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        Why the Government?

                     Mr. Steve Lariviere
 Information Assurance, Cyber Defense & Cyber Security Systems
                          Engineering Division
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Information Assurance
                     and Cyber Security Directorate
         Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic
                                                                                                                         November 2, 2009

        Space and Naval Warfare Systems
                Center Atlantic

CAPT Bruce Urbon, USN
Commanding Officer
Mr. Ken Slaughter
Technical Director (Acting)
                              Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).
               Department of the Navy Organization
                                               Secretary of the Navy

                   Chief of Naval Operations    Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research Development and Acquisition

Space and Naval Warfare    Naval Sea Systems             Naval Air Systems                              Naval Supply Systems              Naval Facilities
Systems Command            Command                       Command                                        Command                           Engineering Command
San Diego, CA              Washington, DC                Patuxent River, MD                             Mechanicsburg, PA                 Washington, DC

SPAWAR Systems               SPAWAR Systems
Center Pacific
San Diego, CA
                             Center Atlantic
                             Charleston, SC                        Where We Fit
                          Our Mission:
 Provide quality full-service systems engineering and acquisition to rapidly deploy
 capabilities to the Naval, Joint and National Warfighter through the development,
 test, evaluation, production and fielding of sustainable, survivable and
 interoperable Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,
 Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Information Operations, Enterprise Information
 Services and Space capabilities that enable knowledge superiority.
                                               Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).                         3
          SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic

            Tidewater                                 Germany
New        Tampa

 Combined assets to
 create and            Strategically Located
 sustain mission
                   3,300 Civil Service Employees
                              120 Military Personnel
                          11,000 Industry Partners

                            Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).                4
            Areas of Expertise
            Engineered Solutions for the Warfighter
             C4ISR Integration                       Sensor Systems                                                    Mobile C4I Systems

Modeling & Simulation    Command Center Services                  Networks & Communications
                                                                                                                           • Personnel Programs
                                                                                                                           • Physical & Computer
Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection   Cryptology – Intelligence – Reconnaissance
                                                                                                                           • Image Processing
                                                                                                                           • Information Assurance
                                                                                                                           • Information
Air Traffic Control, Meteorology and Navigation Systems and Technical Services                                               Management & Support
                                                                                                                           • Visual Information
                                                                                                                           • Wireless Technologies

                                         Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).                    5
                     Community of National Assets

                                                                                                                                                         C4I integration

                                                                                                                                                         Military SDDC
                                   Former Naval Base                                                                                                     (841st Transportation
                                   Vehicle Integration site

Military SDDC
(841st Transportation Battalion)
                                                                                                                                                         Radio frequency
                                                                                                                                                         test facility
                                                                                Air Force
       RF Test
                                                                                                                                                         Ground terminus
                                                                                                                                                         supported by rail
                                                                                                                                                         and highway
“Jointness – The future of national and                                                                                                                  system
international security lies in interoperability
and cooperation among the services, the                                                                                                                  Charleston Air
interagency, international partners and non-                                                                                                             Force Base
governmental organizations…”
Admiral M. G. Mullen then Chief Naval Officer
                                                              Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).                           6
         Major Customers

§   Navy
                                             Providing quality                                                    TOA FY 09 $5.1Billion
§   Marine Corps                             full-service systems
§   Army                                     engineering and
§   Air Force                                acquisition to                                                           Joint
                                             rapidly deploy                                                                        54%
§   Unified Combatant Commands                                                                                                     Naval
§   Dept. of Defense                                                                                                    11%
                                                                                     81%                                National
§   Dept. of State                                                            Partnership
                                                                     with private industry
§   Dept. of Veterans Affairs
§   Dept. of Justice
§   Dept. of Treasury
§   Dept. of Homeland Security
§   Federal Aviation Admin.
§   National Science Foundation

