guard® CMS,
                                                                                                 the condition data of the
                                                                                                 monitored system can be
                                                                                                 accessed from any online

WebLog Workstation                                                          System Management
     State-of-the-art safety engineering for man and machine

             Whether you require a simple emergency-stop function at the control desk of your
             machine or distributed safety technology with optical sensors, redundant cabling
             and the activation of emergency-stop categories in state-of-the-art servos: The
             programmable safety module SLC284 and the safety-orientated digital I/O modules
             from Bachmann electronic offer a safety solution which can be fully integrated in the
             Bachmann automation system and can be expanded to individual requirements, in
             compliance with the latest safety standards (PL e / SIL3 / Cat 4).

             The safety modules are integrated dual-channel      SIMPLY SAFE
             modules, enabling input and output channels to
             be connected redundantly in pairs. The modules      Regardless of the automation field in which you
             can also be operated remotely in the network        wish to evolve, our innovative automation
             without configuration.                               solutions provide you with a host of possibilities.
                                                                 Controllers with integrated safety as well as
             The configuration and programming of the new         operating devices and drives are all perfectly
             safety functions are integrated in the all-in-one   matched and allow open communication.
             engineering tool SolutionCenter, thus enabling
             standard PLC tasks to be linked seamlessly with
             the requirements of functional safety.



Fast reaction times, intuitive operation and                Intelligent safety solutions in control technology
extensive diagnostics options are therefore key             allow the reduction of engineering costs and keep
priorities in Bachmann safety solutions. The user           wiring requirements down to a minimum. Using
obtains an optimum level of safety: Established             the SolutionCenter considerably increases effici-
standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061, EN                  ency during start up and operation. Selective
61511, IEC 61508, PLCopen Safety and IEC                    diagnostics and fast intervention options increase
61131 are used and proprietary solutions are                the reliability and reduce downtimes of the
consistently avoided.                                       machine.


                                                                    PLC/Soft Motion

 Visualization/HMI                                       Ethernet                     Safety PLC

                                                                Remote safety I/Os

  Controller with integriated safety - safety control.

                                                                                                                          TOOLS FOR SAFETY ORIENTED
                                                                                                                          APPLICATION PROGRAMMING

                                                                                                                          To round off the fully integrated programmable
                                                                                                                          safety solution, Bachmann electronic is offering a
                                                                                                                          tool collection for safety oriented application
                                                                                                                          programming. As the central interface between
                                                                                                                          programmer, user and hardware, the Safety
                                                                                                                          Developer together with the other SolutionCenter
                                                                                                                          components supports the economical
                                                                                                                          implementation and the high safety standards set
                                                                                                                          by the hardware.

                                                                                                                          CONFIGURATION, PROJECT MAINTENANCE
                                                                                                                          AND PROGRAMMING FOR THE HIGHEST

                                                                                                                          Bachmann electronic’s safety modules are
                                                                                                                          completely integrated into the M1 System and
                                                                                                                          thus also into the SolutionCenter all-in-one
                                                                                                                          development environment. The configuration tool
                                                                                                                          handles both safety and standard components in
                                                                                                                          the same manner: Online and offline
                                                                                                                          configuration, firmware updates, comprehensive
                                                                                                                          monitoring, viewable in table or graphic format by
                                                                                                                          means of oscilloscope functions, can all be
                                                                                                                          accessed in the Device Manager.

                                                                                                                          The project design environment also includes the
                                                                                                                          user-specific project management which can be
                                                                                                                          provided with server-supported version control
                                                                                                                          functionality. This allows several developers to
                                                                                                                          work on the same project in parallel. As a result
                                                                                                                          test phases and approval processes are made
                                                                                                                          easier. For additional value, the normative
                                                                                                                          requirements for continuous documentation of
                                                                                                                          safety relevant application software are
                                                                                                                          automatically fulfilled.

