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					The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                         Brochure

The Law Offices of

Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.
Address:      25 East Washington Street                       Telephone: (312) 855-0500
              Suite 700                                       Facsimile: (312) 855-0510
              Chicago, Illinois 60602                         Website:

The Firm
Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd. is a full service civil litigation firm.   The firm’s attorneys have also litigated appeals before
The firm’s clients consist primarily of self-insured          The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Cir-
corporations, insurance companies and third-party             cuit, the Illinois Supreme Court and the First, Second,
administrators and their clients. The firm also provides      Third and Fourth Districts of the Illinois Appellate Court.
services to a number of individual clients.                   The firm has also litigated appeals in various appellate
                                                              districts before the Workers’ Compensation Division.
All of the firm’s attorneys are licensed in the State of
Illinois. Additionally, several of the firm’s attorneys are   The firm’s attorneys pride themselves on being highly
licensed in Indiana and Wisconsin, as well as various         accessible to clients and make every effort to return
Federal District Courts.                                      phone calls and e-mails as soon as possible. Also, the
                                                              firm’s attorneys focus on keeping legal bills as low as
The firm has litigated thousands of civil cases in nu-        possible while at the same time providing high quality
merous venues involving a wide range of legal issues.         and aggressive legal representation.
Also, the firm has litigated Workers’ Compensation cases
at many venues across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Our attorneys have tried jury trials to verdict in the following venues:

· The Federal District Court for the Northern                 ·   Pekin (Tazewell County, Illinois)
  District of Illinois                                        ·   Yorkville (Kendall County, Illinois)
· Chicago (Cook County, Illinois)                             ·   Dixon (Lee County, Illinois)
· Markham (Cook County, Illinois)                             ·   Springfield (Sangamon County, Illinois)
· Joliet (Will County, Illinois)                              ·   Decatur (Macon County, Illinois)
· Rockford (Winnebago County, Illinois)                       ·   Waukegan (Lake County, Illinois)
· Peoria (Peoria County, Illinois)                            ·   Hammond (Lake County, Indiana)
· Wheaton (DuPage County, Illinois)                           ·   Crown Point (Lake County, Indiana)                                      The Firm                                                  1
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                        Brochure

Our commitment to our clients:

01. We will never perform unnecessary work.                  07. Our clients always receive the benefit of any econ-
                                                             omies of scale such as multiple simultaneous court
02. We will always endeavor to balance our profes-           appearances by a single attorney (total time spent is
sional judgment with economic considerations when            pro-rated over all cases handled).
determining what legal work should be done.
                                                             08. We will not re-bill for work previously performed on
03. We will work as diligently and zealously as possible     another file when that same work product is utilized
while maintaining the quality of our work in order to        (motions, research, etc.) other than the time necessary
minimize the time required to perform a given task.          to modify or update the work.

04. We will earnestly endeavor to limit the costs asso-      09. We will always be available to discuss any ques-
ciated with any legal work as much as possible.              tions a client has about a bill and will never make a
                                                             client feel uncomfortable about making such inquiries.
05. We will not use standard or minimum billing entries
with the exception of our disclosed units of incremen-       10. We will otherwise respond to the trust that has
tal billing (tenths of an hour).                             been placed in us by maintaining the highest possible
                                                             level of integrity in our billing practices and legal work.
06. We will not bill our clients for general overhead
expenses such as routine photocopying, telephone (in-
cluding long distance), telefax and general clerical work.

Our representative clients include:

·   Accident Fund Insurance Co.                              ·   Highlands Insurance Group
·   ADP TotalSource                                          ·   Hortica (Florists Mutual Insurance Co.)
·   Air Design Systems                                       ·   Kemper Auto & Home Group
·   American Interstate (Amerisafe) Insurance Co.            ·   Kemper National Insurance Co.
·   Amerisure Insurance Co.                                  ·   Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
·   Artex/Cedar Hill                                         ·   Meadowbrook Insurance Group
·   Ashley Furniture                                         ·   Michael’s Stores
·   Badger Mutual Insurance Co.                              ·   National American Insurance Co.
·   Bank of America                                          ·   PeopLease
·   Bergstrom, Inc.                                          ·   QPS Companies, Inc.
·   Bituminous Insurance Co.                                 ·   Secura Insurance Co.
·   Broadspire                                               ·   Sedgwick Claims Management
·   Constitution State Service Company                       ·   Sentry Insurance Co.
·   Cunningham Lindsey Claims Management                     ·   St. Paul/Travelers Insurance Co.
·   Darling International                                    ·   Union Standard Insurance Co.
·   Esurance Insurance Co.                                   ·   United Heartland Insurance Co.
·   First Non-Profit Insurance Co.                           ·   Unitrin Direct Insurance Co.
·   Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.                         ·   Vanliner Insurance Co.                                     The Firm (continued)                                      2
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                    Brochure