                           Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).                        7
             Systems Engineering and
             Program / Project Management
        CMMI                            Lean Six Sigma                                                                     Program & Project
Measuring and assessing       Improving processes by eliminating waste                                                       Management
      processes                              & variation
                              Master                         3                                                                   § DAWIA PM
                              Black belt
                                                                                                                                 § Master of Science
                              Black belt      (14 Certified)
                                                                                                                                   in PM
                              Green belt                 536
                                                                                                                                 § CMMI PM & C
                                                                    August 2007 (5 /day)
                              Yellow belt           >1000                                                                        § PMP Certification
Carnegie Mellon, Software     White belt              2418                                                                       § Project Initiation
Engineering Institute (SEI)                                                                                                        Review (PIR)
 appraisal team awards
 Capability Maturity
                              Senior                     44                                                                      § CDMs & KSAs
 Model Integration                                                                                                               § Navy ERP PS
    (CMMI®)                                                         December 2007 (50 /day)                                      § PM University
Maturity Level 3              LSS + Team = 50 MRAPS
                                   unification per day
                                      Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (01 September 2009).                          8
                                                                              September 9, 2009

       CAPT Bruce Urbon, USN - Commanding Officer   Mr. Ken Slaughter - Technical Director (Acting)

       Space and Naval Warfare
       Systems Center Atlantic
       50D00 ISR, IO, IA and Cybersecurity
       Mr. Michael T. Kutch, Jr.
       50D Department Head and Director for Intelligence Surveillance,
       Reconnaissance (ISR), Information Operations (IO), Information Assurance
       (IA), and Cybersecurity
       SPAWAR 5.8 National IA Competency Lead
       SPAWAR 5.6 Deputy National ISR/IO Competency Lead
       16 October 2009

                   ISR, IO, IA and Cybersecurity
                   Department (50D) Organization
                                                                ISR,IO,IA & Cybersecurity
                                                                    Michael T Kutch Jr

                                     58                                                                               56
                               IA/Cybersecurity                                                                    ISR/IO
                                   Vacant                                                                          Vacant

           582                         583
                                       583                      584
                                                                 584                               561
                                                                                                   561                                      563
  IA, Cyber Defense, &           National Cyber                                          Information Operations              Joint & National ISR Systems Div
                                                                                                                              Joint & National ISR Systems Div
   IA, Cyber Defense, &           National Cyber         Advanced Cyberspace
                                                         Advanced Cyberspace              Information Operations
Cybersecurity Systems Div
Cybersecurity Systems Div   Reconnaissance Systems Div      Concepts Div
                                                             Concepts Div                          Div
                            Reconnaissance Systems Div                                                                       David Smoak / Mike Shafer
                                                                                                                             David Smoak / Mike Shafer
  Stephen M Lariviere
  Stephen M Lariviere             David Smoak               Mark Bienz
                                                            Mark Bienz                      Michael S Shafer                         (Acting)
                                  David Smoak                                               Michael S Shafer

                        Ø 669 Government
                        Ø 2,000 Contractors
                        Ø Active Contracts (87)
                           $ 1.6B


▼ SSC LANT Information Assurance (5.8)


▼ SSC LANT ISR/IO/IA and Cybersecurity Dept (50D)

         Purpose/Scope of Responsibilities

Information Assurance (IA) Engineering (5.8) Competency
The Information Assurance competency includes the scientific and engineering activities that protect and
    defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication,
    confidentiality, and non-repudiation.

IA Develops & Deploys...              IA Competency...                      IA Supports...

• Technical Measures to               • Serves as the Primary IA            • Multiple Warfighting and
  protect and defend                    service provider for                  Homeland Defense
     •   Networks                       Team SPAWAR in                        missions to include:
     •   Cyber Systems                  support of the                            •   Information
     •   Computers
                                        Warfighter                                    Operations (IO)
     •   Disruptions of                                                           •   Irregular & asymmetric
         Information                                                                  Warfare
     •   Denial                       • Educates, mentors and
                                                                                  •   Network-Centric Ops
     •   Degradation                    develops a capable                        •   Cyberspace Ops
     •   Destruction                    technical IA workforce
                                        and Technical Warrant
• Technical Measures
  provides restoration of
                                            •   Ability to meet Navy,
  information and                               Joint, and National IA
  information systems                           needs and

       CAO Structure (Tier 3 Competency Areas)

▼ 5.8.1 Cryptographic and Key Management
   § Engineering related to the development or
     acquisition of new Type 1 and Type 2 and
     commercial Cryptographic Key Management
▼ 5.8.2 Computer Network Defense – Cyber
   § Engineering activities providing for lifecycle security
     of network infrastructures and systems of the DoD
     and other Federal agencies
▼ 5.8.3 Information Assurance Systems
  Security Engineering
   § Employs a systems engineering approach to
     conceive, design, develop, verify and validate IA
     insertion into DoD and Federal information systems