     SolutionCenter: PDF to type inspection

                                                                         Projekt: Safety Muster
                                                                           Projekt: Safety Muster                       04.03.2009 14:55:36

                                                                          Funktionsblock Diagramm: NOTHALT.fbd
                                                                       Safety Developer Projektbericht
                                                                                     Projekt: Safety Muster                                   04.03.2009 14:55:36
                                                                          Version: 0.0.1
                                                                                     04.03.2009 14:55:36
                                                                                              Funktionsblock Compound: Blinker.fbc
                                                                          Freigabedatum: 04.03.2009 14:55:42
                                                                          Autor: bachmank
                                                                          Erstellt am: 04.03.2009 14:55:42
                                                                                                Version: 0.0.0
                                                                    LOCAL:                          Freigabedatum: 04.03.2009 14:56:08
                                                      Ausgedruckt von: bachmank
                                                                           Name                 Autor: bachmank
                                                                                                     yp                          p
                                                                                                    Typ Init Sicherheit Rechte Export SVI Adresse
                                                      SolutionCenter Version: Dailybuild 20090301 BOOL
                                                                                                Erstellt am: 04.03.2009 14:56:08
                                                                                                             1    CONSTANT     R -    -
                                                                           False                        BOOL        0  CONSTANT     R        -    -
                                                      Safety Compiler Version: V0.99.12 Alpha    LOCAL:
                                                                             T#100ms                 TIME 100          CONSTANT     R        -    -
                                                      Minimal erforderliche Firmwareversion: V1.00.01 Beta 0
                                                                             Error1                  BOOL               NORMAL
                                                                                                 Name                          Typ RW        -    -
                                                                                                                                     Init Sicherheit                               e
                                                                                                                                                           Rechte Export SVI Adresse
                                                      Letzte Änderung: 04.03.2009 14:52:55       PulsBOOL  0            NORMAL
                                                                                                                                                              RW    -    -
                                                                           Error3                       BOOL        0   NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                      Checksummen: A: 0xC39626A3 B: 0x24A783AF
                                                                                           Takt                                BOOL    0    NORMAL             W    -    -
                                                                                                    Zeitbasis       0   NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                                                                                               TIME    0    NORMAL             R    -    -
                                                      Datum der letzten Compilierung: 04.03.2009Taktintern 0
                                                                           Error5                   BOOL                NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                                                                                               BOOL    0    NORMAL            RW    -    -
                                                                           Error6                  BOOL           0     NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                                           Diagnose1                INT           0     NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                      Dateien              Diagnose2                INT           0     NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                                           Diagnose3                INT           0     NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                      Name            Diagnose4
                                                                                           Größe (Bytes)          Letzte Änderung
                                                                                                    INT           0     NORMAL      RW       -    -
                                                      3 von 4.fbc     Diagnose5            8252     INT           04.03.2009 14:15:55 -
                                                                                                                  0     NORMAL      RW            -
                                                      4_AND.fbc       Diagnose6            4418     INT           04.03.2009 14:15:55 -
                                                                                                                  0     NORMAL      RW            -
                                                      Bereich.fbc     1234                 5964     INT           04.03.2009
                                                                                                                1234 CONSTANT 14:15:55
                                                                                                                                    R        -    -
                                                      Blinker.fbc     1                    5833     INT           1    CONSTANT     R
                                                                                                                  04.03.2009 14:15:56 -           -
                                                                      2                             INT           2
                                                      Diagnose.fbc                         26983                       CONSTANT     R
                                                                                                                  04.03.2009 14:52:48 -           -
                                                                      3                             INT           3
                                                      Drehzahlwächter.fbd                  17257                       CONSTANT     R
                                                                                                                  04.03.2009 14:15:56 -           -
                                                                      4                             INT           4    CONSTANT     R        -    -
                                                                                           3038                   04.03.2009 14:21:39
                                                                                                    INT           5    CONSTANT     R        -    -
                                                      HWConfig.hc     6                    6554     INT           04.03.2009 14:15:56 -
                                                                                                                  6    CONSTANT     R             -
                                                      NOTHALT.fbd                          12179                    04.03.2009      14:19:00
                                                      SEL_int.fbc                          4432                     04.03.2009      14:15:56
                                                      Settings.sds                         766                      04.03.2009      14:15:56
                                                      Testfunktionen.fbd                   26429                    04.03.2009      14:15:56
                                                      Tuerueberwachung.fbd                 56185                    04.03.2009      14:25:21
                                                      Türauswertung.fbc                    11755                    04.03.2009      14:15:56

                                                      Seite 1 / 19

                                                                          Seite 8 / 19

                                                                                                    Seite 15 / 19

     Report: simply create PDFs with all the important information required for a type inspection


The actual programming of the safety applications      SAFETY DEVELOPER – THE SAFE CHOICE
takes place in the function block diagram (FBD)
editor, which is supported by a comprehensive          The Safety Developer supports the programmer in
library of certified function blocks. More than forty   many ways. Safety applications can be
fully tested function blocks compliant with            programmed, visualized and maintained safer and
IEC61131-3 and PLCopen Safety provide the basis        quicker with the presented toolbox. Safety
for implementing applications with varying             relevant access is automatically documented and
degrees of complexity.                                 the intelligent evaluation of the system status
                                                       information supports the operator during
Programming is simplified and safety increased          troubleshooting. In short, safety secures and
thanks to useful functions like the safety             raises the availability of machines.
evaluation of paths, user and error messages and
not least the intuitive insertion of system
variables using ‘drag and drop’.


