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									Company Registration Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a tax efficient jurisdiction that provides some great enticements for businesses that move
there. The local businesses can benefit from the very low profits tax rate of 16.5%, some areas are even
tax free. Hong Kong companies don’t have to pay taxes on dividend income and capital gains and there
are no strict or otherwise requirements for directors and shareholders.

Types of Companies
     Limited Liability Company
    This is the most common business vehicle in Hong Kong. The limited company is a separate asset
    and therefore the owners/directors personal assets, liabilities and risks remain protected from those
    of the company.

     Sole Proprietorship
    This type of company is appropriate for small and low risk businesses that only have a sole owner. It
    is easy to set up. On the other hand, this is not the suggested business arrangement for
    entrepreneurs as it does not represent the company as a separate legal entity and does not guard
    the owner’s personal possessions from business liabilities.

     Partnership
    Partnership allows two or more people to share in the ownership of a single business. Partners are
    mutually and separately liable for the dealings of the other partners. But there is a Limited
    Partnership; it offers limited liability to the partners.

     Foreign Company Office
    International businesses also have the ability to set up local Hong Kong office. They will need to
    register at the branch, subsidiary or representative office as such.

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