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5 Important Considerations in Choosing a Restaurant POS System

Hotels and restaurants were among the first few to put electronic payment systems
in place. This saves restaurants from handling huge amount of cash, and the trouble
of remitting them into a bank account later. The common way of referring to an
electronic payment system is Point of Sale - POS for short. POS is not a standalone
unit. In fact they are linked to computers within an organization, and to their
account in banks forming a POS system. Typically a big restaurant will have
multiple POS and consequently multiple POS terminal. You may not be aware that
all terminals connect to the same banking account through the internet.

Externally what customers see in POS is cash payment, but they have a bigger role
to play and have vastly replaced cash register. The registers of yesteryears were
usually bigger machines and are still found in many restaurants, but they lack the
ability to handle debit or credit cards. Even with a register in place, a POS machine
is still a basic requirement to receive payment through debit and credit cards. POS
machines can be linked to a computer within the organization thereby making it
easy to maintain records of sale receipts.

Choosing the right system for a restaurant requires some knowledge of how the
restaurant itself functions. Big restaurants attached to a lodging facility may
require additional feature as compared against a single point of sale restaurants.
With POS becoming popular and convenient, and sales figures for POS shooting
up, many manufacturers have entered this lucrative field. With so many
manufacturers and newer features being introduced, you have to be more careful in
choosing the right machine for your restaurant.

Here are how to choose a proper system POS for your restaurant.

   1. First make a thorough study of your requirement – the number of terminals
      you need, the nature of printouts you will have to give your customers,
      whether you require to connect to an internal computer within the
      organization, and finally check if it is compatible with your banks
   2. The next thing you need to do is enlist at least 3 POS system vendors, if you
      want a multi-point POS. When you receive quotes from vendors, don’t go by
      the lowest quote for the hardware. There is more that to consider, like
      servicing for example.
   3. Ask each vendor for a warranty on the equipment that they will be
      supplying, and whether they will be willing to enter into an annual rate
      contract for expanding the network at a future date should your needs rise. If
      they will it is a positive point in favor of the vendor.
   4. A feature that you should normally have in POS is loyalty and bonus
      calculation capabilities. This will help your staff in preparing discount and
      loyalty points along with the bill. If you have a computer server in your
      organization check if the POS is compatible with it and whether integration
      is possible.
   5. Software can cost substantially, so you should request that the vendor quote
      with its price included. It is also a good idea to order receipt printer along
      with the system so that you don’t end up spending money on software or
      additional installation charges.
Summary- A big restaurant owner needs to know what kind of POS system his
restaurant would require, that should suit his or her business. A big restaurant
would generally require 3 POS so that a record can be maintained of the cash

Mr.Priyankar Baid runs the website . His website gives
insights about why a big restaurant owner should use a Cash register and a
receipt printer. These two devices helps the company maintain complete record
of the cash transfers they have done with their clients.

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