Slice Test DAQ Software by yurtgc548


									    Slice Test DAQ Software
what we did in Florida, and what problems may be lurking
                  beneath the surface…
           Event Builder Input
 "   GenericFED class encapsulates XDAQ
     communication between detector-dependent
     software, event builder readout unit (Ichiro, Rick)
XDAQ GUI                      EmuFED

 RU       GenericFED     EmuConfigFED     HardwareDDU


      EventReader                                 DDUReader
bool getNextEvent()
    Event Builder w/Trackfinder

"   Only need an EventReader::getNextEvent() routine
"   Writing a routine which reads (destructively) the
    Sector Processor FIFOs, stores in memory, and
    parses events
    ￿ File-readingversion already exists (Holger/Darin)
    ￿ Just need to merge with the HAL interface

"   After that's done, the XDAQ-ification is easy.
       Event Builder Output
"   Format is ORCA-readable (G. Bruno)
Event Header
  Readout Unit Header (Chamber data: DCC)
    FED Header (DDU)
        DDU data
    FED Trailer
  Readout Unit Trailer
  Readout Unit Header (Trackfinder crate)
    Trackfinder data
  Readout Unit Trailer
Event Trailer
Issues: Event Synchronization

"   Right now, the Event Builder assumes the events
    all come in the same order from all inputs

"   Not always the case: events can get lost

"   We need to make some phony TriggerInterface for
    the EVB which tells it which trigger number to do
    next. Maybe based on the level 1 accepts in the
    chamber data?
    Peripheral Crate Controller
"   Replaces C routines in cfeb_control
"   Verified at test crates in Fermilab, UCLA, Florida
     ￿   Sends same signals to VME as cfeb_control
"   Practical Advantages:
     ￿   Sends start and stop signals to boards automatically
          "   User doesn't need to do by hand
     ￿   Can keep many crates & boards in memory simultaneously
"   Configuration done in XML (Alex)
"   Want to hear Valeri’s experience with using it for slow
Peripheral Crate Controller

 CrateSetup       CCB     TMB       ALCTController

    Crate               VMEModule       DAQMB

VMEController            DDU         MPC
XDAQ Crate Control
         "   Only three buttons:
             ￿ Configure
             ￿ Enable
             ￿ Disable
XDAQ Crate Control
  + Event Builder
    Issues: Winning market share

"   Cfeb_control is a huge GUI with a button for
    almost every subroutine in the system.

"   Do we need to compete with that?

"   How else can we get the electronics experts
    to use (and develop and maintain) the new
    Issues: Maintaining Crate Code?
"   I claim our code makes the correct VME calls for five kinds
    of boards.
"   I don’t claim to understand any board’s VME calls.
"   Who can provide?
     ￿   Meaningful names for all those hardcoded register and address
          "   All boards
     ￿   Cleanup of vestigal code?
          "   Especially ALCT
"   This code will be in CMS longer than many of us!
     ￿   It should correspond explicitly to the hardware manuals
"   A HAL rewrite may be in order someday
    Slice Test Software Summary

"   XDAQ/C++ Crate Control J
"   Event Data Structure J
"   Including Sector Processor data K
     ￿ Expect   to be done soon
"   Combined Event Building K
     ￿ Just   need to deal with event synchronization

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