Practice Areas
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd. serves its clients’ needs in:

· Construction Defense                                   ·   Breach of Contract
  (Personal Injury & Construction Defects)               ·   Unjust Enrichment
· Transportation Liability (Automotive and Trucking)     ·   Automobile Lemon Laws
· Workers’ Compensation Defense                          ·   Consumer Fraud
· Commercial Litigation                                  ·   Insurance Subrogation
· Miscellaneous Negligence                               ·   Nursing Home Liability
· Premises Liability                                     ·   Latex Glove Liability
· Product Liability                                      ·   Federal 1983 violations
· Fraud litigation                                       ·   Employment discrimination
· Insurance Coverage                                     ·   EEOC defense
· Civil Appeals                                          ·   Maritime Law

Attorney Profiles
Steven C. Wolf                                 Page 04   Margaret A. Bentley             Page 09

David H. Wolfe                                 Page 05   Erin K. Cullen                  Page 10

Peter W. Jacobson                              Page 06   Lee A. Laudicina                Page 11

Patrick R. Grady                               Page 07   Dina M. Masiello                Page 12

William B. Jensen                              Page 08   Daniel R. Sarther               Page 13                                 Practice Areas                        3
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                             Brochure

Attorney Profile / Principal & Officer

Steven C. Wolf
T. (312) 855-0500 - x19 F. (312) 855-0510                         E.

Mr. Wolf has more than twenty years experience as a               Mr. Wolf has tried jury trials to verdict involving the fol-
civil trial attorney. He is licensed in all courts in the State   lowing causes of action:
of Illinois and Wisconsin, the Federal District Courts
for the Northern and Central Districts of Illinois and the            ·   Construction Negligence
Eastern District of Missouri, the U.S. Court of Appeals               ·   Wrongful Death/Survival Act
for the Seventh Circuit and The United States Supreme                 ·   Illinois Structural Work Act
Court. He is a member of the Chicago Bar Associa-                     ·   Construction Defects
tion, DuPage County Bar Association, Illinois State Bar               ·   Transportation/Trucking Negligence
Association, and the Illinois Association of Defense Trial            ·   Automobile Negligence
Counsel. He previously served as the Secretary, Vice                  ·   Premises Liability
Chair and Chair of the Tort Litigation Committee of the               ·   Product Liability
Chicago Bar Association. He completed his undergrad-                  ·   Property Damage
uate education at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.                ·   Contribution
His legal education was completed at The John Mar-                    ·   Fraud
shall Law School in Chicago.                                          ·   Social Worker Malpractice
                                                                      ·   Veterinary Malpractice
Mr. Wolf has tried more than thirty jury trials to                    ·   Municipal Liability
verdict, many of which involved damages in excess                     ·   Unjust Enrichment
of $1 million. He has tried jury trials to verdict in the             ·   Breach of Contract
following venues:                                                     ·   Subrogation

    · The Federal Dististrict Court for the Northern and          Also, Mr. Wolf has represented clients in the First, Third
      Central Districts of Illinois                               and Fourth Districts of the Illinois Appellate Court (in-
    · Chicago (Cook County, Illinois)                             cluding the Workers’ Compensation Division) and The
    · Markham (Cook County, Illinois)                             United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.
    · Wheaton (DuPage County, Illinois)
    · Yorkville (Kendall County, Illinois)                        In addition, Mr. Wolf has litigated and tried hundreds
    · Dixon (Lee County, Illinois)                                of Workers’ Compensation cases at numerous venues
    · Pekin (Tazewell County, Illinois)                           throughout Illinois. Mr. Wolf has presented numerous
    · Springfield (Sangamon County, Illinois)                     seminars to insurance companies and other clients on
    · Decatur (Macon County, Illinois)                            subjects related to Illinois tort law and the defense of
    · Hammond (Lake County, Indiana)                              workers’ compensation claims. A significant part of his
                                                                  practice is devoted to defending cases arising out of
Mr. Wolf has been selected to act as Arbitrator in many           construction activities.
uninsured and underinsured automobile cases. In addi-
tion, Mr. Wolf has been sought out and retained by other
attorneys to act as trial counsel in complex tort cases.                                          Attorney Profile / Steven C. Wolf                              4
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                          Brochure

Attorney Profile / Principal & Officer

David H. Wolfe
T. (312) 855-0500 - x20 F. (312) 855-0510                      E.

