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					           The Dos and Don’ts List For Music Festival Newbies
My husband and I recently went to Lollapalooza. While we had braved several music
festivals back when we were teens, we are now married 30-somethings with kids. For
an anniversary we decided it would be fun to see some of our favorite bands that were
performing at Lolla. Oh damn, it didn’t take long to realize we were in way over our
heads! I wish someone had reminded me of a few things before we went, but all in all
we learned a lot and had a great time.

If you’re a relative newcomer to music festivals then let me be the one to clue you in to a
few helpful dos and don’ts for your adventure!

Don’t: Wear the wrong shoes. You’re going to be walking and standing a lot, and I do
mean a lot! There is also a good deal of mud, and people stepping on your feet where
ever you go. If your shoes make your feet hurt on day one you’re really going to be in
trouble by day two! I had to go out and buy new shoes on day two with padded socks
and Band-Aids. Ouch!

Don’t: Underestimate the awesome power of the sun. Most of these festivals are in the
summer and you’ll be so hot you’ll be tempted to shed the clothes and walk around in a
halter top all day – if you do this please wear sun screen. In fact, if it’s cloudy, make
even more sure to wear sun screen. The sun is a sneaky devil! (While we’re on the
subject – no matter how hot it is outside or how hot you think you are, don’t walk around
wearing nothing but a bra or bikini top all day. Keep it classy.)

Do: Drink lots of water. Everything is expensive inside the gates of the festival, I totally
get that. But make sure to drink water all day long or you’ll be sick and dehydrated later.
Check the rules of the venue, some will even allow you to bring in your own sealed
bottles of water or other snacks. If they allow it, bring it!

Do: Plan out the shows you want to see. There is likely to be some bands that perform
at the same time. Make sure to plot out who you want to see, what time they go on and
what stage they will be on in order to avoid disappointment. Make sure to head to the
stage early or don’t bother going at all – if it’s a big name it’s going to get crowded

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