The main advantage of implementing safety
concepts in software compared to hardwired
solutions lies in the fact that programming needs
to only be done once. After successful verification
and validation it is saved to an archive and from
there can be used multiple times. Wiring on the
other hand must be completed for every device.
On top of that it is possible with a few easy steps
in the Safety Editor to leverage useful parts from
an existing concept and manage them as user-
specific templates. This in turn allows for a better
overview while reducing the error rate and saving
time in future programming projects.

 Create templates                                       Use templates

     Motion Control - Greatest flexibility guaranteed


Bachmann electronic customers and partners can now make use of proven and highly
optimized software regulators for different applications. Start-up and diagnostic tools
designed by experienced users and with a graphical user interface simplify use. The
selection of ready-to-use components ranges from the simple motion control of several
axes to CNC and virtual shaft controllers up to special modules for sophisticated pressure
or temperature applications.

                                                      The motion function module M-SHAFT allows
A new technology in the M1 automation system          for the easy modeling of many synchronized
from Bachmann electronic now ensures that             motion sequences on a virtual guiding axis. Up
drive regulators can be selected regardless of        to 32 different types of axes (path axis, control
the drive type while still not having to give up an   cam, analog signals, etc.) - similar to a classical
intuitive and convenient controller connection.       vertical shaft (camming) - can be projected.
                                                      Graphic or tabular position profile guidelines
Building on the IEC 61800-7 standard, an open         as well as the selection between different
and universal interface to the drive equipment        acceleration forms provide a solid basis for
has been implemented in the Bachmann M1               the realization of complex machine sequences.
automation system under the name “Drive               Alternatively the table interpreter, by means
Middleware”. This takes over the translation          of single support points, calculates an optimal
from the logical drive with a manufacturer-           position profile for the maximum operational
independent standardized drive profile to the          capacity of the machine.
respective physical drive. The standardized
profile unifies the underlying manufacturer-
specific status machines, error routines,              LINE MOVEMENT ACCORDING TO DIN66025
referencing methods and movement profiles
by defining a logical drive based on PLCopen           The implementation of many machine tool
Motion.                                               systems using servo electric axes is based
                                                      on the design data. Geometry and machining
All common fieldbuses (CANopen, EtherCAT,              definitions according to DIN/ISO 66025 have
SERCOS, PROFINET, ...) are supported. The             become the preferred exchange format in
drive middleware can be extended by additional        computer aided manufacturing (CAM). The
fieldbuses and also offers the possibility of          M-CNC has a full motion controller for the
supplementing the interface description with          translation of this information into synchronized
manufacturer-specific parameters.                      multi-axis motion.


The highly efficient and easily configurable
function module, the M-SMC shaft controller, is
available for positioning coordinated single-axis
or complex master slave systems (Gantry axes).
By using continuously changeable acceleration
profiles, jerks and machine dynamics can be
ideally adapted to the requirements at hand.
The integrated “move-in-move” functionality
allows not just motion parameters, but also
target positions to be changed online while the
system is in motion without needing it to stop
the axes.

     Exceptional capabilities

              The M1 system enables users to set up networked automation systems in a simple and
              user-friendly manner. State-of-the-art technology and IT protocols open up new and
              previously unimagined data communication possibilities to users of the M1 system. As
              one of the pioneers in the use of Ethernet in industrial automation technology, Bachmann
              electronic has continuously extended its technology lead. We have provided an overview
              of some functionalities which are available with M1 data communications.

