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									Wahls Of Wellness In Palatine, Provides Couples With Natural Fertility Therapy Options

Arlington Heights IL, 17-JULY-2013 - The Center of Acupuncture Fertility Chicago Illinois, Natural
Fertility Health Center, and Ian Wahl, director and founder of the Palatine fertility treatment, are
pleased to announce a number of fertility options that are natural, yet effective for couples in the area.
The center provides the measures and educational materials that allow couples to stop looking at
infertility and look at fertility instead.

A full menu of options are available to women and couples. These can be accessed at any level,
although the first step is usually an evaluation by the professionals at the Palatine fertility center to
determine the health status of the couple, as well as goals for the services. Most individuals are at least
interested in educational factors that can have a place in achieving fertility. The therapeutic measures
are available in the realms of spiritual, mental and physical options.

Ian Wahl of the Palatine fertility center spoke to an interviewer recently about the services available to
those visiting the clinic. "We place our emphasis on natural promotion of fertility. We are also pleased
that we can offer physical and emotional support when our clients are undergoing Assisted
Reproductive Therapy or bio-medical techniques for fertility. We have been able to assist hundreds of
couples to achieve their dream to conceive a child and carry it successfully through labor and birth."

Programs and services for men and for women are available. Men may be experiencing low sperm
count or faulty sperm which affect fertility. They may be stressed by performance anxiety or by low
libido. Women's issues with infertility may be physical, spiritual or emotional. The Center has
programs and counseling to work with many different types of couples and issues.

Learn more regarding natural fertility options by visiting the home pages at
http://www.naturalfertilityhealthcenters.com today. Members of the press and others who have more
questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact the Center at the location
provided below.

Contact Person Name: Ian Wahl
Company Name: The Center of Acupuncture Fertility Chicago Illinois and Natural Fertility Health
Address: 3375 North Arlington Heights Road, Suite A, Arlington Heights IL, 60004
Contact Telephone Number: (847) 392-7901
Contact Fax Number: (847) 392-7921
Contact Email: info@FertileSpirit.com
Website: http://www.naturalfertilityhealthcenters.com

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