Mr. Wolfe has more than fifteen years experience as            Mr. Wolfe has conducted numerous examinations
a civil trial attorney. He is licensed to practice law in      under oath, arbitrations and mediations. He is regularly
the State Courts of Illinois and Wisconsin. He is also         selected as an Arbitrator for uninsured and under-
licensed in the Federal District Court for the Northern Dis-   insured motorist claims. In addition, Mr. Wolfe has
trict of Illinois and is a member of the Federal Trial Bar.    litigated hundreds of workers’ compensation cases in
                                                               the majority of Illinois venues.
He is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, Illinois
Association of Defense Trial Counsel, DRI and the              Mr. Wolfe currently handles cases in the areas of:
Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association.
                                                                   ·   Construction negligence
He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois           ·   Insurance coverage
(B.S., 1991) and from Washington University in St.                 ·   Automotive negligence
Louis School of Law (J.D., 1994)                                   ·   Commercial litigation
                                                                   ·   Transportation/Trucking negligence
Mr. Wolfe has an active civil litigation practice. He has          ·   UM/UIM claims
tried jury trials to verdict in:                                   ·   Fraud litigation
                                                                   ·   Workers’ Compensation Defense
    ·   Cook County (Chicago)                                      ·   Premises liability
    ·   DuPage County (Wheaton)                                    ·   General Civil Litigation
    ·   Peoria County (Peoria)
    ·   Will County (Joliet)                                   Mr. Wolfe regularly speaks at seminars on a wide range
    ·   Winnebago County (Rockford)                            of topics related to Illinois tort law, workers’ compen-
                                                               sation claims, and insurance coverage.                                       Attorney Profile / David H. Wolfe                      5
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                      Brochure

Attorney Profile / Shareholder / Officer

Peter W. Jacobson
T. (312) 855-0500 - x14 F. (312) 855-0510                  E.

Mr. Jacobson joined The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe,       Mr. Jacobson focuses his practice in the areas of work-
Ltd in August of 2000. He has been a licensed attorney     ers’ compensation defense, employer liability defense
in the state of Illinois since 2000 and in Indiana since   and civil litigation defense. He has tried a multitude of
2001. He focuses his practice in the areas of work-        cases before the Workers’ Compensation Commission
ers’ compensation defense, employer liability and civil    in venues throughout Illinois over the past decade.
litigation defense.
                                                           His professional affiliations include the Illinois State
Mr. Jacobson received his Bachelor of Arts degree in       Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association and the
journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison        Workers’ Compensation Lawyers’ Association. He is
in 1997. He went on to earn his juris doctor from          the author of The Child Online Protection Act: Tam-
DePaul University College of Law in 2000 and joined        ing the World “Wild” Web, DePaul Journal of Art and
Wolf & Wolfe at that time. Since that time, he has had     Entertainment Law, Spring 1999, Volume IX, Number 2.
extensive trial experience before both the Illinois
Workers’ Compensation Commission, as well as jury
and bench trial experience in circuit court.                                   Attorney Profile / Peter W. Jacobson                   6
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                     Brochure

Attorney Profile / Officer

Patrick R. Grady
T. (312) 855-0500 - x32 F. (312) 855-0510                 E.

After spending more than 20 years in the business             ·   Subrogation
world as a consumer of legal services, Mr. Grady              ·   Product liability
earned his law degree and is licensed to practice             ·   Mechanic’s Liens
before all Illinois and Indiana State Courts, the U.S.        ·   Legal malpractice
Seventh Circuit, as well as the Northern District of          ·   Premises liability
Illinois where he is a member of the trial bar, and the       ·   Trademark/copyright infringement
Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana as well as         ·   Professional malpractice
the Eastern District of Missouri.                             ·   Illinois Structural Work Act

