Controversial Issues in Social Education by hcj


									Controversial Issues in
  Social Education
        Cherie Fields
     Stephanie Patterson
 What are controversial issues?
n Issues that are likely to be sensitive that
  have a political, social or personal impact
  and arouse feelings or deal with questions
  of value or belief.
n Can be local or global
n Any issue can become controversial
  Think-Quick Write-Pair-Share
n How   should schools respond to
  controversial issues?
n What can teachers do to avoid unfairly
  influencing pupils?
n What kind of values may legitimately be
  taught in school?
 Debate Activity:
Rights for Children
   How should schools respond to
       controversial issues?
n Some   opportunities already exist in the
n Provide opportunities for students to
  express their concerns
  Responsibility of the teacher
n Give equal importance to conflicting views
n Establish a positive classroom environment
n Present all information and opinion as
  open to interpretation
      Six roles of the teacher
n Committed
n Objective or Academic
n Devil’s Advocate
n Advocate
n Impartial Chairperson
n Declared Interest
     Values taught in schools
n Distinguish   between public and private
  – Public values might include:
     § Social Justice
     § Political Equality
     § Tolerance
     § Human Rights
     § Respect for the rule of law
     § Commitment to negotiation and debate to resolve
    Controversial issues can help
       develop thinking skills
n Information-processing     skills
n Reasoning  skills
n Enquiry skills
n Creative thinking skills
Global Education and Controversial
n “Teaching about controversial issues: guidance
  for schools” The Citizenship Foundation
n “Global Citizenship Guides: Teaching
  Controversial Issues” Oxfam GB

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