              5.8 Story Line

                  ▼ SPAWAR 5.8 IA National Competency Lead and Navy’s IA Technical Authority
                  ▼ Shaping SECNAV/ASN RDA & OPNAV IA Policy & Doctrine
                  ▼ Navy & Joint IA Service Provider
                     § ASN RDA, OPNAV N6, SPAWAR,PEO/PMW, NNWC, Cross-SYSCOM
                     § Multiple Joint, Federal, IC Stakeholders
                  ▼ Focus on IA & Cybersecurity Capabilities and Gaps
                     § Navy/Fleet & Joint IA Readiness and Mission Assurance            Industry &
                     § Navy/Fleet & Joint IA Threat and Situational Awareness          Partnerships!
                     § Treating Navy/Fleet Networks as “Weapon Systems”
5.8 / 5.6 / 5.5
   Synergy             – NGEN, ONE-NET, CANES
                     § Operationalizing “IA and Cybersecurity”
                       – Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative
                       – Navy and Joint IA & Cyber Innovation and Engineering Center
                     § Secure(d) Service Oriented Architectures & Web 2.0/3.0 Systems
                     § Introducing IA SE Processes earlier in Life-Cycle
                     § Shifting to Systems-of-Systems & Platform Aggregation
                     § Future IA Workforce (Right-Sizing, Availability, Competency Development)

         5.8 IA Primary/Secondary Mapping

      5.8 Technical Warrant Areas and Subject
      Matter Expertise

▼ 5.8 Deputy Warranting Officer        ▼ 5.1 Technical Process Owner
  – Mike Kutch                           (TPO)
▼ 5.8 Technical Area Experts              § Information Assurance
  (TAE)                                     – Vacant
   § Information Assurance             ▼ 5.8 Subject Matter Expertise
      – John Mildner (SSC LANT)           § Over 75% degreed, with the
      – Gary King (SSC PAC)                 majority of degrees in
   § Certification and Accreditation        Electronic/Computer Engineer or
                                            Computer Science
      – Ann Rideout (SSC LANT)
                                          § 25% Post Graduate Degrees
      – Gleason Snashall (SSC PAC)          majority with Masters in
   § Computer Network Defense /             Information Assurance
     Computer Security                    § Majority have received Information
      – Cal Stephens (SSC LANT)             Assurance & Network Engineering
      – Brian Whyte (SSC PAC)               certifications.

      Major Programs Supported

TEAM SPAWAR                      NAVAL / OTHER
▼ PEO C4I                        ▼ NAVSEA
   § C&A Support                      § DDG 1000, CG(X)
   § PMW-160                     ▼   JTRS
      –   CND (Ashore/Afloat)         § Security Engineering
      –   Crypto Modernization   ▼   NSA
      –   CANES                       § HAIPE
      –   PKI / EKMS                  § UCDMO
   § PMW-120                     ▼   Heath Systems Mission Area Team (HMAT)
                                      § IA/CND Engineering Services, C&A, and
      – DCGS-N                          T&E
   § PMW 146                     ▼   Coast Guard
      – MUOS                     ▼   DISA
▼ PEO EIS                             § Security Engineering
  § NGEN                         ▼   DHS
  § ONE-Net                           § IA/CND, C&A/T&E Engineering Services
▼ SPAWAR HQ                      ▼   IRS
  § CIO Support                       § C&A/T&E, IA/CND Engineering Services
  § CA Support

▼ SSC LANT Information Assurance (5.8)


▼ SSC LANT ISR/IO/IA and Cybersecurity Dept (50D)

        Purpose/Scope of Responsibilities

 5.6 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Information Operations (IO)
 ISR/IO competency focuses on the science and engineering skills required to develop and field technical
 capability for observing, analyzing, exploiting, and modulating the physical, information, and cyber
 environments to enable decision superiority.

