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					       Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                                Transforming Our World
Developing integrated curriculum units to meet Stage
 5 NSW Board of Studies Syllabus requirements

Corpus Christi Catholic High School OAK FLATS
Jenny Allen
Christiarne Carroll-Cross
Matthew Perez
Sue Millet
Kate Burrett
Elizabeth Carnegie
         Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                                             Transforming Our World
Learning and Teaching Principles
Against a background of Catholic educational philosophy, the following
    guiding principles underpin learning and teaching at CCCHS:

A focus on the whole person whose dignity is respected and affirmed

The relational and transformational nature of learning grounded in
    quality relationships amongst all members of the school, parish and
    wider community and a reverence towards creation
An active, inquiry approach to learning fostering enjoyment,
    engagement and responsibility as students develop the skills of
    independent, creative, critical and reflective learners
A collaborative approach to learning where students appreciate the
    social dimension of human activity
          Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                                               Transforming Our World
Learning environments which are challenging, supportive, hope-filled,
     futures centred and flexible and which engage students in tasks of
     significance and relevance to produce learning which has value
     beyond the school
Value and support of individual differences and diversity
Curriculum integration as the organising paradigm,based on syllabus
     outcomes, incorporating social and emotional learning
Innovative pedagogical practices emerging from school based action
     research and from the wider educational community, which effectively
     integrate technology
Open, flexible and adaptable work spaces and resources that support
     an integrated approach to learning and teaching
Staff professionalism modelled on Jesus, the teacher and characterised
     by continuous collaborative learning, reflection, passion and personal
          Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                                                    Transforming Our World
Of all the habits of mind modeled in schools the habit of working to understand
    others, of striving to make sense of differences, of extending to others the
    assumption of good faith, of working towards the enlarged understanding of the
    group in short the pursuit of community may be the most important.
    (Grossman, Wineburg and Woolworth: 2000: 56)
At the heart of our work was the belief that before we could create interdisciplinary
    curriculum we first had to get to know each other as thinkers and learners. We
    had to grapple with and understand the disciplines we planned to integrate.
    (Grossman, Wineburg and Woolworth: 2000)
Trust is grounded in common understandings of what students should learn, how
    instructions should be conducted and teachers and students should behave
    with one another. (Bryk and Schneider, 2002)
Team Teaching can be an opportunity for professional support or a threat to
    professional autonomy. (Guiton, Oakes, Quartz, Lipton and Balisok: 1995)
           Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
• Enduring Understanding:                         Transforming Our World
In our “Too much is never enough” society where teenagers are told that
   they are “born to shop” and they must have the latest advertised
   consumer item , there is no consideration given to the impact of this for
   them as individuals or collectively. There are serious ethical and social
   impacts to our over-consumption in Australia. Can we change their
   mantra to “What do I need? Just enough ....”
• Fertile Question
What is the cure for affluenza: what are the social and environmental
   consequences of over-consumption in Australia?
• Name of Connected Learning Experience
Just Enough
• Identification of Socio-Emotional Learning
Self Awareness, Critical Questioning, Self Talk, Building Skills for Personal
   and Moral Responsibility, Values Clarification
         Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                                        Transforming Our World
Assessment Task: Multi media Presentation
Design a presentation for the Learning Group to promote the
   Buy Nothing Day Campaign in Australia. Your
   presentation might use a theme song, advertising posters
   and handouts which identify the costs of consumerism to
   inform their campaign.
In a written rationale include a personal response to Buy
   Nothing Day which refers to Catholic Social Justice
   teaching and indicates how you could modify your budget
   in response to this challenge.Calculate the financial impact
   of such a day for you and for all Australians.
           Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
Assessment:                                      Transforming Our World

Formative Assessment: Developing the enduring understanding and
   Assessment for Learning
Summarise statistics on consumption in Australia
Calculate personal income and expenditure
Analyse concepts of music through listening tasks
Outline the social justice teaching expressed in Rerum Novarum and
   Centesimus Annus
Discuss scripture analysis of Acts 4:32-35 sharing in early Christian
Investigate the persuasive text type: looking at media text types that
Conduct a personal audit of consumption
Outline the work of those working for justice in Australia
     Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                              Transforming Our World

Learning Experiences

Relational            Enquiry Based
Incorporating SEL     Pedagogy of Integration
Pedagogy of Discipline Relevant
Collaborative         Differentiated
Providing Choice      Innovative
  Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                          Transforming Our World

Learning to Learn:

What Thinking and Learning Tools will
 students need for successful engagement
 in this CLE?
             Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
Syllabus Areas
Religious Education: E10-3 Working for Justice in Australia
Catholic Social Teaching- Centesimus Annus (1991) Rerum Novarum (1891)
Scripture- Acts 4: 32-35 (Sharing in the Christian Community),
           Luke 16.19-31 (Lazarus at the gate of the rich man)

Maths: NS5.1.2: Solves consumer arithmetic problems involving earning and
  spending money
Consumer Arithmetic- Assess their own spending
Credit cards and borrowing patterns
Predicting your financial profile at 25: assessing income and expenditure:
what you were hoping to have and what you are able to afford?

Music: 5.4: Demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through
Look at some musicians who bypass mainstream music companies to release their work:
   Sandy Thom, John Butler and Xavier Rudd. Incorporate some listening tasks that reflect
   on the ideas of the CLE. Compose a song as part of your promotional campaign in
   response to what they have learned.
    Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                             Transforming Our World

Return to the Ten Teaching and Learning
Relational                 Enquiry Based
Incorporating SEL          Relevant
Pedagogy of Discipline Pedagogy of Integration
Collaborative              Differentiated
Providing Choice           Innovative
Music Stimulus

                 Therein lies the rub…
                 we can’t stop working.
                 we’ve gone out and
                 bought stuff..and now
                 we’ve got to pay it back

                 Home Improvements (2007)
                 My Friend the Chocolate Cake
Music Stimulus

                 Stand back and give me
                 some room, ‘cause I’m
                 here to consume…

                 Stand Back, (2006)
Music Stimulus

                 There is freedom round us
                 We have everything we need..

                 Better people with more good to

                 Better People, White Moth (200)
                 Xavier Rudd
Church Teaching
Centesimus Annus (1991)marked the 100th anniversary of
Rerum Novarum and said that all people are entitled to a fair
share of what God has created. The teaching came with a
warning about the self-centred materialism of our western

Scripture: Acts 4:32-35
‘Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart
and soul, and no one claimed private ownership of any
possessions, but everything they owned was held in common.
With great power the apostles gave their testimony to the
resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them
all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as
owned lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of
what was sold… and it was distributed to each as any had need.’
English Poster Stimulus
Our over-indulgent
society is fed by our
natural resources (like oil)
so we can build
McMansions in our
The simple fibro home
with the family around the
table is a disappearing
demographic. Our greed
feeds our need to have
Artwork by Dominic Ferrante
(Learning Advisor CCCHS)
Maths Stimulus
56% of Australians believe that they spend almost all their income on
basic necessities . (Hamilton, ‘Over-consumption in Australia’, The
Australia Institute, 2002).

(Veenhoven,’Sustainable Consumption and Happiness’, 2004)
Digging Deeper: Designing a CLE
                       Transforming Our World

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