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									For 70 Years Fairfax Electronics Has Made Security Systems…Safe

With decades of experience in the world of electronics, closed circuit systems and home
security, Fairfax Electronics is the most reliable choice for your security.

Los Angeles, CA –Companies and private residences in Los Angeles have been
depending on the excellence and integrity of Fairfax Electronics for decades. The
company has worked hard to build a reputation for providing top rated products in
the field of security since they opened their doors in 1945. Since then, they have
developed into a nationally trusted security service provider through the positive
word-of-mouth, top ratings, and referrals from their happy customers and
clients. But, it is not just friendly service, best prices and dependable installation
experts that have launched the company to where it is now. Fairfax Electronics has
a reputation for doing things right the first time. “We know companies and
employers depend on good security systems to protect their homes and businesses,”
says owner Paul Ramos. “By doing a great job right from the start, we save business
owners and home owners thousands of dollars every year and help insure they are

Here are 3 ways Fairfax Electronics save businesses and customers money:

Systems from Fairfax Electronics are proven to Support Insurance Claims

Corporate, industrial and commercial buildings normally need security systems as
much as private residences. Both are vulnerable to unexpected damage, fire, theft
or other calamity. You may have insurance, but unfortunately, insurance companies
are not in your corner when it comes to theft, accidents or damage to your property.
As a profit motivated industry, the insurance company’sfirst priority is to find you
ineligible for coverage so they don’t have to pay out. Fairfax Electronics offers solid
solutions that help you prove your case so you can get the funds you need for
repairs. It is wise for both business and private residences to add the tried-and-
testedsecuritysystems that Fairfax offers its customers to insure they are protected
in the event of a disaster.

Using Security Devices to Protect Employees and Streamline the Workplace

Proximity cards, used to swipe and open doors, are an excellent way to maintain
productivity and employee reliability. Each card can be customized to a specific
employee, and this is a perfect way to ensure policies and prevent unnecessary time

Thecorporate liability of injury on the job is also an important issue to be
considered.A CCTV system will protect interests of both parties – the individual and
the organization. Video does not lie. Those who would try and bilk the system or
company for false injuries and claims may have their day in court, but the video will
show who is really at fault. A “smart” CCTV surveillance system with motion
activation, facial recognition technology, and other intelligent features can protect a
business from theft,provide a record of events during the day, and save money.

Deterring Cyber Crime, Intruders and Computer Hacking withNetwork

Lastly, and in this day of electronic communication possibly the most important,
Fairfax Electronics has network security devices that keep unwanted visitors out of
secure computer locations. The computer antivirus maker McAfee, a technology
security firm, estimated that computer crime have cost companies over $1 trillion
across the globe. Financial and industry informationstored behind firewalls oran
encrypted server is nearly invaluable to companies and consumers, so maintaining
this privacy is of the highest importance. Fairfax Electronics can keep your network
safe and protected against malicious behaviors and attacks by hackers.

Fairfax Electronics offers a one-stop shop for all of your security and electronics
needs. The highly trained personnel are skilled at installing and maintaining
dependable electronic security systems, plus they can answer your questions about
everything from remote view devices to mag locks. To learn more about ways you
can save money at home and at work using the best security systems and
technology available, visit .

About Fairfax Electronics
Fairfax Electronics is a provider of Security Electronics such as CCTV, IP Security
Devices, Intercoms, Fire Detection, Access Control. We have been providing leading
edge solutions to the public for over 70 years. We are experts in detection products
for every application.

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