ISR                      IO                          METOC                      AUTONOMOUS
• Collection Planning    • End-to-End                • Environmental            • Unmanned Platforms
• Collection &             engineering                 Systems Integration              • Air, Land,
  Observation            • Psychological OPS         • Weather                            Surface,
• Processing             • Electronic warfare        • Atmospheric                        subsurface.
• Correlation            • Computer network            conditions                         biological
• Fusion                   operations                • Currents                 • Intelligent navigation
• Analysis               • Military Deception        • Temperature              • Man-machine
• Dissemination          • Architecture & Data       • Salinity                    interface
• Exploitation of Data     Storage                   • Bathymetry               • Perception, image
  & Information          • Operational security                                   understanding, target
• Data Structures                                                                 recognition
                                                                                • Mobility
                                                                                • Artificial intelligence
                                                                                • World modeling

             5.6 Story Line
            ▼ SPAWAR ISR/IO Deputy National Competency Lead
            ▼ Focusing on ISR & IO Capabilities and Gaps
                §   CNO (Admiral Roughead) Vision / ODNI Vision 2015
                §   Delivering Capabilities for Left-Side/Far Right-Side of Kill Chain
                §   Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS): Navy today, IC tomorrow?
                §   Operationalizing “IO and Cyber”
                    – Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative
                    – Navy and Joint IA & Cyber Innovation and Engineering Center                Industry &
                §   Maritime Domain Awareness                                                  Partnerships!
                §   IO T&E on Virtual and Physical Ranges
5.8 / 5.6
Synergy             – JFCOM IO Test Range/Poseidon Park (EW/CNO)
                §   IO Planning & Analysis (e.g., VISION)
                §   IO Gaming and Virtualization (DARPA Real World)
                §   IO/Cyber Models (Meshed)
                    – CIPC (Cyber C2 & Mission Assurance), NETCOP, HSCB
                §   Netting the Navy (ISR/IO challenges & opportunities)
                    – Imagine 10,000 MRAPs in ISR/IO campaign
                    – PM Prophet (USA) > Joint
                §   Future ISR/IO Workforce (Right-Sizing, Availability, Competency Development)
     5.6 Technical Warrant Areas and Subject
     Matter Expertise

▼ 5.6 Deputy National Competency Lead – Mike Kutch
▼ 5.6 Competency Staffing
  § Primary:   SSC LANT (307)
  § Secondary: SSC LANT (50)
▼ 5.6 Technical Area Experts (TAE)
  § ISR Systems SSC LANT – Norris Mitchell
  § IO Systems SSC LANT – Sam Yaryan
▼ Other 5.6 Technical Area Experts (TAE)
  § ISR/IO SSC PAC (9)

      Major Programs Supported

Team SPAWAR Programs                 Other Major Programs
▼ Distributed Common Ground          ▼ Coast Guard C4ISR Systems
  System (DCGS) – Navy               ▼ TRITON (Army Mobile SIGINT)
▼ Maritime Domain Awareness          ▼ Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) ASW
  (MDA) Prototype                      Mission Module
▼ Automatic Identification Systems   ▼ BORESIGHT/CROSSHAIR HF
  (AIS)                                Direction Finding Network
▼ C4ISR for Anti-Submarine           ▼ Tagging, Tracking, Locating
  Warfare (ASW)
                                     ▼ Integrated Broadcast System
▼ C6F, CPF Demo Systems                Support
▼ Ship Signal Exploitation           ▼ Joint Threat Warning System
  Equipment                            (JTWS) (SOCOM)
▼ Navy METOC Systems                 ▼ Team Portable Collection System
                                       (TPCS) (Marine Corps)

▼ SSC LANT Information Assurance (5.8)


▼ SSC LANT ISR/IO/IA and Cybersecurity Dept (50D)

50D Mission and Vision

                   The Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance,
                   Information Operations, Information Assurance,
                   and Cybersecurity Directorate (50D) provides full-
                   service systems engineering and acquisition to rapidly deploy next-
                   generation capabilities to Warfighters, Homeland Defenders, and
                   Peacemakers through the development, test, evaluation,
                   production and fielding
                   of sustainable, survivable, and interoperable Intelligence
                   Surveillance Reconnaissance, Information Operations, Information
                   Assurance, and Cyber solutions.

                   A Center of Gravity for Innovating and Engineering
                   Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance,
                   Information Operations, Information Assurance, and
                   Cyber Solutions that help our Navy and Nation Win
                   Current and Future Wars, Defend its Seas and
                   Homeland, and Win and Preserve the Peace.

