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									      SSC Pacific
Cyber Research Activities
                   Gary Burnette
Senior Advisor for Cyber and Information Operations

 SSC Pacific … on Point and at the Center of C4ISR
SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

            • DoD Center of Excellence, and the
              Nation’s only full spectrum C4ISR Lab
            • Ranked # 1 in Discovery and
              Acquisition, top tier Research and
              Development, Test and Evaluation
            • ~ 4,200 staff (active duty military,
              civil service, contractors)
            • Award winning, nationally and
              internationally recognized experts
            • $2.5B annual revenue, extensive
            • Global presence, global influence
            • National asset - unique location,
              unique facilities, unique business
              model (Navy Working Capital Fund)
                    Isn’t Cyber the next big thing?

• All the buzz is about cyber …
    – Cyberwarfare, Cyberspace, Cyber Commands, CNCI

• … but it’s misplaced, cyber is but just one means that networks use, they
  also use others…

• The real buzz should be about what’s next:
    – It will be ubiquitous: u-computing·u-networking·u-sensors·u-linking
    – Network convergence: Social + Physical + Biological Networks
    – The human aspect: how will we interact with a converged network?
    – Collaboration: heterarchical vs hierarchical; open source, Wikipedia
    – Technology drivers: miniaturization, nanotechnology, machine learning, GPS,
      data farms, virtualization, cloud computing
    – … and the exponential pace at which it is developing
               SSC PAC Cyberwarfare Support RFI/RFP
                       where we need help

• Computer Network Operations
• Understanding aspects of human behavior and cognitive
  functions to influence decision making
• Electronic Warfare (EW)
• Monitoring, analyzing and mitigating Operational Security
• Command and Control (C2).
• Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).
• Ubiquitous Communications and Computing Environment.
• Countermeasures
• Modeling, Simulation and Visualization of the future environment
• Understanding networks as a science and developing models
  which can provide clarity into how networks operate and resist or
  deter attack.
• Convergence of physical, biological and social networks and how
  this will effect human interactions.
                   SSC PAC Cyberwarfare Support RFI/RFP
                         activities to be performed

•   Perform basic and applied research in Cyber Warfare and enabling
    technologies, techniques and theory.
•   Analyze, design, develop, document, integrate, test, install and maintain Cyber
    Warfare and enabling capabilities.
•   Serve as the test site (via the SSC PAC labs and other government facilities) for
    interoperability testing among Cyber Warfare systems, tools, technologies and
    processes (both existing and new) prior to their introduction to operational
•   Provide operational support to assist in technical and programmatic oversight of
    Cyber Warfare and enabling systems, programs and functions.
•   Provide Systems Engineering and Integration support to improve overall
    effectiveness of Cyber Warfare and enabling systems and functions.
•   Evaluate and demonstrate the application of advanced software and hardware
    concepts and technology to Cyber Warfare and enabling systems and functions.
•   Conduct analyses and systems engineering to develop initiatives for support of
    emerging Cyber Warfare requirements.
•   Perform analysis, algorithm development and implementation and display for
    Cyber Warfare tools and data fusion from various sources of information
•   Provide support for Cyber Warfare experiments, exercises, and other events.
     Quantifying SSC PAC Cyber Activities

• One definition of cyber: computer network
  operations + network operations

• SSC PAC reviewed 519 projects
  – Cyber related: 200 (39%)
  – Incidental to cyber: 137 (26%)
  – No connection with cyber: 182 (35%)
            C4ISR, IT, IA, IO - Our Core Competencies

• Network Systems &         • Cryptologic &
  Support                     Intelligence
• Physical & Computer       • Command Center
  Security                    Services
• Command & Control         • Anti-Terrorism / Force
• Information Assurance
                            • Expeditionary C4I
• Information                 Systems
                            • Modeling & Simulation
• Sensor Systems
                            • Navigation Systems
• Communications
                            • Meteorology
• Image Processing
                            • Air Traffic Control
• Visual Information          Engineering/
  Systems                     Technical Services
• Wireless Technologies
  What      Deliver Knowledge Superiority   Speed to   Rapid       Leveraging
  We        to the Warfighter Through
  Do        Engineering Excellence          Capability Prototyping Technology
       Information Assurance Core Competencies

Crypto Devices    CND Afloat         CDS/MLS       Secure Wireless

Key Management       PKI            Security T&E        C&A

                       Full Spectrum IA
 •   Systems Engineering              •   Acquisition Support
 •   Security Engineering             •   DIACAP Support
 •   Security Test and Evaluation     •   Public Safety IT
 •   IA Research and Development
Unmanned Warfare
              • Securing building interiors
            • Ensuring perimeter security
                 • Anti-submarine warfare
                          • Defeating IEDs
                         • Exploring caves

         ASW Mission Module for LCS
               Pioneering Next Generation Internet

• IPv6 creates entire new space,
  meets new scaling

• Defense Research and
  Engineering Network (DREN)
  partnered with SSC Pacific to
  advance implementation across
                                   •• 10 Gigabit backbone in hierarchy of 400
                                       10 Gigabit backbone in hierarchy of 400
• SSC Pacific                         switches serving 150 buildings,
                                       switches serving 150 buildings,
   • selected DoD pilot project    •• Network “core” employs IPv6 switching
                                       Network “core” employs IPv6 switching
   • NGEN architecture IPv6           operating at full “line rate,”
                                       operating at full “line rate,”
    Capable                        •• Fully IPv6 enabled routing
                                       Fully IPv6 enabled routing
   • full network upgrade in       •• Address and connectivity for all users
                                       Address and connectivity for all users
    place three years ago

           SSC Pacific is years ahead of the rest of DoD
         What should we be doing now?

• Academic research
   – Understand scientifically how networks are structured, behave and
   – Gain greater understanding of how networks are converging and
     what it means for society
   – Determine how networks can survive attacks and disruption

• Industry Research
   – Develop innovative capabilities
   – Help government & military bridge the knowledge gap

• Government / Military research
   – Experiment and Wargame
   – Identify key technology enablers and components

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