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									Housewright Construction Announces Its Focus on Historic Home Preservation in Vermont

Vermont is known for its historic homes and commercial structures; Housewright Construction shares the
state’s commitment to historic home preservation.

Online PR News – 19-July-2013 – Visitors to Vermont often remark that the state – especially in its bucolic
areas, which are myriad – is full of old structures that evoke the majesty and the slower pace of a bygone era.
Can those old structures be saved? There are actually programs to accomplish just that.

The Vermont Department of Economic, Housing and Community Development (DEHCD) has received $19.6
million in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help address
the housing foreclosure crisis. Funds are made available for the acquisition and redevelopment of foreclosed,
blighted and abandoned properties enabling them to be rehabilitated back to residential use.

With a federal and state commitment to redeveloping foreclosed and blighted properties, it is necessary to
locate competent Vermont custom builders and restoration specialists to help fulfill the federal and state
mandate. Housewright Construction in Newbury VT is one such specialist dedicated to Vermont home

“We are passionate about bringing older houses in Vermont back to life with historic restoration and
preservation. As a matter of fact, our company is on a list of contractors approved for projects involving
historic reproduction, preservation and restoration in Vermont. During thirty years in business, we have had
the joy and privilege of rejuvenating old houses and buildings for miles around,” asserts Tom Craig, the
indefatigable owner of Housewright Construction.

Out of the countless Vermont preservation projects the Rutland company has handled, some stand out more
than others.

“For example, we decided to reuse the gorgeous wood floors in a Cape Cod home from the 1830s. Our
workers took those floors and refinished them to preserve the beauty and history of this historic Vermont
home,” Tom Craig adds.

With a wealth of structures containing usable and refurbishable materials, it is easy to imagine that
Housewright Construction will be able to work such miracles again and again throughout the Green Mountain

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