          Naval and Joint ISR/IO/IA Systems

                       Collection of ISR/IO/IA
                       Systems and Capabilities:
                         § Design                § Installation
                         § Development           § Sustainment
                                                 § Training         Ground
                         § Validation                               SIGINT Kit
                                                 § Equipping        USSOCOM

                         § Integration
Cybersecurity/CND       With the help of industry partners!

                      SSEE / ACCES SPAWAR / NAVAIR   GROUND
 MK-V NAVSPECWARCOM                                  PROPHET ARMY

                                                                     IA Products &
         Navy ISR/IO/IA Programs

                                    Evolutionary          Development/ Acquisition
     Legacy                             and                      Support
                                      Changes       Ships Signals Exploitation Equipment
Cooperative Outboard Logistics                      (SSEE) Increments E / F
Upgrade (COBLU)
                                                    Cryptologic Carry On Program (CCOP)

Battle Group Passive Horizon                        Automated Identification System (AIS)
Extension System (BGPHES)                           In-Service Engineering Activity (ISEA)
 - Combat Direction Finding (CDF)
 - GCCS-M/TBMCS Production                          EP-3 Special Collection Add-On System
Computer Network Defense
 - Afloat                                            Distributed Command Ground System –
 - Ashore                                            Navy (DCGS-N)

Crypto Modernization                                Navy Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)

                                                    Consolidated Afloat Networks and
     Partial List                                   Enterprise Services (CANES)

         Joint ISR/IO/IA Programs

         Marine Corps                                                               Army

Team Portable Collection System – Multi                                            Prophet Triton
   Platform Capable (TPCS-MPC)
                                                                                   Triton II, III
Communication Emitter Sensing and
   Attacking Systems (CESAS)

  AN/MLQ-36(B) Mobile Electronic                      Joint/National
 Warfare Support System (MEWSS)

                                              Joint Threat Warning System (JTWS)

                                          Virtual Integrated Support for the Information
           Partial List                          Operations Environment (visIOn)


                                           Cross Domain Solution (CDS) Certification,
                                                  Test & Evaluation (CT&E)

                                          Military Health System IA Products/ Services

              Information Operations
(5.6.1) Information Operations

 • Joint Threat Warning System (SOCOM)
 • Triton II (ARMY)
 • Team Portable Collection System
 • Ship’s Signal Exploitation Equipment Inc E,F

  Core Competencies:
  •   Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  •   Information Operations (IO)                            Total Obligation Authority
  •   Joint Intelligence, Surveillance &Reconnaissance Sys         (August 2009)
  •   Direction Finding & Geolocation
  •   Signal Analysis & Processing
  •   Program and Project Management
  •   Software Engineering & SOA
  •   Requirements Definition & Analysis
  •   Systems Development & Integration
  •   In-Service Engineering Activity (ISEA) Support                                      Army
  •   Installation & Testing
  •   Installation Documentation                                                          NSA
  •   Training Requirements, Plans, Courses
  •   On-Site Engineering Support & Operations                                            NAVSEA
  •   Life-Cycle Engineering Support
                                                                                          USAF     28
            IA and Cybersecurity Systems
(5.8.2) IA, Cyber Defense, &
Cybersecurity Systems
• Network and Security Engineering
• Computer Network Defense
• Certification & Accreditation/Test & Evaluation
• Network Systems Security Design,
Implementation, operations & Sustainment                Cryptographic
• Cryptographic Design, Development &                   Modernization
                                                                               Computer Network
Sustainment                                         “Our Business IS               Defense
                                                    Information Assurance”

                                                           Total Obligation Authority
Core Competencies:                                               (August 2009)
• Identity Management Engineering Services
• Cryptographic Engineering
• Certification and Accreditation
• Network Systems Security/Computer Network
• Cross Domain Services/Multi-Level Security
• Forensics/Biometrics
• Information Systems Security Engineering
             National Cyber Reconnaissance Systems

(5.8.3) National Cyber Reconnaissance
Shore High Frequency Direction
  Finding (HFDF) Support (NSA)
• Maritime Doman Awareness T&E (DUSN)
• Multimedia Systems Engineering
• Special Intelligence Engineering (Navy, NRO,
• Program Manager for Critical Infrastructure
  Protection Center (CIPC)(OSD, DoS)

 Core Competencies:

