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Canadian Tire Helps You Hone Your Skills


									                 Canadian Tire Helps You Hone Your Skills
If you’re planning to become an automotive service technician, apprenticeships are
the best way to get your foot in the door. Traditional apprenticeships require you to
obtain employment first before you can take additional courses, a step that’s not always
easy      for    new     graduates    who     are      fresh     to     the     industry.

That’s why Modified Apprenticeship Programs or MAPs are a great alternative. They offer
you the same thing but are more flexible with their admission, offering the option to
enroll through a successful interview process. Centennial College in Toronto has a
number of different MAPs including one with one of the largest household names in the
country: Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire is recognized for their commitment to sustainability and innovative
practices. It’s an ideal place to take up an apprenticeship if you’re looking to gain hands-
on experience with all kinds of makes and models. And with service centres that see an
average of 10,000 automobiles daily, you’ll never be short of work. Working in this type
of environment will give you access to a number of different cars, so you’ll gain general
knowledge that is transferrable across all industries and you’ll have one of the most
respected names in the industry behind you.

MAPs are uniquely designed and balance intensive classroom learning with on-site
employment training. This program is exceptionally intensive and will teach you
everything you need to know to get ahead in the field including: Drive train Systems,
Electrical/Electronic & Emissions Systems, Engine Systems, Work Practices and
Procedures and Suspension/ Steering and Brake Systems.

During the classroom portion, you’ll study at Ashtonbee campus, which boasts the
largest on-site transportation training facility in Canada, so you can learn new skills and
refine your abilities in a realistic work environment.

If you’re ready to test-drive your career, learn new skills and get ahead with one of the
most respected North American automotive names, you can discover more about all this
program has to offer by clicking here.

                                                                                         Author: Jason

Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada
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