Transforming the field of Ufology

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					          Transforming the field of Ufology
                                    Paul Budding
I do not sign up to the ETH. However, I think that those that do sign up to the
ETH are close to being at their best when they state reasons why there would be a
cover-up. (they are at their very best when they think that the authorities are as
much in the dark as the rest of us). But if ET visitation was a reality and for some
reason or other... they only made contact with a select few in government (and
maybe NASA) then this may well be covered up. True, NASA scientist types want
this information to be public (i.e., until they think about it). Because once they
have thought about it they start to consider... Fear and Panic (even if the aliens
don't abduct us we would think they probably do now... because well, we have
been lied to for so long, we would believe the UFO buffs now! You may stay calm
but what about your nervous granny who lives alone?). There would also be
religion problems especially if the aliens were out and out atheists!, immigrant
problems (there's enough difficulty integrating humans... the ET's may know that
they would never be accepted hence can only operate through stealth), there would
be the energy issue, and of course national security. (When America or any other
nation gets the fruits of a futuristic craft they don't go public. They get ultra secret
and keep the valuable information to themselves for the benefit of themselves and
of their allies). However, I am deeply sceptical that ET would travel light-years
across the cosmos only to crash land in the open secluded spaces of the U.S.
Southwest etc. Moreover, I am deeply sceptical that they would collude in a cover-
up with primitive people's. More likely they would never land on earth’s soil.
Sending undetectable probes and learning about us that way seems more sensible.
Hence, when I say that the ETH crowd are near to their best when answering the
"Why a cover-up?" question... I mean that a thought experiment leads to the
answers that they come up with. However, the "Would ET come here?" leads to
different answers as does the question "Would ET crash the UFO?" and "Would
ET's collude in a cover-up?" Hence we need to turn the whole issue on its head
and discuss it in terms of what we would do. Would we spread fear and panic
among peoples thousands of years more primitive than ourselves? Would we
communicate with peoples thousands of years more primitive than ourselves? I
think not. We wouldn't gain anything from doing so and there would be a problem
of commensurability. They wouldn't understand our science. And we wouldn't
want to give them a whole load of technology because they would use it to harm
their enemies. Hence Ufology is characterised by STEALTHY behaviour and
STEALTHY psychology. It is all about not being detected with 100% guarantee
that you won’t be detected due to being millennia smarter than those who you are
studying. Yes, there are clearly other characteristics... secret human craft,
psychological warfare (tricks!), and all of the mundane explanations for most
sightings. But when we get to what Ufology should be studying then we are in the
realm of commensurability and incommensurability which leads down the path of
the UFO phenomenon being about Stealth. Hence we can say that the UFO
phenomenon (at this level) is analogous to the Jungian archetype. i.e., the archetype
in-itself is unknowable. Hence the other intelligence is unknowable. In Jungian
psychology the archetype is said to be seen in its effects. In Ufology the effects
have not moved on from traces on the ground and radar blips. Nothing is ever
going to come from those traces on the ground and radar blips. But would we
leave any effects for primitives? Would we develop a control system strategy? that
(in a subtle manner) influences their evolution? Or would we merely observe them?
I think that we would merely observe them. And our probes would never be
detected. But what about discovery of an intelligence at a remarkably similar level
of intelligence to ourselves? There would be advantages for both them and
ourselves if we communicated because we would both be able to offer something
to the other... and thus each would enrich the other. We would still be better off
kept at a distance from one-another because of the immigrant problem (prejudices)
that would rise to the surface should any conflict arise. Hence Ufology in seeking
to discover profoundly superior intelligent life, is on the wrong track. Europa is the
best option for discovering the most basic life (according to NASA). And once the
most basic life is found to have emerged independently elsewhere beyond earth...
then we will know that life is common throughout the universe. But the HOLY
GRAIL = the discovery of COMMENSURABLE/SIMILAR intelligence to
ourselves. Then we have genuine communication and a genuine enriching of our

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