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Interim Structural and
  Operational Plan
     during 2000
  Interim Structural and
  Operational Plan 2001
Interim Operating Plan for
       2002 – 2003
What was the operational
   program before
     ISOP 2000?
    Why was a different
Operational Plan necessary for
  ISOP was needed to met the US Fish &
    Wildlife Service Biological Opinion

• Western Habitat             • Eastern Habitat
  – Water level of 6.0 feet     – Pass 30% of
    or less at NP 205 for         regulatory releases
    60 consecutive days           from WCA3A to east
    between 1 March and           of L-67 ext measured
    15 July                       weekly
  – Avoid adverse               – Implement Test 7 P 2
    impacts to other              or equivalent for
    natural areas and             SDCS by 1 March
    species in system           – Limit S-332 & 332D
                                  discharges to 165 cfs
What were the operations
  during ISOP 2000?
    What was ISOP 2000?

• Temporary Deviation to WCA-2A

• Temporary Deviation to WCA-3A
       What was ISOP 2000?
• Changes in the operation of structures in
  WCA-3A, and WCA-3B
• Maximized the outflow to coastal canals
  from the Water Conservation Areas
• S-12 A-D: Minimized
• S-343 A & B and S-344: Minimized
• S-333: Maximized when downstream
  conditions permitted
• S-151, S-31, S-337, S-335, S-334, L-31N, L-
  31W operations: Modified
      What was ISOP 2000?
• Canal stages in L-31N were Lower
• Operation of S-332D, no upper limit on
  stages in L-31W
• S-332 and S-175 were not operated
• Construction and Operation of S-332B
  pump station to move water from L-31N
  west to a detention area
          S-332B Concept
• Temporary 575 cfs Pump Station and
  detention area.
• Constructed within footprint of C-111
  permanent pump station and detention
  area for land credit.
• Detention area re-hydrates eastern areas.
• Completed 13 April began pumping 17
How is ISOP 2001 different
    from ISOP 2000?
     ISOP 2001 vs. ISOP 2000
• No deviation to the WCA-2A reg. schedule
• Revised deviation to the WCA-3A reg.
  Schedule which allows for S-12D ops all
• Changes in pumping rate for certain
  months at S-332B and S-332D
• Overflow may occur more often at S-332B
  detention area to meet requirements for the
  sparrow - No Additional Detention Area
How is IOP different from
       ISOP 2001?
• ISOP 2001 = IOP Phase 1

• IOP Phase 2 = When the 8.5 SMA project is
  completed, then S-333 will not be cutback
  when water levels at G-3273 exceed 6.8 ft-
Current Conditions
Forecasted Conditions
Regional Drought
  NWS Climate Prediction Center

• Updating the late winter to early spring
  (February through April) Seasonal
  Outlook, forecasters at the NWS Climate
  Prediction Center are predicting warmer
  than normal temperatures along the
  southern tier states
• There is a higher than normal chance of
  less than normal precipitation expected in
         IOP EIS Schedule
• Draft IOP EIS in Federal Registrar - Feb
• Public Comment Period - Feb-Apr 01
• Final IOP EIS in Federal Registrar - Jun
• Public Comment Period - Jun-Jul 01
• Sign Record of Decision - Sep 01

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