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State Patrol report


									                  MINNESOTA STATE PATROL'
 CASE CONTROL NUMBER:                         13600891
 DEFENDANT:                                   Bradley Charles Gunderson
 DATE OF BIRTH: Check of Juvenile        0    01/16/1965
 DATE OF ARREST:                              02/17/2013

 On 02/17/2013 at approximately 1456 hours I was dispatched to the area of 18th
 Street North and 9th Avenue North in the city of Sa uk Rapids in Benton County to
 assist the Sauk Rapids Police Department. I arrived at approximately 1520
 hours. When I arrived I spoke to SRPD Officer Welsh. 'He informed me that the
 Chevrolet Blazer ahead of us in the snow bank had been driving west on 18th
 Street North and lost control. The Blazer, MN Lie: 307BUP had ran off the right.
 side of the road where it struck garbage cans and street signs. It then veered
 back into the road and off the left side of the road where it became stuck in the
 large snow bank.

Officer Welsh let me know that the driver of the Chevrolet was Bradley Charles
Gunderson, 008: 01/16/1965. There wasn't anybody else in the vehicle at the
time of the incident. Officer Welsh said that Gunderson smelled Iike'the strong
odor of an alcoholic beverage and appeared to be impaired. Officer Welsh
informed me that Gunderson was the mayor of Sauk Rapids and asked if I could
deal with him to avoid a conflict of interest. I agreed to help with that and Officer
Welsh said that he would deal with the crash.

  I first had contact with Gunderson while he was seated in the rear of the Sauk
  Rapids squad. When I opened the door I could immediately smell the strong
  odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Gunderson. His eyes were very
  watery. I asked him what happened and he said he wasn't sure., . Gunderson
  was slurring his speech. I asked where he was going arid he said he was going
. home, he said it was only a block away. I told him my observations and asked
  how much he had been drinking. He said he had two 22 ounce beers at JP's Bar
  around 1400 hours, although he didn't know what the current time was at that

I had Gunderson step out of the squad for field sobriety tests. The first test I
explained was the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Gunderson said he did not
wear contacts or glasses. I started the test then had to stop and remind
Gunderson not to move his head. When I started again I noted a lack of smooth
pursuit in both of his eyes. He had distinct and sustained nystagmus at
maximum deviation in both eyes. He had almost immediate onset of nystagmus
in both of his eyes. Gunderson also exhibited vertical nystagmus. I then told
Gunderson that I was going to have him try two balance tests and asked if he
had any medical problems that affected his balance. He said he had surgery on
both of his knees and that he would not be able to do them. I explained the tests.
further and asked if he wanted to try and he indicated that he would not. I had
him spit out the gum in his mouth and asked if he would take a PBT. He agreed
 to do that. I retrieved my PBT from my car and explained the instructions.
 Gunderson did provide a sample on my PBT with a result of .286 at 1529 hours.
 I told Gunderson that he had tested well over the legal limit and that he was
 under arrest for OWl at that point.

 I had Gunderson sit in the rear of my car. In my car I read the MN motor vehicle
 implied consent advisory. I began the advisory at 1536 hours. Gunderson said
 that he understood everything that I explained. He did not wish to consult with
 an attorney at that time .. Gunderson agreed to take a urine test. I completed the
 advisory at 1538 hours. I then began transporting Gunderson to the Benton
 County Jail at approximately 1540 hours. We arrived at the jail at approximately
 1602 hours. When we arrived the jail staff did their intake procedure. After they
 completed that they gave custody back to me. I escorted Gunderson to the
 restroom in the intake area and had him provide his urine test. He provided the
 sample at approximately 1614 hours with kit #U191144.             I completed the
 paperwork with him and sealed the kit in his presence.

I completed more paperwork and told Gunderson that he would receive
information in the mail when I got his test results back. I then brought Gunderson
into the booking area to have him processed. The jail Sergeant asked what
Gunderson had PBT'd and I told him the results. The Sergeant said that Benton
Jail's policy was not to accept anybody over a .25 without being cleared by the
hospital. He then gave Gunderson another PBT which was still over .25 and said
they would not accept him. At that time instead of bringing Gunderson to detox
and tying up a bed or driving all the way to the hospital, waiting there, and driving
back I decided to bring him to a responsible party and drop him off. Gunderson
said his wife would be home .. I then began transporting him to 701 Erickson Ct.
in Sauk Rapids. When we arrived there Gunderson could not get into his house
and no one would answer the door. I asked where else I could bring him and he
said we could try his ex-wife and childrens house which was nearby. We drove
to 1301 Summit Ave where those parties were and I left him in their care. I
mailed his urine test later in the day and charges will be pending the results .

.On 03/06/13, I received the toxicology results of the urine test from the BCA.
 Their report showed that Gunderson's a.c. was 0.26%. At this time all of the
 reports were forwarded to the prosecutor for charging.

Si nature:

Arresting Trooper: J. Norstrom                                  DATE: 02/19/13
                             MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY
                                              Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
                                            Forensic ScienceLaboratory  - St. Paul
                                                 1430 Maryland Avenue East
                                                     St. Paul,:MN 55106
                                   TEL: (651) 793-2900 TTY: (651) 282-6555 FA.¥: (651) 793-2901

                                    An ASCLDILAB-Il1tC1'11at;ol1al           Accredited Laboratory

To:        M~P District 2600
                                                                                                      Lab No.        S13-02220
           372512th StreetNol.1h
           St.Cloud, MN 56303                                                                         Report No. I

           Attenti<:m: SP22S- Trp, 1. Norstrom

                                                          Toxicology.    03/0612013

 Laborat0l1' Number:        S13-02220                                             Requesting Agency:  MSP District 2600
 Section RelJOIilng:        Toxicology                                            Agency Case Number: 13600891
 Case. T~1,e:               DWI                                                   County:             Benton
 Princiilals:               Bradley Charles Gunderson                            .Date of llirtb:    ,Olii6/l965

 Description of Submitted Evidence:

                  Type and .Packaging                   KitNunlb~r         Descriution/Source                         Date/Time Collected
  1               Sealed BtA DWl: utillecollectioll     Ul91l44            :Bradley Charles Guildersoli               02/17/2013      16:14

 Results of Laboratory EXHlllination:

        AI):alysis revealed an ethyl alCoholcollcentratiOll        of 0.26 grams per 67 milliliters pfurine.

Pursuant-to Minn. ~Statute634.15, Iilave analyzed at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensic Science Laboratory,
'usillg:an approved gas chromatographic procedure, this seaIedsampleofurilleidentified            to,'me as havillg:been obtained.from the above
 illc1i'vid)lM,I 'h~reby'celtify tIr~t 1 am traill~a in the analysis ~nd ititerptetationof blood and urinetesfs for 'alcohol putsuantto MinH. Rule
 7502.0600 arid th~t the above is true and aCci.mite.

 b.onna B. Zittel. FTS-ABFT
 Forensic Sciehtist

 Disposition:      This evidence will be destroyed by the laboratory twelve lllOl1.thsfollowil1gthe date .ofthis report.
                   Please notify the BCAForeilsic Sclence.Laboratory,ifyou     would like the evidence returned to
                   your e;tgency.
Disttibution:MSP Distrkt2600       -1


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