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									                      Who Should I Follow On Twitter?
“What’s the meaning of life” is an age old question that people have long forgotten
about, these days a much more complex and philosophical question is, “who should I
follow on Twitter?” OK maybe not, but it’s a pretty darn entertaining one.

With something like 500 million accounts, Twitter is a deep never ending pool of useless
information and tweets about what people are buying from the grocery store. So how
are you expected to find the accounts that really matter? There really is some great
content out there, full of information and hilarity. You just have to know where to look.

   1. Follow Your Friends and Family

      This is more of an obligation than a fun pass time but hey, a few of your friends
      might just be funnier than you think. You can find your family and friends through
      their e-mail addresses, their Twitter names, or by comparing a list of your
      Facebook friends to the Twitter Universe.

   2. Seek Out Your Favorite Celebs

      There is no shortage of famous Tweets out there. If you have a favorite TV or
      movie star, a sports idol, an author or pop star you like to stalk, Twitter is the
      place to look them up. Stars can even get “verified” accounts so you know you
      are following the real deal. There are some pretty funny celebs out there,
      including ones that share behind the scenes photos and news with their

   3. Tag It Up

      If you like to follow specific topics you can do so by search the tags. Pop in the
      word “NFL” to the tag search field and you’ll get a list of recent tweets on the
      subject. See something you like? Click on the Tweeter’s name and view their
      profile to add them. You can quickly fill your following list with people who write
      about things you actually want to read about.

   4. Sort by Shop

      To find the best deals on your favorite products, search for the store by name.
      Lots of brand name stores have Twitter accounts and you can get push
      notifications when they Tweet their specials and promotions.

   5. Check The IT Lists

      Looking for the funniest tweets? The saddest? The most poetic? Just Google
      search your favorite type of tweet and you’ll be treated to websites and articles
      that will steer you in the right direction! You’ll even find yearly Twitter Awards for
      the best and brightest among the Twitter Elite!

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