DOE All Employees Meeting by yurtgc548


									                    NETL’s Investment in West Virginia
        Impacting Economy Through On-Site Operations
        Ø Contribute $87M through Federal and contractor salaries
            § Supports 764 jobs
        Ø Injected $5M through a daycare construction project
            § Created 67 construction jobs and 6 operation jobs
        Ø Obligated $18M in FY10 to WV small businesses through site
          support contracts
        Ø Draw over 2,000 visitors to Morgantown area per year

        Impacting Economy Through R&D
        Ø Obligated $342M in FY10 as part of multi-year agreements and
          contracts with a total award value of $792M
            § Includes $15M to WVU of which $6M is for the Regional
               University Alliance for Energy Technology Innovation
            § Generates 3,713 job-years*
    *Job estimate based on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors Guidance, May 2009.

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