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  Benefits of Custom Software Development

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  The closest relationship of a software company is with its client and to maintain a close knit relation, the company
  needs to understand as its utmost priority to implement client’s requirement.

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  The closest relationship of a software company is with its client and to maintain a close knit relation, the company
  needs to understand as its utmost priority to implement and execute the client’s requirement. At a stage when Business
  firms are striving to become unique achievers, a simple software package with readymade applications may restrict
  their winning possibilities. For procuring uniqueness in Business objectives, customized or customer-friendly software
  is the best option. The role played by custom software development brings output as desired by the client. Customized
  software is prepared on the basis of the requirements and preferences of the client. Tailor-made software prepared
  using the latest technology, only for the client’s purpose and not for the masses is what custom software development.
  Any complication or disapproval of the client that stems out can be modified at the time of preparation of the software
  with the client’s consent and this is where the foremost advantage of custom software development lies. Once the
  product is made and sold to the client, there is no need to modify the custom software as it is already made for
  perfection. In case of a pre-developed software package, a client may have to go through a rigorous process of
  restructuring their objective in order to compliment the software application (which is generally not preferred).
  Otherwise, they may have to contact the software manufacturer for modifications in the existing software to suit the
  requirements. This steals a lot of valuable time and money. The customized software is made for a single buyer or a
  group (a business firm) and thus the entire cost of development has to be borne by one customer which is not the case
  with off-the-shelf software. Post-development, custom software saves time as the client does not require modifying
  the package. The time consumed during the preparation of custom software may be more. But, this should not be a
  hurdle in choosing between pre-developed and custom software for a business firm’s specific purpose as the product’s
  life cycle may stretch during the development stages. And why does it happen? This is because; to procure perfect
  custom software as the end product requires rigorous probing to understand, analyze and accurately implement the
  ideas to shape up into a product. Again, pre-developed software may benefit in less expenditure, but the high cost
  during the development of custom software is due to intrinsic research and excess requirements as the product has to
  be a client desired output. The output brings desired business results. Some of the examples of custom software
  development include software for mobile phones (phone access, automated mail triggers on event, interfacing with
  extreme systems and high security reports), custom data base design and web applications (constructing company
  websites). A dedicated custom software company stays in constant touch with the client via tele-conference, phone or
  email and chat, irrespective of being offshore or onshore. This is the most important task as the needs can be
  communicated frequently and no scope for doubts is created. Both pre-development and post-development of the
  custom software require communication. The former would provide the software company with information needed to
  start the development and the latter would be required to explain the working of a software application and also to
  remove any possible discrepancies. The utilization of custom software procures faster, quality business results for the
  cost savings. A process-driven working model is followed by such companies which also involves pilot run and quality
  assurance tests. The team involved in developing custom software has sound domain knowledge and also is well aware
  of the competitors in the business. In a fast paced business world where every firm is ready to outdo the other,
  working with a software that suits and is modified to the company’s needs and preferences is a viable option or lets
  say is a customized option.

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