PowerPoint Presentation - Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency by yurtgc548


									Innovative Recruiting
             Presented by:
             Chris King
Manager Residential Aged Care Services
  Brightwater The Cove 
      at Mandurah
           131 Bed Facility  
All single rooms with private ensuites

          Dementia Specific 
       51 Low Care & 20 High Care

            Extra Services
       37 Low Care & 23 High Care
  Recruitment Challenges

• 90 + staff were required for the
• New staff to Brightwater
• No experience of staff recruitment
  in the area
• Budget and timing constraints
“Employ Your Community First”

         Proposal from
      Community First Inc.
          Job Futures
    (The National Employment Network)
        Training Innovations
     (Registered Training Organisation)
            Community First Inc.

                    Who are we?

    CFI is a not-for-profit, community based
     organisation established since 1984
     • 1984 Community Youth Support Scheme
     • 1991 Mandurah Community Support Group
     -      Trading as Peel Districts SkillShare
     • 1996 Peel Training and Employment Inc.
     • 2004 Community First Inc.

Making a positive difference through employment and training
     Brightwater and CFI
• Not for profit organisations
• Registered Training Organisations
• Progressive management and work
• Support the social and economic fabric
  of the community
            Community First Inc.

           Job Network Employment Services

                        What is it?

       • Job Placement - Employment Agency

       • Job Search Assistance

       • Intensive Support

       • Personal Support Program

       • Transition To Work

Making a positive difference through employment and training
            Community First Inc.

           Job Network Employment Services

                     It’s Main Focus?

          • Getting people into work
          • Reducing dependence on social security
          • Efficient recruitment for local employers
          • Creating links and appropriate
            intervention strategies between
            employers and jobseekers

Making a positive difference through employment and training
 Forming a Recruitment 
Brightwater actively worked to develop
       Brightwater Care Group
       CPE Recruitment Group
         Community First Inc
The Cove Open Day 
Incentives from CFI
• Intensive Support Customised
• Job Search Training
• Pre-selection Course
• Financial support for training
• Advertising
• Post recruitment support
    Pre Interview Training

• 3 week training program financed by CFI
• 12 units delivered by Brightwater over
  2 weeks
• 4 units delivered by CFI over 1 week
    Brightwater Accredited 
    Units included:
•   Normal Ageing     •   Fire & Emergency
    Process           •   Safety & Health
•   Person Centered   •   Privacy, Confidentiality
    Approach          •   Manual Handling
•   Dementia Care     •   Dysphagia
•   Continence Care   •   Communication
•   Pressure Care     •   Hospitality
     CFI Training

Units included:
• Communication Skills
• Customer Service Skills
• Job Preparation
• Time Management Skills
       Interview Process
         Development by CPE 
         Recruitment Group:

• Applicant Information Pack
• Pre screening process with short listing
  matrix for rapid identification
• Structured interview question pack
• Formal reference check process
  Candidate Interviews
• 4 Interviewing Teams
• 1 Group Interaction Team
• 6 - 8 Interviews per day per team
• 5 Interview Days
• Total of over 170 interviews conducted
           Staffing Success
• Over 90 staff recruited
• Additional casual staff recruited for a pool
• 7 Job Network Community First Inc. recruits
• Future training opportunities identified with
  Traineeships for Cert III and IV

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