The Band by yurtgc548


									Nickel Creek
               Alicia Powell
                Greg Pierce
               Jennifer Poe
                Drew Olson
Sara Watkins

         • Was born June 8,
           •Grew up in San
              Diego, CA
         •Studied the fiddle
             with Dennis
Sean Watkins
               • February 18th, 1977
               • Is Sara Brother
               • Plays two Bourgeois
Chris Thile
              • Born February 20,
              • Oceanside,
              • first heard a
                mandolin at age two
    • Chris Thile had almost
        mastered the mandolin at
        age five.
    •   Mandolins are stringed
    •   Mandolins have eight
        strings in groups of four
    •   Tuned in unison, and are
        a fifth apart from
        adjacent pairs
   • Playing fiddle since the
       age of six
   •   Stringed instrument
   •   Made up of four strings,
       tuned a fifth apart
   •   Played with a bow
   •   The bridge is shaved
       down, so it is less curved
       unlike the violin
   • Sean started on
       mandolin and
       switched to guitar
   •   Stringed instrument
   •   Has six strings
       plucked by fingers or
       by pick
The Band
   •First started performing
       together in 1989.
      •Thile's father Scott
     joining them on bass
    •Nickel Creek landed a
    record deal with music
         label Sugar Hill
    •their self-titled debut
       album, which was
        released in 2000
    Relationship of the band
                        Sarah, Sean, and
ØThey all grew up       Chris
doing there homework
together while being
home schooled
ØThey are all
comfortable with each
other while onstage
ØThis band has like a
relationship in it.
    Awards and Accomplishments
• Featured in Time
    magazine as the music
    innovators special in May
    of 2000
•   They have been
    nominated four times for
    a grammy and recently
    won there first for “best
    contemporary folk album”
•   There self- titled debut
    (released in March of
    2000) sold 800,000
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                    Our Questions
The Band first started performing together in ____.
  A) 1989
  B) 1996
  C) 1980

Niickel Creek won their first Grammy for _________.
   A) “Best musician award”
   B) “Best contemporary folk album”
   C) “Best family associated band”

Name all the members of Nickel Creek.
  A) Sara, Sean, Chris
  B) Sean ,Sara, Matt
  C) Shawn, Chris, Sara

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