              OPC – TESTED STANDARDS                             TCP/IP EVEN WITHOUT ETHERNET

              The Bachmann M1 OPC Enterprise Server              In the Bachmann M1 system, TCP/IP
              provides a PC-compatible software interface        communications are not necessarily tied to
              according to the OPC standard. In order            Ethernet physics. It is possible to run a PPP
              to enable comprehensive coverage of the            service (point-to-point protocol) on one of the
              widest variety of clients (e.g., SCADA             serial interfaces of the CPUs which then converts
              systems, operation data acquisition systems,       the COM port into a network node with an IP
              visualizations, ...), OPC Data Access              address. This functionality can be used e.g. for
              Specifications 1.0, 2.04, 2.05 and 3.0 are          remote maintenance via modem.
              supported. Genuine conformity and thus lack
              of problems in the application is guaranteed
              and verified by the successful passing of the       M1 AS ROUTER
              conformance tests (CTT) of the OPC Foundation
              (see box). Additional certifications and            Within a physical network as well, individual
              interoperability tests underscore the capability   communication subscribers can sometimes
              and stability, as does the confirmation from        deliberately form subnetworks for mutual
              satisfied users who already took part in the        protection against unauthorized access. Across
              testing phase of version 2.10                      the subnetworks, a gateway or router can direct
                                                                 the data traffic from one network into another.
                                                                 Most of the CPUs in the M1 automation system
                                                                 already have two Ethernet interfaces and can
                                                                 thus also be used as a router themselves.


UNIQUE: IP OVER CAN                                   TAP-PROOF COMMUNICATIONS

One special routing scenario is IP over CAN,          The M1 system offers five selectable security
which is unique to Bachmann: an M1 system             levels for the security of communications
which is equipped with a CAN interface can            between PC and controller. These range from
act as a gateway and tunnel the incoming              a simple password request to fully encrypted
Ethernet telegrams via the CAN bus. In this way,      communications. This is done with the aid of the
a second M1 controller can be transparently           standardized encryption mechanism »Secure
addressed in the CAN from the service PC, even        Socket Layer« (SSL in the current version 3.0),
though there is no Ethernet connection between        which operates with private and public keys.
the two.                                              As many plants will need to run for months
                                                      or even years without a restart, it is even
                                                      possible to dynamically exchange keys while
SAVING ADDRESSES WITH PORT                            communications are running.

The latest specialty of the M1 system is the          SAFE ARCHIVING OF DATA ON THE
option of port redirection: a controller is visible   CONTROLLER
in the public network, e.g. in a wind farm,
where it has a unique IP address. A second            With the aid of the new logger and archive
controller is run »invisibly« in a private network    handling software service from Bachmann
within the plant, e.g. in the wind power plant.       electronic, data (measurands, alarms) are
Via a defined port of the visible controller,          recorded directly onto the controller and
access can then be redirected to the allocated        archived absolutely safely in the long term. Even
service of the invisible controller. In this way,     after a power failure or after a loss of connection
the controllers within each turbine can use           between the controller and the master computer,
the same addresses but are still uniquely             data losses are reliably avoided, thus supporting
addressable. The configuration and individual          system diagnostics. The master computer and/
assignment of addresses in large wind farms can       or the visualization can query the data very
be significantly simplified in this way.                simply via the network.
(The user encounters the FTP service of a
controller which is not really visible in the
network. This is also available for the full range
of remote maintenance options.)

               Tools for more comfort

                                      Programming             Visualization

                              Configuration                             Tools /

                                           Test                 Open /
                                            and                 closed
                                        Diagnostics          loop control

           ONCENTER       ALL-IN-ONE

     The Bachmann SolutionCenter represents a             Optimally matched to the devices and systems of
     genuine milestone in the reduction of engineering    the manufacturer and designed in collaboration
     costs. A single all-round software solution covers   with experienced users, the software offers you
     all aspects of the engineering process – from        considerable time savings as well as bringing
     the configuration to programming, testing and         you synergies and increased usability. Users can
     commissioning, all the way to visualization.         benefit from the cohesive operating concept and
     Thanks to the highly modular plug-in concept,        avoid the entry of redundant or unnecessary
     the tool can be expanded simply, even for            data. A close linking to the automation systems
     integrated user-specific requirements.                of Bachmann electronic enables you to simplify
                                                          virtually all processes.


Project design and configuration                  Parameter setting and communication

•   Controller system configuration offline        •   Feldbuses
•   Configuration of hardware modules             •   PROFINET RT and IRT
•   Configuration of fieldbuses                    •   CANopen, SERCOS
•   Management and use of predefined              •   DeviceNet, PROFIBUS
    hardware and software modules                •   EtherCAT, Modbus
•   Assignment of signal designations, which     •   DriveMiddleware
    are visible by the software                  •   OPC server
•   Archiving, export and import of partial or   •   Libraries for Java programming and DLL for
    complete controller systems                      Windows™ programming

Programming                                      Visualization

•   C/C++                                        •   VIS Designer for configured
•   IEC 61131 (CoDeSys, Safety PLC)              •   visualizations
•   MATLAB® and Simulink®                        •   Libraries for Java programming
•   Java                                         •   DLL for Windows™ programming
                                                 •   OPC server

