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					Jessica Lynn Herres

          l   Favorite Color: Orange
          l   Favorite Food: Reuban Loaf
          l   Favorite T.V. Show: Law &
              Order or CSI
          l   Favorite Season: Fall
          l   Favorite Subject: ????
          l   Favorite Artist: Josephine
          l   Favorite Place: Adams
              Center, NY
          l   Favorite Activity: Soccer,
              Volleyball, Painting
          l   Favorite Person: My Mom
          l   Favorite Holiday: Easter
My Personal Number Museum
             l   Birthday: June 11, 1986
             l   Height in Inches: 65… I think
                 (I had to use a calculator)
             l   Time you were born: 6:26 pm
             l   Phone Number: 813-842-0166
             l   Address Number: 708-202
             l   Favorite Number: 3
             l   Shoe Size: 8

             <= My 21st “Superhero” Birthday
               My Special Event

l   This past July I was able
     to spend 10 wonderful
    days with my Grandpa in
     New York. This picture
      was taken just 4 days
        before he died. My
    Grandpa meant the world
      to me; I loved him like
    crazy; and I will miss him
            very much.

                                 Willem, Grandpa, Me, Grace
       5 Things I Want My Class
          To Know About Me
l   I might be sarcastic at times,
    but I really am a nice person.
l   If I don’t get enough alone time,
    I get cranky.
l   I love: my family, my friends,
    and almost all little kids.
l   I have been a nanny for a boy
    named Aedan for 2 years, so if
    I talk about “my baby”, that’s
    what I mean.
l   Sometimes I’m self-conscious
    and afraid people don’t like me.
         My “Spice” Goals
1. I will spend my time efficiently and keep
     myself busy with a variety of activities.

2. I will use the resources and tools I’ve
     acquired to pull myself up instead of bring
     myself down.

3. I will make my life about me, and do what I
     need to do to be happy.

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