 • Cyber Warfare Planning, Monitoring, Detection,
 Defensive Tactics, and Offensive Tactics
 • Maritime Domain Awareness Test & Evaluation
 • Shore HF Direction Finding
 • Multimedia Engineering
 • Secure/Non-Secure Video Teleconferencing
 • SCI Networks
 • Information Sharing & Fusion Strategies
 • Space-Based Cyber Warfare Engineering Solution

               Advanced Cyberspace Concepts
                (Washington DC office)

Advanced Cyberspace Concepts
• JIEDDO Bio-Medical Sensors
• USNS Comfort Medical Treat Facility Network
• Military Sealift Command (MSC)
• OSD -

                                                Total Obligation Authority
Core Competencies                                     (August 2009)

•   Network Engineering
•   Hosted Computer Operations
•   IA Analysis
•   Oracle Collaboration Environment
•   UAV Motion Imagery software development
•   GCCS/M

Combining Competencies and Capabilities to
deliver to the Warfighter

               E               U
               N               S   INDUSTRY
 ACADEMIA                      E   PARTNERS

                   5.8   5.6


          Ship’s Signal Exploitation
          Equipment (SSEE)
      SSEE Increments E/F              • System Description
                                         – SSEE is an evolutionary acquisition
                                           program that develops and delivers
                                           ship systems that provide Tactical
                                           Cryptologic/ Information Operations
                                           (IO) exploitation and attack capabilities
                                           through incremental upgrades.
                                         – SSEE employs a reconfigurable open
                                           core, architecture that is quickly
                                           modernized and/or upgraded through
                                           incremental development and is
                                           compliant with the FORCEnet and
                                           Maritime Cryptologic Architectures.
• Capabilities and Relevance
                                         – SSC Atlantic serves as SSEE
  – Networked with W/W Resources
  – RDF / Indications and Warning             § Government T&E
  – Supports National Tasking                 § Technical Design Agent / Systems
  – Exploits Unique Access to SIGINT            Engineering
    Sources                                   § System Installation and Fleet
  – Force Protection                            Support
  – Blue Water and Littoral                   § Acquisition Management Support
            Cryptologic Carry On Program (CCOP)

Rapid and        ▼   System Description
Flexible             §   Inventory of Collection and Exploitation
Response                 Products That Can Be Rapidly Racked
                         and Stacked to Meet Multitude of Mission Rqmts
“Any Platform,
                         − Single Service / Counter-Narcotics / GWOT / Homeland Defense
                     §   Scalable and Flexible Approach Gets Capabilities to the Fleet Quickly and Supports Modular
Anytime”                 Reconfiguration
                     §   Provides Comprehensive Cryptologic Capability to the Furthest Corners of the World Where
                         None May Exist.
                     §   Rapidly Deployable to Support Crisis Situations

 DRAGONFLY DRT                      ACCES D(4)                      BUSHHOG             CCBS          TRDF
 Automatic Identification System (AIS) In-Service
 Engineering Activity (ISEA)

AIS (AN/URN-31)        • System Description
                         – Commercially available
                           technology mandated by the
                           International Maritime
                           Organization (IMO) Treaty for all
                           merchant shipping greater than
                           300GT on international voyages.
                         – AIS exchanges position,
                           movement, name, cargo, and
                           related data with other AIS units
                           via VHF line-of-sight.
                         – AIS units operating in proximity to
                           each other automatically create a
                           virtual network improving
                           situational awareness and safety
                           of navigation.
                         – Shore stations can also join these
                           virtual networks.

       EP-3E SCAS System

▼ Special Collection Add-on System (SCAS)
  § One (1) VXI chassis
  § Blackbird High-speed radio frequency (RF) front-end
    for signal intercept
  § Desperado Signals Analysis Software package (SSC
    Atlantic (Code 56100) Software Support Activity)
▼ 20+ systems designed, produced and delivered
  by SSC Atlantic
▼ Provide Life Cycle Support including system
  repair (Depot)

Distributed Common Ground
System – Navy (DCGS-N)
                    • System Description
                      – DCGS-N Block 1 includes GENSER,
                        SCI, and Enterprise Capability
                      – Hardware Suite compatible with the
                        ISNS/SCI Networks Common
                        Computing Environment (CCE)
                      – DCGS capabilities include:
                            § Analyst Tool Set Capability
                            § Global Command and Control
                               System – Imagery and Intelligence
                               Information (GCCS-I3)
                            § Analyst Tool Set Capability
                            § Analyst Work Station (AWS)
                            § SIGINT/Electronic Intelligence
                              (ELINT) capability (GALE)
                            § National and Theater imagery
                              capability via reach-back (JCA/IPL)
                            § Modernized Integrated Data Base
                            § Precision Geo-positioning capability
                            § Vantage (SHARP)
                            § Initial enterprise functionality

   Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)

System Description
The MDA Project seeks to develop an enhanced capability to identify threats
 to the Maritime Domain as early and as distant from our shores as possible
 by integrating intelligence, surveillance, observation, and navigations
 systems into a common operation picture accessible throughout the United
 States Government.
               Computer Network Defense Afloat (CND-A)

                                                    System Description:
                 CND-OSE                            - CND-A  provides scaleable network security
CND-IDS Rack                                         solutions for Flee t deployment. The CND-
                                   CND-IATS          IDS system is currently installed aboard
                 (ISNS Inc-1)                        Force level ships. STRATCOM/NNWC
                                                     ESSG approved IA tools began installations
                                                     in FY07 for both Force and Unit level ships.
                                                     Additional capabilities will continue to be
                                                     added as products are selected through
                                HBSS, SCCVI, SCRI    testing and approved by higher authority
                                                    Capabilities and Relevance:
               Host and Network-based Intrusion
               Detection Systems ( (HIDS/NIDS)      - FORCENet Protection against the cyber
                                                      threat through real-time detection and analysis
                                                      systems, as well as vulnerability scanning and
                                                      mitigation capabilities
                                                    - Assist Commanders in managing security risks
                                                      while significantly increasing situational
                                                      awareness and information security

                   Cryptographic Modernization (Crypto Mod)

                          HAIPIS -
                          compliant                               Navy-specific
                          Network                                 Initiatives

                                Critical                      COMSEC for
                                Capabilitie                   Joint Tactical Radio

                                                  Capabilities and Relevance:
System Description:
                                                  - Serve as systems engineers for planning, designing,
- Serve as subject matter experts for planning,     and developing modern COMSEC solutions,
  development, and procurement of all modern        infrastructure, and policy recommendations
  COMSEC solutions, infrastructure, and policy      supporting current and future Naval crypto
  recommendations supporting current and            requirements in a Joint environment
  future Naval crypto requirements
                                                  - Transform the Department of the Navy’s COMSEC
                                                    inventory by delivering adaptable, sustainable,
                                                    affordable, programmable cryptographic solutions to
                                                    the Warfighter

               USMC Programs

▼Team Portable Collection System – Multi-
  Platform Capable (TPCS-MPC)
  § mission configurable multi-platform system with full
    ISR suite
▼Communication Emitter Sensing and Attacking               TPCS-MPC
  System (CESAS)
  § Provides Electronic Attack Support for CESAS
    Project Officer
▼AN/MLQ-36(B) Mobile Electronic Warfare
  Support System (MEWSS)                                   CESAS
  § incorporates the TPCS-MPC ISR suite

              Army Programs

▼ Provides Special Signal Capability as well as advanced
  analysis suite at the BFSB level
▼ System to operate on both vehicle and generator power       Prophet Triton
                                                              Prophet Triton
▼ Capable of both on-the-move and Quick Halt DF as well as
  national network connectivity on-the-move
▼ Operate Disjoint or vehicle mounted
Major Accomplishments
▼ Began as the Prophet technology Insertion (COBRA) in       Prophet Triton
                                                             Prophet Triton
  2004 – Fielded 12 systems in 2005
▼ Phase II of program – Prophet Triton - added satellite
  communications on the move. Also incorporated automatic
  processing/routing of threats
▼ 8 systems currently fielded to theater
▼ Cougar variant fielded November, 2007
                                                             Prophet COBRA
                                                             Prophet COBRA

        SOCOM Programs
        Joint Threat Warning System (JTWS)

                                                                   Privateer MKV

                                                                      fielded in
 JTWS Ground        JTWS Air      JTWS Maritime     JTWS Team         conjunction
SIGINT Kit (GSK)                                   Transportable      with SOAL
   Joint Threat Warning System Component Architecture and Framework (JCAF)
         VisIOn Systems Architecture