Diagnostics / Service                            Tools / Add-Ons

•   Software oscilloscope                        •   Motion Control:
•   Remote monitoring                                • Soft motion (M-SMC)
•   Logbooks                                         • Shaft controller (M-SHAFT)
•   Task lists with run-time measurement             • Three-dimensional movement (M-CNC)
•   Error lists in the Error Handler             •   Temperature regulator (M-TEMP)
•   Take-off from control protocol               •   M-Target for Simulink®
•   Direct access to I/O signals                 •   Eclipse-Plug-Ins
•   Variable browser
•   Internet-capable communication

     Technology and know-how

     The product spectrum of Bachmann automation machines enables homogenous, holistic
     solutions. From the bus system to the controller and visualization, automation systems from
     Bachmann stand for extraordinary robustness, highest performance and open interfaces.

     The M1 system operates as a real-time system.
     Various control and regulation programs are          The coldclimate modules from Bachmann are
     adapted in modular form and run in parallel in       the solution for all applications in demanding
     a preemptive multitasking environment. Thus          climatic environments, particularly where the
     the software system, just like the hardware, is      utmost availability of the systems is crucial.
     modular and can be structured and expanded as        The coldclimate modules are the first choice for
     desired. “No limits” – the controller has reserves   decentralized power plant installations, such as
     for expansion or system-specific adaptations.         wind power plants, combined heat and power
                                                          units and water or solar power plants: secure
                                                          operation in a wide temperature range down to
     FUNCTIONALITY MEANS ALL-IN-ONE                       -40°C, even with condensation.

     The modular M1 system offers a wide spectrum
     of hardware consisting of more than 100 module       OPENNESS SYSTEMATICALLY
     types. This system contains a great number of
     configurable modules for all necessary machine        Bachmann offers the most modern and
     functions such as visualization, regulation and      standardized tools. The M1 system is
     diagnosis, so that fundamental functionalities are   programmable in PLC languages according to IEC
     already available. It is important to us that all    61131, as well as in high-level languages such
     tools are developed according to internationally     as C/C++ or Java. Expanded control problems
     defined standards and also enable flexible             can be modeled with Matlab®/Simulink® and can
     integration and parameterization.                    be tested and run online on the system. The M1
                                                          controller supports all common networks such as
                                                          ETHERNET TCP/IP, PROFINET, ETHERCAT, CAN-


BUS or MODBUS.                                       protocols, was developed especially for the wind
Configurators are included, as are diagnostic         energy field. Visualization and system operation
and testing tools. A real-time fiber optic bus,       are Web-based and protected with access
with which a secure fiber optic connection            authorizations and SSL encryption. This concept
between the base of the tower and the nacelle        has proved itself thousands of times over in wind
is implemented using the above-mentioned             power plants.


              Operator Terminal / Control Terminal                Industrial PC           Remote display

  PROFINET                                Ethernet

         CANopen             FASTBUS




     A systematic approach for high customer satisfaction

                                               Locally Worldwide

                           System Solutions                         Lifetime

                    Innovation Potential                                  Modular

                              Time-to-market                       > 99,96 % Availability




• Holistic, integrated and modular automation        • Investment security due to a long-term
  system                                               availability of up to 20 years
• Integrated safety solution: Safety control         • Compatibility of systems and applications
• Fast,multitasking-capable system                   • Protection of intellectual property by
• Coldclimate modules for an expanded                  system architecture
  temperature range from -40°C to +70°C,
• Condition monitoring with teleservice              SERVICE BY REMOTE MAINTENANCE
                                                     • Avoidance of service calls on-site
                                                     • Maintenance of operation
OPENNESS                                             • Rapid troubleshooting/error tracing
• Fieldbuses PROFINET, ETHERCAT, SERCOS,             • Remote service
  DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Modbus
• Interfaces: Ethernet, RS232, USB, CAN
• Communication: OPC, IEC61400-25,                   CERTIFICATIONS
  Web server, bluecom                                • UL, CSA, CCC, GL, LR, DNV, ABS, BV,
• EMC-safe fiber optic bus (FASTBUS)                    IEC-Standards
• Programming C/C++, IEC 61131, Java                 • Available world-wide
• Simulation: MATLAB® and Simulink®

• 100% inspection of all modules after
• 48 h run-in test under realistic conditions
• High Accelerated Life Time Test
  (sample testing at -60°C to +90°C, 25G
  shock/vibration resistance)
• Proven hardware availability

                                            »An innovative product is the
                                             path that leads to a customer

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