Metro Land Customer Service by yurtgc548


									Metro Land Customer Service
Metro Land is small theme park in the
Metro Centre Gateshead. It is
becoming increasingly unpopular due to
the poor customer service it gives to

Complaints include…
“The staff look a reet state!!!”

“The rollercoaster staff was propa rude!”

“A made a complaint and nowt was did aboot
it like!”

“The manager I spoke to was not listening”

“ I didn’t know what to do to make a
           Your Challenge
You have been employed as customer service
specialists to sort the mess out. In your pair you
must carry out the following…
- Design a new smart uniform for Metro Land Staff
- Design a customer service ‘training plan’ for the
next six weeks, think about what topics should be in
- Design a Ten point Customer Service Guide to be
used in staff training
- Design a ‘complaints sign’ to be put up in the park
to instruct customers who want to make a complaint
Airline Challenge

You and your partner work in the marketing department for British
Airways and have been asked to create a TV advert promoting the new
Super Airbus designed by BA.

The new Super Air Bus has been designed to meet the needs of all types of
customer through the facilities and services on board. It has two levels
and is divided up into 10 sections plus the cockpit.

You must…
-Think about what facilities and
services are needed on board to
meet all customers’ needs
- Create your advert
- In your advert, show all of the
facilities on board and what type
of customer they are for.
What sort of needs would the following types of
customer have if they were flying with Easyjet?
(Sketch table into book)
     Type Of Customer                  Customer Needs   Were these needs met by

     Individual                        Safety


     People of Different Ages

     People from Different Cultures

     Non-English Speakers

     Specific needs e.g. Disabled or
     very young children

     Business people
Concordia Leisure Centre

    Blyth Valley Council feel it is about time Concordia Leisure Centre is
    updated to cater for a variety of customer needs

    Local School Children have been asked to come up with a plan for how
    the centre could be updated. On Inspiration you need to create a mind
    map that…

-   Shows five types of customer who would use the new centre
-   For each type of customer describe three specific needs they would
    On PowerPoint or Word
-   Create a layout for the new centre including all the new facilities and
    services that would be included to meet the needs of each type of

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