Mr. Grady has tried more than 15 cases to jury verdict    Mr. Grady also litigates and has tried workers’ compen-
during his 13 years of practice including cases involv-   sation cases in Illinois and Indiana and represents his
ing damages in excess of $1,000,000 and cases in          clients before the Illinois Department of Human Rights.
which plaintiffs sought punitive damages. Mr. Grady
has tried cases to verdict in the Northern District of    A trial win or prevailing at an administrative hear-
Illinois, Cook County Law and Municipal Districts, Lake   ing does not end the case when one of the parties
County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana.                appeals the decision. Mr. Grady has handled over 20
                                                          appeals before the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois
Mr. Grady represents his clients in matters including:    Appellate Court’s Workers’ Compensation Division,
                                                          First, Second and Fourth Districts. He represents his
    ·   Wrongful death                                    clients before the Appellate Court on a wide range of
    ·   1983 claims                                       issues including forum non conveniens, statutes of
    ·   Contribution                                      limitation, Structural Work Act, workers’ compensa-
    ·   Construction negligence                           tion disputes, coverage issues, jurisdictional ques-
    ·   EEOC claims                                       tions and trial court error.
    ·   Coverage issues
    ·   Construction defects                              Mr. Grady earned his B.A. from Chaminade University
    ·   Employment discrimination                         of Honolulu, his MBA, with distinction, from Keller
    ·   Property damage                                   Graduate School of Management and his law degree
    ·   Transportation/trucking negligence                from John Marshall Law School. He is a member of the
    ·   Lemon law                                         Chicago and Illinois Bar Associations, the Indiana Bar
    ·   Breach of contract                                Association, Defense Trial Counsel and the Defense
    ·   Cargo loss                                        Research Institute. Mr. Grady also served as a mock
    ·   Consumer fraud                                    trial coach for several of John Marshall Law School’s
    ·   Unjust enrichment                                 inter-scholastic Mock Trial Competition teams in ad-
    ·   Automobile negligence                             dition to presenting seminars to his clients on various
    ·   Truth in Lending Act                              Illinois tort law issues.                                  Attorney Profile / Patrick R. Grady                      7
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                       Brochure

Attorney Profile / Officer

William B. Jensen
T. (312) 855-0500 - x33 F. (312) 855-0510                   E.

Mr. Jensen has more than fifteen years experience as a      He is licensed in all courts in the State of Illinois and is
civil trial attorney and concentrates his practice in the   a member of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law-
defense of worker’s compensation cases. Since 1994,         yers Association. He graduated from Eastern Illinois
he has represented employers in workers’ compensa-          University with a degree in Finance and graduated
tion cases throughout the State of Illinois and has tried   from John Marshall Law School, cum laude.
more than a 100 cases. He has tried workers com-
pensation cases in Peoria, Springfield, Joliet, Geneva,
Waukegan, Wheaton, Woodstock and Chicago. Mr.
Jensen also has experience defending employers in
civil cases.                                    Attorney Profile / William B. Jensen                       8
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                         Brochure

Attorney Profile / Associate

Margaret A. Bentley
T. (312) 855-0500 - x47 F. (312) 855-0510                     E.

Ms. Bentley has more than six years experience in civil       She has litigated and tried numerous workers’ com-
litigation. She is licensed to practice law in Illinois and   pensation cases throughout Illinois. She has also
in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of       presented seminars to insurance companies on the
Illinois. She is a member of the Chicago Bar Associa-         defense of workers’ compensation claims.
tion. She earned her undergraduate degree at Miami
University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1999. She earned her J.D.      In addition, Ms. Bentley has defended civil cases
degree from DePaul University College of Law in 2003.         involving automobile negligence, construction negli-
                                                              gence, product liability, premises liability, consumer
A significant part of Ms. Bentley’s practice has been         fraud, property damage, breach of contract, insurance
devoted to defending workers’ compensation cases.             subrogation, and minors’ claims.                                      Attorney Profile / Margaret A. Bentley               9
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                      Brochure

Attorney Profile / Associate

Erin K. Cullen
T. (312) 855-0500 - x13 F. (312) 855-0510                  E.

