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 Step 2: Getting Started – Registration in the
              Knowledge Center
 Global Learning Management System (LMS)

A.    Obtain all necessary documents
 The Child Day Center Licensure Packet documents may be downloaded and printed
 from here or from the VDSS webpage at

        Study Guide

        CDC Licensure Packet (new applicants only)

 Or, you can download the Child Day Center Licensure Packet documents in the
 Knowledge Center. Instructions will be provided as you begin the training; however, it
 is imperative that you print out the information BEFORE starting the Phase 1 session.

 Or, you may purchase the Child Day Center Licensure Packet documents from the
 Virginia Department of Social Services for $30.00.

        Order Form

B.    Register as a Non-State User in the Knowledge Center
A. You MUST have an email address in order to register at the Virginia Department of
   Social Services Knowledge Center. Multiple people cannot share one email
   address in the Knowledge Center. Each participant must have his or her own
   email address.

NOTE:       The Internet Browsers FireFox and Google Chrome will not work in
            the Knowledge Center. Only Internet Explorer will work.

 B. It is very important to download and/or print these
     instructions.    You will need to refer to them as you register as the process can be

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   complicated. The link to the Knowledge Center Global LMS is available at the end of
   these instructions.

C. The following set of instructions is for Licensing Community Partners

   Step #1. When you log onto the Knowledge Center Global LMS (using the link at the
   very end of these instructions), click the Register button on the log-on page (see

D. Step #2. Select Non State radio button then click the Submit button.

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E. Step #3. Fill in the form as noted below…. Then click the next button

F. Step # 4. Tell the system about your supervisor, or enter None, if you do not
   have one.

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Step #4.1 Verifying the supervisor.

Step 4.2 Selecting Supervisor OR indicating that none exists.

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G. Step #5   Selecting the Organization.

H. Step 6. Job Title. We do not populate this field at this time.   Type none in the
   text box and click the Search button.

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Step 6.1

Step 7. Reason for Access

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  Step 8. The request has been submitted to the unit registrar in step 7. You
  should receive a reply via e-mail within 48 business hours (exclusive of weekends
  and holidays).

 D. Review materials:

    While you are waiting for your registration confirmation, review the CDC Study
    Guide and CDC Licensure Packet documents.

 E. Go to Step 3:

 Once you receive your confirmation email, go to Step 3 Complete CDC Phase 1
 On-line in the Knowledge Center. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail,
 please contact Shelly Ann Elliott via e-mail at Or,
 you can contact VITA Customer Care at 1-866-637-8482.

CLICK here now to register in the Knowledge Center Global LMS


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