New York Doctor Combines Varicose Vein Treatment With Leg Contouring For Total Leg Makeover

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					New York Doctor Combines Varicose Vein Treatment With Leg Contouring For Total Leg Makeover

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Dr. David A. Greuner

Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. David Greuner says varicose veins are treated with a new, almost scarless
method and legs are contoured to a more youthful shape with micro cannula liposuction. The result? Smooth
and beautifully shaped legs for women of any skin type or color.

Online PR News – 19-July-2013 – New York, NY - Dr. David A. Greuner has invented the Total Leg
Makeover ™ which combines cutting edge, minimally invasive techniques to make a woman’s legs look
younger, healthier, and more beautiful. Dr. Greuner says that all women can have legs they are proud of,
without unsightly varicose and spider veins and with more attractive contours.

The Total Leg Makeover™is done using the latest techniques including No-Knife Endovenous Laser, a new
scarless procedure for treating varicose veins and improving circulation. “The No-Knife technique goes a step
further than the methods utilized by even the most experienced minimally invasive surgeons now treating
venous disease,” he says.

“Instead of using a scalpel, I use just a small needle to enter the vein, using ultrasound guidance,” says Dr.
Greuner. “Usually, surgeon will make a small incision and a sheath is used to pass a laser or radio frequency
catheter into the blood vessel. This approach leaves a 3-10mm scar, depending on the procedure. While this
scar may not be so noticeable in patients of Northern European background, a small scar can be a significant
concern to patients with darker skin colors, especially for younger women, who are our major clientele."

“With the No-Knife procedure, our surgeons can avoid leaving a scar by utilizing a specially developed very
thin laser fiber and the most modern laser technology available today. This laser fiber is specially engineered
to be able to fit directly through a needle no larger than a needle typically used to draw blood,” says Dr.

“Once the patient’s legs are functionally at their best, we use the least invasive, most effective form of
liposuction, “micro cannula tumescent” liposuction to sculpt the legs to the best shape possible,” says Dr.

Dr. Greuner and his associates are part of a select and rare group of physicians in this country to be trained
and experienced in micro cannula liposuction with tumescent anesthesia, the safest form of liposuction.
“Micro cannula liposuction involves very small liposuction tools that accomplish a smoother, more natural
result with minimal incisions that will typically heal without scarring,” says Dr. Greuner. “Some patients may
be better candidates for laser liposuction, which is also available at our offices,” he says.

Dr. Greuner and his associates start with a state of the art vascular ultrasound examination of a patient’s leg
circulation, which is often covered by health insurance. The staff evaluates the arteries and veins, and
accurately diagnoses any abnormalities or symptoms that need to be addressed. The doctor will then discuss
the results and concerns, both functional and cosmetic before going forward. A full treatment plan covering
medical and cosmetic problems will be discussed including information on the best treatments for each
individual patient and the treatment schedule involved.

Dr. Greuner says that finishing touches to the legs, such as injection sclerotherapy, may be utilized to erase
any signs of aging that may be present after liposuction and vein ablation is done. “Depending on the patient,
more than one procedure may be necessary to complete the look,” he says. “With the Total Leg Makeover™,
we can truly reverse the clock for women who want younger-looking legs.”

For more information or to schedule an evaluation for the No-Knife Endovenous Laser™ procedure, call
888-286-6600 or visit Locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey.

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David A. Greuner, M.D.
800 Second Avenue, Second Floor
New York
New York
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