Ms. Cullen is licensed in all courts in the State of Il-   Cook County’s Commercial Law Division as well as
linois and the State of Minnesota. She is a member of      working at a civil litigation defense firm.
the Chicago Bar Association, American Bar Associa-
tion, and the Minnesota Bar Association. She previ-        Ms. Cullen concentrates her practice in civil litigation,
ously served as Chair of the Law Student Committee         defending cases involving automobile negligence,
of the Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar            construction negligence, property damage, personal
Association. She completed her undergraduate educa-        injuries, wrongful death, product liability, and prem-
tion at Illinois Wesleyan University in 2004. She gradu-   ises liability. Ms. Cullen has also litigated insurance
ated from The DePaul University College of Law cum         subrogation cases. She has represented clients in
laude in 2007, where she was named to the Dean’s List      Municipal Division and Law Division cases in Cook
multiple times. Ms. Cullen obtained her Health Law         County and in many other counties in Illinois. In addi-
Certificate from The DePaul University College of Law.     tion, she has defended workers’ compensation cases
                                                           throughout Illinois.
Ms. Cullen’s past experience includes clerking for The
Honorable Allen S. Goldberg in the Circuit Court of                                   Attorney Profile / Erin K. Cullen                      10
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                        Brochure

Attorney Profile / Associate

Lee A. Laudicina
T. (312) 855-0500 - x39 F. (312) 855-0510                    E.

Lee A. Laudicina concentrates his practice on civil          Mr. Laudicina has represented a wide range of clients
litigation. He is admitted to practice law in Illinois,      throughout Illinois in automobile negligence, premises
before the United States District Court for the North-       liability, contribution, subrogation, construction negli-
ern District of Illinois, and in the District of Columbia.   gence and workers’ compensation actions. He has also
His areas of expertise include commercial insurance          represented clients in areas involving wrongful death,
defense, casualty insurance defense, workers’ com-           conversion, unjust enrichment and invasion of privacy.
pensation defense, commercial litigation and insur-
ance coverage.                                               Previous public and private sector experience includes
                                                             working for the former Chief Federal Magistrate Judge
Mr. Laudicina graduated cum laude from Loyola Uni-           for the Northern District of Illinois, the Illinois Depart-
versity Chicago School of Law in 2008. He received his       ment of Public Health, a former U.S. Senator and
B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michi-      current Vice President of the United States, Joseph R.
gan in 2005. Accomplishments in law school include           Biden, Jr. and a commercial litigation firm.
an Advocacy Certificate, Chicago Bar Association
Moot Court Team, Loyola University Chicago Interna-
tional Law Review Associate Editor, Legal Writing Tutor
and three CALI Awards.                                     Attorney Profile / Lee A. Laudicina                      11
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                       Brochure

Attorney Profile / Associate

Dina M. Masiello
T. (312) 855-0500 - x35 F. (312) 855-0510                   E.

Dina M. Masiello concentrates her practice on civil         2009 National Moot Court Competition. She was also
litigation. She was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2009.   a semi-finalist and recipient of the Second Best Brief
Her areas of expertise include commercial insurance         award and the Distinguished Oralist award at the 2008
defense, casualty insurance defense, workers’ com-          Whittier Law School National Juvenile Law Moot Court
pensation defense, commercial litigation and insur-         Competition. Ms. Masiello was a Legal Writing Teach-
ance coverage.                                              ing Assistant and received two CALI awards for the
                                                            Future of Excellence while at DePaul.
Ms. Masiello graduated from DePaul University Col-
lege of Law in 2009 after receiving a B.S. in Business      Previous public sector experience includes interning
Administration from the University at Buffalo in 2006.      for the City of Chicago’s Department of Consumer
Ms. Masiello was a member of the DePaul Appel-              Services. She also previously worked for a civil litiga-
late Moot Court Society during which time she was a         tion firm and an international trade and customs law
participant in the University of Houston Law Center         firm in Chicago.                                    Attorney Profile / Dina M. Masiello                        12
The Law Offices of Wolf & Wolfe, Ltd.                      Brochure

Attorney Profile / Associate

Daniel R. Sarther
T. (312) 855-0500 - x31 F. (312) 855-0510                  E.

Daniel R. Sarther concentrates his practice on civil       Mr. Sarther has previous public sector experience
litigation. Mr. Sarther was admitted to the State Bar of   working in the Chicago Park District’s Law Depart-
Illinois in 2010. His areas of expertise include commer-   ment. He also worked for the Cook County State’s
cial insurance defense, casualty insurance defense,        Attorney’s Office in the Felony Trial Division and Public
workers’ compensation defense, commercial litigation       Corruption and Financial Crimes Division.
and insurance coverage.

Mr. Sarther graduated from DePaul University College
of Law in 2010 after receiving his BA in Social Sci-
ences from Michigan State University in 2006. While in
law school, he was an editor for the Journal of Sports
Law and Contemporary Problems.                                   Attorney Profile / Daniel R. Sarther                   13

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