         − VisIOn provides a composite service & capability
           approach to delivering enterprise services and client
           capabilities that supports Information Operations
           planning, analysis, and assessment

         − VisIOn Framework designed to compose services,
           orchestrate business processes, and manage human-
           level workflows among capabilities (both human-
           machine and machine-machine service-enabled

         − VisIOn consists of two main component areas:
                § VisIOn Applications Framework
                § VisIOn Mission Services Framework

         − DoDAF 2.0 MetaModel (DM2) serves as the
           basis for functional and technical processes,
           decisions and artifacts within VisIOn

         − Following architectural standards guide the
           design, development, and implementation of
           the Vision system:
                § Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)
                § Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
                § Service-Component Architecture (SCA)

         −SPAWAR provides key systems engineering,
          subject matter expertise, and acquisition support to
          the USJFCOM VisIOn Program Office

                                                   System Description                USSOCOM
                                                   − Developed by DARPA
                                                   − Government owned simulation
                                                     environment without programmers
                                                   − Comprehensive technology solution for
                                                     virtual geo-specific mission rehearsal,
                                                     modeling, testing, and development
                                                        § Integrates ISR data (imagery, photos,
                                                          LIDAR) while inserting personnel/other
                                                          assets into fully interactive, immersive,
Capabilities                                              geo-specific environment
                                                   − RealWorld Software Suite
− USSOCOM: Have Ace Range Simulation                    § Building Editor (3D Buildings)
− ANG: A-10 EW Phase 3 Avionics Simulation              § Builder (Mission Specific Scenarios)
− AETC: MQ1 –MQ9 Predator/Reaper UAV                    § PhotoGen (3D from 2D)
  Simulation                                            § Ground Combat Environment
− SSC Atlantic RealWorld Training Facility                (Mission Rehearsal)
− SSC Atlantic High School/College Interns serve
  as RealWorld Beta Testers
               Cross Domain Solution (CDS) Certification,
               Test & Evaluation (CT&E)

Description:                                                        Capabilities & Relevance:
• Cross Domain Solutions protect SECRET and above security
  domains from lower level security domains while allowing          • Navy CDS office works closely with
  authorized and releasable information to flow between both          the team to identify security findings
  domains.                                                            to support Navy CDS Certification and
• The Cross Domain Solution connection approval is a complex          Accreditation (C&A) efforts.
  and resource intensive process. As part of this approval          • Several Navy commands (PEOC4I,
  process, SSC LANT performs testing on behalf of NSA.                PACOM, CINCPACFLT, FNMOC, USS
• In order to meet Joint Staff’s demands the NSA has authorized 3     Bonhomme Richard) and other federal
  labs to perform CDS CT&E on their behalf. There is a signed         agencies (DISA, SOCOM, CENTCOM,
  MOA between SSC LANT CO and NSA IA Directorate designating          JFCOM, Army, NSA) have benefited
  SSC LANT as one of the test labs (which is the only NSA             from the quicker certification process.
  appointed Navy test lab.                                          • The successful testing have gained
• SSC LANT CDS CT&E team conducts tests based on NSA’s                respect from NSA and the DOD CDS
  rigorous security requirements including partial penetration        community, which has lead to other
  testing.                                                            Navy CDS engineering and C&A
• Defense Security Accreditation Working Group rates the CDS          requests.
  based on the test results and input from the CDS team.

            Military Health System
            Joint Medical Information Systems (JMIS)

                                                             § Provide Network and Security
                                                               Engineering Services for the
                                                               deployment, integration, and life
                                                               cycle support at Military Treatment
                                                               Facilities worldwide with SSC LANT
                                                               providing major services support to
                                                               the Tri-Service Infrastructure
                                                               Management Program Office
                                                             • Assist in Health Insurance Portability
Capabilities and Relevance:                                    and Accountability (HIPAA) through
• Worldwide Joint Community of Interest (COI) medical          protection of data in transit – VPN
  network provides common, secure, available                   Mgmt
                                                             • Provide sustainment services to the
• Connectivity to mission critical network centric             MHS in the areas of VPN, WAN/LAN
  applications ensures reliable support to military health
  system customers.                                            infrastructure, AHLTA installations,
• Security properly applied to the Joint (purple) medical      and Tier III Help Desk support.
  networks ensures Confidentiality, Integrity and
  Availability to meet Federal and DoD requirements.

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