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									The Three Easy Steps to
 Design the Kitchen of
     Your Dreams

               July 2013
Make designing your dream kitchen
         easy on yourself
Many people would consider the kitchen
to be the center of piece to any
household. It’s the room where
nourishment is prepared. Food brings
people together and creates enough
memories to last a lifetime.

With that in mind it’s really important that
you are happy with your kitchen. Having
a kitchen that you feel comfortable in will
enhance you daily experience and really
make cooking meals and hanging out
with your friends and family in that space
much more fun and enjoyable over all.
              Step 1: Compare Styles
Whether you are looking for expensive or cheap kitchen cabinets. Browse as many
overall styles as you can. Put enough time and effort into this as possible so that you
are sure that you’ve weighted out all of your options. The last thing you want is to
commit to one style only to find out after you’ve paid for and installed everything,
that there is something that better suits your fancy.

Once figuring out which styles you like the best from there you can choose your
favorite of the bunch. It’ll be a tough decision to make but you’ll know the style that
works best for you when you see it.
    Step 2: Measure Your Kitchen
Make sure that you’ve measured your kitchen so that you know exactly where your
limitations are. It would be a shame to order everything you want and then find out
that you can’t even fit it all within your kitchen. Or just the opposite where there’s not
enough material to make your kitchen flush and full causing it to feel incomplete. You
want it to be just right, this is true whether you are searching for custom or ready to
assemble kitchen cabinets.
 Cabinet Measurement Checklist
Cabinets are integral to the design of the entire kitchen. Here’s a quick check list of
steps to take when measuring for your kitchen cabinets.

  1.   Ceiling: Measure the height of the ceiling. Browse to see the the entire ceiling is the same height. 
       (Note soffits and drop ceilings)

  2.   Walls: Measure the length of all walls with cabinets on them. Note if walls are open or closed on 
       each side. (Leave 2 inches at open ends for countertop edging.

  3.   Windows: Measure the width of windows including the frame. Also measure the distance from the 
       edge of the window to the corner or end. Note if there’s going to be cabinets above the window 
       and he height above it.

  4.   Range or Cook Top: Measure the width of the range or cook top. Mark the distance from the center 
       of the range or cook top to the nearest corner or end.

  5.   Hood: Mark down the distance from the center of the opening for the hood to the nearest corner or 
       end. Note what type of hood it’s going to be; unde rcabinet, microhood, or chimney style.
Cabinet Measurement Checklist

6.   Sink & Dishwasher: Measure the center of the plumbing to the nearest corner or end. Note if the 
     plumbing is irregular. Mark the location of the dishwasher, standard is 24”. Normally the sink will be 
     centered on the window if there is a window.

7.   Refrigerator: Measure the width and the height of the refrigerator, mark the location. Standard is 
     36” (w) x 72” (h). 

8.   Islands: We recommend leaving at least 36 inches on each side of the island.

9.   Other: Mark down any other notes or irregularities. 
       Step 3: Free Design Service
Once you have your style picked out and have accurate measurements down it’s
time to move on to looking into a free design service. There are sites that can design
your kitchen online if you know where to look.
                         In Closing
Designing a beautiful kitchen that will hold up for many years to come can be
simplified. With these three easy steps you do not need to feel intimidated and
can actually understand the process of what it takes in order to execute
designing a worthwhile kitchen.
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